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Best Vacuum and Mop Combo Cleaners in 2023

It’s time to clean your floors. First, you have to spend 30 minutes to an hour sweeping and/or vacuuming your floors. Then, you have to mop, which takes about the same amount of time. When you’re done, you still have to wait for the floors to dry. Before you know it, your lazy Saturday afternoon is gone.

Best Vacuum and Mop Combo Cleaner

Introduction to Vacuum and Mop Combo Cleaners

What if you can slash the time it takes to clean your floors in half? With a vacuum and mop combo cleaner, you can do just that and drastically reduce the drying time.

These floor cleaners come in upright and robotic models. The upright models are available in 2 variants, which are corded, or cordless. The latter kind relies on built-in rechargeable batteries as their power source.

Most suction and mop simultaneously; however, some let you dry vacuum. To find out more about the features you can get on a vacuum/mop combo cleaner, check out our reviews on upright and robotic models. If you have questions about how they operate, make sure to take a look at our buyer’s guide.

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Best Upright Vacuum and Mop Combo Cleaners in 2023

12) Hoover BH55210 Onepwr FloorMate Jet

If you want the most reliable vacuum and mop combo, then upright models are the way to go. The Hoover BH55210 can clean all kinds of surfaces, from tiles and laminate to hardwood and carpets.

Hoover BH55210 Onepwr
Hoover BH55210 Onepwr

It comes with a microfiber brush roll that traps more lint, hair, and dust per pass, helping users get their mopping jobs done sooner.

It’s a cordless device that lasts for about 15 minutes before needing to recharge for just over 2 hours. The battery is detachable, so if you wish to extend its runtime, consider picking up additional 3.0-Ah battery packs (sold separately).

The Floormate Jet belongs to the Onepwr shareable battery platform, so if you have other Onepwr appliances at home, you can swap their batteries for longer-lasting cleaning.

With an on-demand spray trigger, you decide how much solution to spray in front of the floorhead for the best results. Best of all, cleaning the brush roll can be done while leaving it in its storage tray.

Thanks to the flexible swivel neck, you won’t have to twist your arm at awkward angles to clean hard-to-reach areas.

The tank and dust cup can be removed in one swift action, allowing you to refill the tank easily while extracting and tossing dried bits of debris without getting your hands dirty.

Hoover BH55210 Onepwr FloorMate Jet Cordless...
  • Vacuums while washing: For one-step cleaning on multiple sealed surfaces including...
  • Cordless: Delivers cord-free convenience powered by the removable and rechargeable ONEPWR...

11) Bissell 2747A PowerFresh

Bissell’s 2747A PowerFresh is an awesome vacuum-mop-steamer tool that sanitizes smooth floors as quickly as traditional canister steamers.

Bissell 2747A PowerFresh
Bissell 2747A PowerFresh

The tool has an electronic control panel that lets you switch between the three modes seamlessly for efficient cleaning while avoiding damage to carpets or hard floors.

The cyclonic vacuum is capable of sucking in large amounts of debris that are stored in its dry tank. A separate water tank holds enough water to produce 15 minutes of steam.

The handy quick-release mop will let you swap out the washable pads after each cleaning cycle. With the PowerFresh, you’ll get a scrubber pad for tiles and a delicate pad for floorboards.

While the 2747A offers dual steaming modes, they aren’t the most impressive. As a multipurpose tool, you won’t get the same steaming performance as you would from a dedicated canister unit, although its vacuuming function is on par with most vacuum-mop combos.

Overall, the PowerFresh is a fantastic cleaning machine that’s powerful, convenient, and makes cleaning dirty floors a lot less back-breaking.

If you’re looking for a multipurpose cleaner that makes short work out of removing debris from all floor surface types, this Bissel-made tool is a worthy choice.

Bissell, 2747A PowerFresh Vac & Steam...
  • Vacuum and steam your hard floors at the same time.
  • Sanitize floors using the natural power of steam, eliminating 99. 9% of germs and...

10) Bissell Symphony Pet 1543A

Another one of Bissell’s steam-vacuum-mop tools is the Symphony Pet 1543A. With the awesome sanitizing power of all-natural steam, you can leave your floors sparkling without using chemical cleaning solutions.

Bissell 1543A
Bissell 1543A

It comes with two pads—a soft one and a scrubbing one to handle all kinds of floors without leaving scratches.

The digital control panel lets you scroll between steaming and vacuuming modes, so you’ll have full control over where to clean. A single 13-ounce tank of water provides about 15 minutes of nonstop steaming action.

Something users found handy is the super-efficient heating element that can boil water in under 30 seconds. When the dust cup is full, you can remove it from the tool and empty it with a single push of a button.

However, there’s one huge drawback of the Symphony: it doesn’t come with an on/off switch. As soon as you plug it in, the heating element will kick into high gear and the vacuum will begin drawing air inward, depending on which mode is active.

While this is a minor inconvenience, it’s still pretty weird that Bissell neglected to install one of the simplest features on any appliance.

What’s not weird is the pack of scented mop pads that leave a pleasant aroma after a session of steaming.

Bissell Symphony Pet Steam Mop and Steam...
  • Every BISSELL purchase helps save pets. BISSELL proudly supports BISSELL Pet Foundation...
  • Vacuum And Steam Your Floors At The Same Time

9) Tineco iFLOOR Cordless

The Tineco iFloor is designed for use on sealed hard floors such as laminate and hardwood.

It features ergonomic on-handle touch buttons that control the power to the vacuum/mop combo and a squeeze trigger that sprays cleaning solution. Since the iFloor suctions as it mops, it only takes 5 to 8 minutes for the floor to dry.

Tineco iFLOOR
Tineco iFLOOR

Separate tanks prevent dirty water collected by the iFloor from mixing with clean water in its 14-ounce reservoir. The reservoir is also compatible with cleaning solutions (Tineco has a deodorizing one).

Recessed grips make it easy to handle the tanks, and a wide window allows you to view the soft-touch brush roll.

At 6.5 pounds, the Tineco iFloor is featherlight. A looped handle and grooved wheels provide excellent control and maneuverability. The iFloor contains a lithium-ion battery, which runs for 20 to 25 minutes on a full charge.

The iFloor comes with a simple plug-in adapter, which fully charges the battery in 3 to 4 hours.

Tineco also throws in a tray to store the combo cleaner. The brush roll is rather impressive as it self-cleans when you press and hold the power button.

When you push the spot-clean button, the brush roll speed increases, helping you remove difficult messes.

Tineco iFLOOR Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner...
  • POWERFUL ONE-STEP CLEANING – Vacuum and wash your floors at the same time, it's never...
  • MULTI-SURFACE CONVENIENCE – Superb cleaning for indoor sealed hard surfaces, including...

8) Bissell Symphony 1132A

With the Bissell Symphony, you can harness the power of steam to sanitize your sealed hard floors, destroying 99.9 percent of bacteria and viruses. It only takes 30 seconds for the water to turn into steam, and you can vacuum during or after you mop the floors.

Bissell Symphony 1132A
Bissell Symphony 1132A

Cyclonic suction streamlines the Symphony’s debris collection. The 12.8-ounce tank is equipped with a stopper that prevents moisture from entering as you steam mop.

An 11-inch-wide path lets you cover a lot of flooring per pass, and Bissell 1132A throws in four smooth and scrubber mop pads made of washable microfiber.

You’ll have no problem toting this 9.74-pound vacuum/steam mop combo by its triangular handle, which adjusts to five different positions.

On the handle, there are thumb-operated buttons that control the suction and allow you to choose from two levels of steam. The power cord stretches to 25 feet, giving you a huge cleaning radius.

Bissell makes scented demineralized waters that are specially made for use with the Symphony 2-in-1. For an extra fragrance boost, you can also use Bissell’s mop pad discs. The pad is a breeze to remove – It detaches from the tray via the quick-release foot pedal.

Bissell Steam mop, Grey & Blue
  • Vacuum and steam your hard floors at the same time
  • Sanitize* floors using the natural power of steam, eliminating 99.9% of germs and...

7) Bissell CrossWave 1785A

With the CrossWave’s simultaneous suction, you can dry your hard floors and low-pile area rugs in record time.

The comfortable D-shaped handle has an on-demand trigger that sprays water. A pair of touch controls on the handle allows you to select area rug or hard floor mode.

Bissell CrossWave 1785A
Bissell CrossWave 1785A

For this CrossWave Vacuum/Mop Combo Cleaner, Bissell uses two separated tanks. The dirty water tank holds 14.5 ounces, and the clean water tank has a capacity of 28 ounces.

Bissell makes a full line of cleaning solutions to use in the Bissell CrossWave, including one for pet odors, one for area rugs and one for multiple surfaces.

The 11-pound combo cleaner is easy to maneuver since its floor nozzle swivels around furniture and obstacles. The nozzle itself is wide at 12 inches, and the power cord is long, measuring 25 feet. With the CrossWave, you get a puddle-preventing storage tray where you can keep the combo cleaner in when not in use.

Inside the Bissell CrossWave is a 4.4-amp motor, which spins the brush roll at a speed of 3,500 rpm. The brush roll is equipped with microfiber strips that absorb water and nylon bristles that dig into tile grout.

When you need to clean the brush roll, you don’t have to turn over the CrossWave. Instead, just lift the removable window.

BISSELL CrossWave Floor and Area Rug Cleaner,...
  • EVERY PURCHASE SAVES PETS. BISSELL proudly supports BISSELL Pet Foundation and its mission...
  • VACUUM & WASH AT THE SAME TIME, BISSELL CrossWave multi-surface floor cleaner cleans...

6) Shark VM252 VACMOP Pro

While the Shark VM252 VACMOP Pro doesn’t appear flashy, it’s one of the most powerful battery-operated vacuum and mop combo uprights you can get today.

Shark VM252 VACMOP Pro
Shark VM252 VACMOP Pro

An on-demand sprayer releases a small quantity of cleaning solution to loosen caked-on debris on smooth floors before the VACMOP suctions it all up with its powerful vacuum.

The VACMOP is a simplistic device that doesn’t come with a lot of frills. There are no digital displays to show performance indicators, nor can you turn the vacuum on and off for mop-only mode.

However, it does have a magnetic charger and LEDs—two things that you won’t find very often in vacuum and mop combos.

As a cordless unit, the VACMOP offers the benefit of being used anywhere without tying you down with long power cords. The only issue is that a full charge supplies just 15 minutes of cleaning, which won’t help users get a ton of work done.

However, seeing as it only has a 12-ounce tank, you shouldn’t expect to clean wide surface areas per charge anyway.

What’s neat is how the specially designed mop pads lock dirt away while absorbing wet stains in separate “compartments.” These pads are disposable and can be tossed away with just a single press of a button on the floorhead.

Shark VM252 VACMOP Pro Cordless Hard Floor...
  • COMPLETE CLEAN: Powerful suction plus spray mopping - a complete clean in one...
  • DISPOSABLE PADS: Disposable VACMOP Pads vacuum up what other pads push around.

5) Tineco Floor One S3

The Floor One S3 by Tineco is arguably the smartest vacuum and mop upright available today. Featuring iLoop technology, this tool automatically detects how much water it needs to release based on the type of spill it encounters. You can also vacuum and mop at the same time.

Tineco Floor One S3
Tineco Floor One S3

A one-touch self-cleaning button on the handle automatically sends the microfiber brush roll in a frenzy to loosen debris from the surface, leaving it fresh and ready for round two.

There’s also app support, which, frankly, doesn’t add much value to the product. Overall, the Floor One S3 is an excellent 2-in-1 that tool works exceptionally well at cleaning all floor types.

Built onto the Floor One S3 is a handy LED control panel that displays all sorts of indicators. First, there’s a debris and spill detector that roughly measures how many leftover stains there are.

There are also maintenance alerts that notify you when the brush roll needs cleaning, if the water tank needs refilling, or when the dust cup needs emptying. You can also listen to status reports by asking your smart speaker to relay them to you.

Although the Tineco Floor One S3 comes with several premium features, if we’re being honest, they do little to improve convenience.

As for how well this device performs, its powerful suction and long-lasting battery life combined with intelligent sensors make this a great vacuum and mop choice.

Tineco Floor ONE S3 Cordless Hardwood Floors...
  • Featuring iLoop smart sensor technology, FLOOR ONE S3 detects wet/dry messes on sealed...
  • Self-propelled and time-saving, FLOOR ONE S3 vacuums and washes your sealed hard floors in...

4) Tineco iFLOOR3

The iFLOOR3 by Tineco is a cordless vacuum and mop combo tool that can run for up to 25 minutes nonstop. It vacuums and mops at the same time while separating dirty water from dry debris.

Tineco iFLOOR3
Tineco iFLOOR3

A built-in LED monitor lets you gauge the tool’s performance, remaining battery life, and it notifies you when there are maintenance problems like the presence of blockages.

To remove the blockage, simply dock the tool into the included storage tray and press the self-cleaning button on the handle.

Best of all, this 2-in-1 combo tool comes with a HEPA filter to stop microscopic allergens from exiting the exhaust port and going airborne.

You’ll find a lot of variation between Tineco vacuum and mop models. For instance, this unit doesn’t have iLoop technology, so it is unable to detect the presence or measure the severity of stains and spills.

However, you can do that by yourself, so you’re not missing out on much.

With dual tank technology, the iFLOOR3 never combines dirty and clean water, so you’ll never reuse contaminated water to clean your floors. The tanks detach with a single click and can be cleaned out and refilled in a matter of seconds.

Plus, a specially designed docking station cleans the brush roll with a single press of the self-cleaning button.

Tineco iFLOOR3 Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum...
  • VACUUM AND MOP TWO-IN-ONE – Vacuuming and washing floors at the same time, this cordless...
  • FAST AND STREAK-FREE DRYING – With over 90% water recovery rate, iFLOOR 3 leaves your...

3) Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro 2306A

Clean almost any type of flooring from rubber mats to carpets with the Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro.

This combo cleaner suctions and mops at the same time, and it has a trigger spray built into the handle that takes 10 seconds to prime. Also on the looped handle is a hard floor and a rug fingertip button.

Bissell Crosswave 2306A
Bissell Crosswave 2306A

Dual tanks, both of which have fill lines and hand grips, prevent the 28-ounce reservoir from becoming contaminated. The collection tank is equipped with a float stack and a strainer that traps cleaner-clogging dirt.

To help you neutralize pet odors, Bissell throws in two 8-ounce bottles of Febreeze-infused cleaning solution.

With two multi-surface brush rolls made of nylon and microfiber, you can wash one while you clean the other. These brush rolls are designed to resist tangles even from long-furred animals. To reach the removable brush roll, simply lift the clear cover and reach into the top of the floor nozzle.

A turning hook instantly releases the 25-foot power cord from the CrossWave Pet Pro‘s wrap. Swivel action allows for a close clean around wall corners, and a lifting handle makes it easy to carry the 11.5-pound combo cleaner up the stairs.

You may also store the cleaner in its included floor tray when not in use.

BISSELL Crosswave Pet Pro All in One Wet Dry...
  • EVERY PURCHASE SAVES PETS. BISSELL proudly supports BISSELL Pet Foundation and its mission...
  • VACUUM AND WASH AT THE SAME TIME. Makes everyday pet mess cleaning quick and easy.

2) Bissell 2554A CrossWave

The Bissell 2554A CrossWave is one of Bissell’s most impressive cordless vacuum and mop tools. It comes with a 36V rechargeable battery that provides up to 30 minutes of continuous cleaning action per 4-hour charge.

Bissell 2554A
Bissell 2554A

It’s a multi-surface cleaning machine that uses a soft microfiber brush roll to remove surface debris from carpets and tough stains on smooth floors. This Bissell-made vacuum and mop tool also comes with Wi-Fi connectivity that sends reports to your smartphone.

One thing you’ll notice about the CrossWave is how tiny the side bezels are on the floorhead. This offers the benefit of cleaning closer to corners and wall edges, leaving less dust and wet pet stains behind for other floor cleaning appliances to remove.

You can also mop and vacuum at the same time to get the most out of its brief runtime.

The CrossWave comes with a 3-in-1 docking station that can store the tool, recharge its battery, and clean the brush roll. To use the self-cleaning feature, simply press a button on the main body and let the brush roll spin itself to loosen debris.

It’s not 100% foolproof, but it helps extend the life of the brush roll, per customer reports.

BISSELL CrossWave Cordless Max All in One...
  • EVERY PURCHASE SAVES PETS. BISSELL proudly supports BISSELL Pet Foundation and its mission...
  • VACUUM & WASH AT THE SAME TIME. Combine floor cleaning chores with cordless freedom.

1) Bissell CrossWave X7

The Bissell CrossWave X7 excels at both vacuuming and mopping floors. With a battery life of up to 30 minutes and a weight of little over 10 pounds, this device is a breeze to maintain. It’s not a standard vacuum cleaner since it requires thorough washing, and drying between cleaning sessions.

Bissell CrossWave X7
Bissell CrossWave X7

It probably won’t be the only device in your cleaning arsenal as it can’t clean carpet or stairs. All in all, the CrossWave X7 is a great option if you have children or pets and need a quick and easy way to clean up messes on low-pile carpets and bare floors.

BISSELL CrossWave X7 Cordless Pet Pro...
  • Every Purchase Saves Pets. BISSELL proudly supports BISSELL Pet Foundation and its mission...
  • Advanced Cleaning for Homes with Pets. Save time by vacuuming and washing at the same...

Best Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo Cleaners in 2023

11) ILIFE V8s

The ILIFE V8s lets you toggle between wet mopping and dry vacuuming. Both the dirt bin and the water reservoir slide into the side of the robot and boast a capacity of 750 milliliters. In the bin, there’s a high-performance filter, which traps allergens such as dust and pollen.

ILIFE V8s, 2-in-1 Robot Vacuum and Mop

Using a brushless motor, the suction is quiet and the underside plate raises and lowers to match the height of the floor. The lack of a brush roll means fewer tangles, and a pair of side brushes clean along walls.

For wet mopping, ILIFE provides two washable adhesive microfiber pads.

Many of the combo cleaner’s functions are accessible from the robot’s top cover, such as start/pause, dock, spot clean, and path selection. An onboard LCD lets you customize an automatic cleaning schedule. You also get a remote with water-speed control, manual direction control, edge cleaning, and spot mode.

Treaded RoadRover wheels can climb 12-millimeter thresholds. The V8s‘s height of 3.2 inches gives it under-furniture reach, and three infrared cliff sensors prevent tumbles down the stairs.

For this robotic vacuum/mop combo, ILIFE chose a lithium-ion battery with a runtime of 100 minutes and a recharge time of 200 to 350 minutes.

ILIFE V8s Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo, Big...
  • 【Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo】:Vacuuming system with Gen 3 CyclonePower System provides...
  • 【Large 750ml Dustbin】: A large dustbin ensures the V8s clean larger spaces without...

10) Eufy L70 Hybrid

A snap-on reservoir makes it easy to set up the Eufy L70 for a mopping session. The reservoir has a water pump that pushes water to the three outlets.

In turn, the washable mop pad slides onto the reservoir and fastens into place.

Eufy RoboVac L70 Hybrid 2-in-1 Sweeping and Mopping
Eufy RoboVac L70

BoostIQ automatically kicks up the suction to 2,200 pascals. A V-shaped brush roll lifts dirt easily, and the side brush sweeps along wall edges. You’ll appreciate the top-loading dirt bin and its three-layer washable filter, which includes a sponge layer, a pleated cartridge, and pre-filtration media.

Wi-Fi connectivity means you can control the L70 Hybrid from your smartphone. A real-time map shows the robot’s current location, and the app gives you access to spot clean mode and water flow adjustment.

If you have an Alexa or other smart assistant devices, you can verbally control the vacuum/mop combo cleaner.

iPath laser navigation moves the combo cleaner systematically. Four cliff sensors keep it safe around stairs. You can set no-go zones and select areas to clean via the in-app map, or you can lay down separately purchased magnetic strips.

With a 5,200 mAh lithium-ion battery at its core, the robot can mop and vacuum for up to 2.5 hours.

eufy by Anker, RoboVac L70 Hybrid, Robot...
  • iPath Laser Navigation: Minimum effort, maximum convenience. Increased efficiency and...
  • AI Map Technology for Maximum Precision: Real-time mapping allows for customized target...

9) Bissell SpinWave 3115

While Bissell specializes in making upright and portable carpet cleaners, they’ve come up with a noteworthy contender for the best robot vacuum and mop combo. The SpinWave 3115 is an outstanding vacuum cleaner that delivers up to 1500 Pa of suction.

Bissell SpinWave 3115
Bissell SpinWave 3115

While this isn’t the most powerful suction power from a robot, it proves more than effective at picking up surface debris from mid-pile carpeting, let alone smooth floors.

The magic of the SpinWave is its microfiber mop pads that both gently massage smooth floors while clinging onto every speck of dust that they run over. Because the pads are microfiber, they retain water much better than simple cloth pads, leaving a streak-free shine in its wake.

Thanks to its Wi-Fi connectivity, it syncs perfectly with the BISSELL Connect App, which allows users to control the robot wherever they are in the world. The app lets you choose between dry vacuuming or wet mopping.

The SpinWave has a rated runtime of around 100 minutes on auto mode, after which it’ll make a beeline for its charging dock to refuel (up to 3 hours to fully recharge). On mopping mode, its battery life is reduced to around 80 minutes.

The great news is that despite not having an advanced navigation AI, this robot still does a great job at avoiding carpets while on mopping mode.

Bissell SpinWave Hard Floor Expert Pet Robot,...
  • Every Purchase Saves Pets. BISSELL proudly supports BISSELL Pet Foundation and its mission...
  • Two Tank Cleaning System. Powerfully vacuum or actively mop your floors.

8) Yeedi k700

When it comes to hybrid vacuum and mop bots, the yeedi k700 is one of the best you can get today. It delivers as much as 2000 Pa of suction power to draw in the tiniest crumbs and specks of dust with every pass.

Yeedi K700 Robot Vacuum
Yeedi K700 Robot Vacuum

Built with camera mapping features, this robot follows a zig-zag pattern across floors while identifying obstacles and avoiding missed spots.

Perhaps what’s most surprising about this compact robot is its super-long 250-minute runtime on mopping mode. A 300-mL reservoir holds enough water for the microfiber pad to disinfect over 1,500 square feet of hard floors per charge.

However, since the pad doesn’t rotate or oscillate, this robot drags and stains more than it actively removes them.

Something pet owners will love about this device is how it’s built with a triple-layered high-efficiency filter. This system supposedly traps up to 99% of dander and other minuscule allergens, leaving your floors cleaner and the air less contaminated with nose-itching particles.

The HEPA filter should be replaced once every six months to maximize cleaning efficiency.

Overall, this is a great no-frills hybrid robot that manages to complete its mopping and vacuuming chores without trouble. We only wish that it came with app controls and supported scheduled cleaning.

Yeedi k700 Robot Vacuum, with 2000Pa Wi-Fi...
  • 【2-in-1 Robot Vacuum & Mop】 Smart mopping system and 3000Pa strong suction power...
  • 【Sense It, Dodge It】No need to pick up before you clean, the 3D obstacle avoidance...

7) Eufy RoboVac G10 Hybrid

According to Eufy, with the RoboVac G10 Hybrid, you’re at the driver’s seat.

Thanks to Wi-Fi connectivity, you can get the Eufy Home app and control everything – from cleaning schedules to cleaning modes with a few taps of your phone’s screen. If you don’t feel like lifting a finger, just tell your smart speaker (Alexa or Google Assistant) to relay commands to the G10.

Eufy RoboVac G10 Hybrid
Eufy RoboVac G10 Hybrid

The RoboVac G10 was also designed with pet owners in mind. First, it has an anti-scratch glass top that can withstand both your pet’s claws and bumping against furniture. There’s also a unibody filter that efficiently traps pet hair and other debris.

This hybrid robot offers 2000 Pa of suction power to effectively clean smooth floors in as few passes as possible. Combine that with the Smart Dynamic Navigation System, the G10 makes the most out of its 100-minute runtime by optimizing its trajectory for the most efficient cleaning.

Compared to bounce-around bots, Eufy estimates that this hybrid robot can clean twice as much surface area per charge. While it doesn’t have an auto-resume function, you can send start and stop commands at any time from anywhere via the smartphone app.

eufy by Anker, RoboVac G10 Hybrid, Robotic...
  • Dynamic Navigation: Advanced gyro-navigation technology allows for up to 2x the efficiency...
  • Hybrid 2-in-1 Vacuum & Mop: Combine sweeping and mopping for a deeper clean that will...

6) ILIFE A10

The ILIFE A10 hybrid robot produces up to 2000 Pa of suction power, which is more than enough to remove surface debris, including pet hair, from mid-pile carpets. However, this level of suction power is only available on the spot-cleaning mode.

ILIFE A10 Lidar Robot Vacuum
ILIFE A10 Lidar Robot Vacuum

As for the mopping module, it has a built-in detector that adjusts its water usage level based on the cleaning environment. In terms of mopping performance, this hybrid robot isn’t at the same level as more premium products.

With smart laser navigation, you can sit back while the A10 slowly but surely maps out your home, identifying the location of obstacles in the process. This enhances cleaning efficiency to ensure that it cleans a wider surface area for each 100-minute charge.

After which, the A10 will return to where it left off and continue the cleaning cycle. Since the robot can sync with smart speakers, you can send basic commands using voice prompts to this smart robot.

Using the smartphone app, all sorts of programmable features are just a few taps away. First, you can create a custom area for the robot to clean. You can also set no-go zones that keep the robot out of restricted areas. Plus, you can specify carpeted areas that the A10 will avoid mopping.

ILIFE A10 Mopping Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Robot...
  • 【Smart Laser Navigation, App & Voice Control】: Custom Area, Carpet Area, To-Go Zone,...
  • 【2-in-1 Vacuuming and Mopping】: A10 mopping robot vacuum is equipped with a 450ml...

4) Roborock E4

While the Roborock E4 vacuums much better than it mops (2000 Pa suction power), it offers the benefit of simultaneous mopping and vacuuming. This means the E4 only needs to make a single pass across smooth floors, getting the job done more efficiently.

However, it wipes floors with a wet pad more than it mops.

Roborock E4
Roborock E4

The E4 is one of the more premium-grade robots in terms of convenience. First, it’s compatible with Alexa and can receive basic commands via voice prompts.

Second, it has a massive battery that provides enough power to clean over 2,000 square feet or roughly 200 minutes of cleaning before recharging, after which it will automatically resume its previous cleaning cycle.

When it comes to mopping, the user has full control over how much water the robot uses. Its water tank holds 180 ml of water, which won’t last the entire 200-minute cleaning duration when exclusively vacuuming and mopping smooth floors.

However, the 640-ml dust cup is bound to store more dust than the E4 can collect in multiple cleaning sessions.

The smartphone app will give you access to all of the E4’s programable features, such as defining no-go zones and scrolling between cleaning modes. Alexa is compatible with this robot to relay simple commands and set up cleaning schedules.

roborock E4 Mop Robot Vacuum and Mop Cleaner,...
  • SMART APP & CONVENIENT CONTROL: Schedule cleanups, change the clean mode with the Mi Home...
  • International products have separate terms, are sold from abroad and may differ from local...

3) Roborock S6

Like the E35, the Roborock S6 has a top-loading dirt bin and an E11 filter. The stiff-bristled brushroll resists tangles and works in conjunction with the webbed side brush to gather debris into its 480-milliliter bin.

The robotic combo cleaner also has a special sensor that instantly increases the suction to 2,000 pascals when vacuuming carpeted floors.

Roborock S6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Mop
Roborock S6

The 140-milliliter reservoir attaches to the bottom of the S6, and it contains two filters, which prevent minerals from clogging the waterline. To quickly dry floors, the Roborock S6 suctions as it mops your hard floors.

With the combo cleaner, you get disposable pads and washable microfiber pads.

A total of 14 sensors make up the Roborock S6‘s navigation system. This includes a laser rangefinder and infrared cliff sensors. SLAM technology and adaptive routing allow the S6 to map your home. The S6 also goes to the dock mid-cycle to top up the 180-minute-per-charge lithium-ion polymer battery, resuming the cleaning session when it’s done.

On the smartphone app, you can save up to three maps – one for each floor of your home. The map offers selective zone cleaning by single room, multiple rooms, or the entire house.

You can also locate the robot’s current position and create no-go zones, and the S6 understands voice commands via Alexa and Google Assistant.

roborock S6 Robot Vacuum, Robotic Vacuum...
  • Astonishingly efficient: Using adaptive routing with edge optimized cleaning, S6 gives you...
  • Multi-floor Mapping: Save multiple maps, along with No-go Zones for each level, all...

2) Roborock S6 Pure

If you’re looking for one of the top-performing vacuum and mop robots on the market, then the Roborock S6 Pure is definitely for you. It offers a whopping 2000 Pa of suction power to deep-clean mid-pile carpeting and tile grout, while its wet pad gently wipes away sticky stains from floors.

Roborock S6 Pure
Roborock S6 Pure

With automatic boost sensors, it’ll deliver maximum suction power only when needed, otherwise, it’ll drop its suction rating to conserve battery.

One thing that users love about the S6 Pure is that they can program no-go zones in the smartphone app, meaning that the robot never mops on carpets by accident. Each charge allows it to clean over 2,700 square feet of carpeted and smooth floors before returning to its charging dock and picking up where it left off.

What we find impressive about the S6 Pure is its Selective Room mode. After the robot has identified different rooms in your home, you won’t need to manually create to-go or no-go zones to keep the robot confined in a certain room.

Simply tapping a room on your phone’s screen will send the S6 Pure there in a jiffy. Make sure that you create mop zones in the digital map to prevent the hybrid bot from leaving moist stains on carpets and area rugs.

roborock S6 Pure Robot Vacuum and Mop,...
  • Precision LiDAR Navigation & Z-shape Cleaning Route: Effective, detailed home-mapping and...
  • Multi-floor Mapping: Save multiple maps, along with No-go Zones for each level, all...

1) Roborock S6 MaxV

One of Roborock’s best robot vacuum and mop models is the S6 MaxV. It suctions up to 2500 Pa to deliver a deeper clean on carpets and rugs. It maneuvers beautifully around obstacles like furniture legs thanks to LiDAR navigation.

Roborock S6 MaxV
Roborock S6 MaxV

Thanks to ReactiveAI, this robot can identify obstacles on the fly, preventing it from bumping into furniture legs and preserving its beautiful matte top finish for longer.

But that’s only the beginning. The S6 MaxV also has room recognition, which uses less battery by creating a navigation route that allows it to clean a wider surface area per charge. There’s also multi-floor mapping, so you can move the S6 MaxV up and down staircases without it missing a beat.

As for the mopping module, while it may not be the best, it is still incredibly smart. The intelligent mopping module works in conjunction with the robot’s dual sensors to detect the severity of moist stains before automatically adjusting water output.

The S6 MaxV is created with impressive storage capacity. It can store the digital layouts of up to four floors while users can define as many as 10 no-trespassing zones, 10 no-mop zones, and 10 virtual barriers per floor.

You can also reprogram these settings or erase entire floors from the robot’s memory when needed.

roborock S6 MaxV Robot Vacuum and Mop with...
  • 【Experience the Difference with S6 MaxV】Introducing the dual cameras, Roborock S6 MaxV...
  • 【Taking Cleaning to Another Lever】Using twin cameras and advanced ReactiveAI obstacle...

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Roborock E5

The Roborock E5 is similar to most hybrid robots out there. It delivers powerful suction power to remove debris from bare floors and low- to medium-pile carpets. Carpet Detection Technology ensures that it provides the best possible clean when transitioning from bare floors to carpets and vice versa.

It comes with a mop attachment that simply wipes your floor clean with a soft microfiber cloth, making it great for picking up minor spills. While it does have app support, you cannot program virtual barriers—you’ll need magnetic strips for that (sold separately). Overall, the Roborock E5 is a powerful, straightforward 2-in-1 robotic vacuum.

roborock E5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner with 2500Pa...
  • 【Methodical Cleaning Perfection】Clean your floors more effectively and efficiently...
  • 【App, Voice & Remote Control, Meet All Your Needs】Control every element of your robot...

Roborock S7+ Robot Vacuum

If you’re looking for a premium hybrid robot, the Roborock S7+ is for you. Thanks to Sonic Floor Technology, the mopping pap oscillates at a rate of 3,000 scrubs per minute, making it possible to remove set-in stains from tiles. It comes with a unique feature that lifts the mopping attachment whenever it treads on carpeting to focus solely on vacuuming soft surfaces.

With your purchase, you’ll get the Roborock Auto-Empty Dock that can store up to 60 days’ worth of debris before reaching max capacity. In addition, it comes with a super-reliable navigation system, which it uses to record the layout of your floors for maximum cleaning potential.

roborock S7+ Robot Vacuum and Sonic Mop with...
  • Self-Empty Dock Support: The Self-Empty Dock empties the robot automatically after...
  • Sonic Vibration Technology: Sonic floor mopping technology scrubs up to 3,000 times per...

Buying Guide

Hands down, saving time is the best benefit that vacuum and mop combo cleaners have to offer. You can vacuum and mop at the same time or mop after vacuuming without stopping to dump collected debris or dirty water. Some combo cleaners even kill germs and dust mites.

Vacuum and Mop Combo Cleaner

You can either get a combo cleaner that’s an upright model or one that’s a robot. Upright vacuum/mop combo cleaners come in battery-operated and electrical-cord versions. All robotic combo cleaners have a battery that they can auto-charge; some models even resume cleaning after charging.

Our buyer’s guide explains the basics that everyone should know about vacuum and mop combo cleaners. In the guide, you can read details about the types, tank setups, and power sources of combo cleaners.

To make the best choice for your needs, we also included information that you should consider about flooring and the size of your home.

Types of Vacuum and Mop Combos

Before you consider the specific features you want, you need to know about the different types of vacuum/mop combos that you can buy. Some of these combo floor cleaners are uprights, and others are robots. Each type offers its own set of benefits.

Vacuum and Mop Combo Cleaner Buying Guide

Upright vacuum and mop combos look similar to traditional full-sized vacuum cleaners. Most weigh between 10 and 15 pounds, but some are about half the size.

These vacuum/mop combos cover a lot of area per pass, and their tanks are large, which means you can clean for a long time without having to stop.

Robot vacuum and mop combos weigh much less than their upright counterparts. Their cleaning ability is automated, which means you don’t have to expend any physical effort. Since they are smaller than upright combos, robot vacuum/mops take longer to clean the same sized space, and you have to refill and empty their reservoir more often.

There are corded and cordless models available. While uprights may either have a battery or a power cord as their power source, robotic combos only use a rechargeable battery. Like standard vacuums, people debate on the merits of corded versus cordless vacuum/mop combos.

Corded upright vacuum and mop combos never run out of juice. The only restriction that you’ll have to contend with is the length of the power cord.

To get a wide cleaning radius and prevent multiple outlet changes, we recommend an upright model with a cord that is at least 20 feet long.

On the other hand, cordless upright vacuum/mop combos do not have a distance limit. However, they do have a time limit. The working time you get on a full charge ranges from 20 to 30 minutes; the average recharge time is 4 to 5 hours. Typically, you have to plug in an adapter, and the battery isn’t removable.

All robotic vacuums are battery-operated only. Since robotic vacuum/mops are smaller than uprights, the battery lasts two to three times longer per charge. Virtually every robotic model is designed to automatically recharge the battery by returning to the dock. There are even some that continue cleaning on their own after a recharge.

Steam and Steam-Free

While all combo cleaners have a wet-mopping function, only some of them create steam. Steam has a sanitizing benefit, and it’s certainly a great feature to have if there are pets or children in your home.

However, the only models that make steam are uprights – You can’t find this feature on a robotic vacuum/mop.

If you get a steam vacuum/mop, there are some features you’ll want. Adjustable steam lets you increase and decrease the steam flow according to the mess you’re cleaning, and an indicator light tells you when the steam is ready. For any kind of combo cleaner (steam or steam-free), the mop pad should be easy to attach/detach.

Do steam mops clean floors well?

Tank Setup and Water Dispersion

You’ll find that robotic and upright vacuum/mop combos come in various tank configurations and water-dispersion methods. On robotic models, the reservoir either slides onto the bottom or into the side. Many robots offer adjustable water flow that’s automatic, manual, or both.

For uprights, the tank setup is very different. Steam units only have one tank that’s either detachable or built into the combo cleaner. Steam-free units usually have separate tanks – one for clean water and one for dirty water. To disperse the water, the upright vacuum/mop combo will either have a hold-down trigger or a press-and-release button.

The Flooring in Your House

Vacuum and mop combos are predominately designed for hard surfaces. On sealed floors such as hardwood, tile, linoleum, vinyl, and marble, you’ll get excellent results with a combo cleaner.

Ideally, you’ll want the robotic or upright model you choose to have treaded wheels; otherwise, the cleaner may slide around when the floor is wet.

Many upright vacuum/mop combos also work well on low-pile area rugs and Berber carpeting. However, we don’t suggest trying to wet mop these types of flooring with a robotic cleaner.

Some uprights can handle medium-pile carpet too, but don’t expect them to deep clean the carpet. They typically come with a snap-on glider for wet mopping.

If you have plush carpet and unsealed hard floors, you should avoid using a vacuum/mop upright or robot to wet mop them as they could warp. Steam is a no-go for these floors as well as vinyl surfaces. When running a robotic vacuum/mop on mopping mode, use barriers like magnetic strips or virtual markers to keep the robot off the carpet.

The Size of Your Home

Upright vacuum/mop floor cleaners are suitable for use in any sized home. However, the capacity of the tank or tanks and the width of the floor nozzle play a role in the cleaner’s efficiency. The larger the tanks and the wider the nozzle, the quicker you can clean your floors.

In homes under 1,000 square feet, any robotic vacuum and mop combo will be able to cover the entire area a day. For bigger homes, the robotic model should have a high-capacity battery, which provides a lengthy runtime (2 hours or longer). An automatic post-charging resume function prevents downtime if you aren’t home to restart a cleaning session.

Is there a vacuum and carpet cleaner in one?


Are there Vacuums that also Mops?

Believe it or not, but there are a couple of well-known and respected vacuums mops that can fulfill this function. They’re produced and manufactured by excellent Companies like Bissell, Hoover, and Shark to name a few. Selecting a great vacuum mop is critical to keeping your home spotless and properly cleaned.

Bissell Symphony 1132A

How does it do it Simultaneously?

There are a few vacuum and mop combos that can do this! Clients can allow these combos to do all the work for them – mopping and vacuuming at the same time, thus keeping your carpets and floors sparkling clean.

Do they really work?

There are many supporters of vacuum mops and they know how well they work. However, some feel that specific vacuum mops are better than others.

Individuals who are genuinely contemplating buying a vacuum and mop combo should do some research before buying a unit. It would be to your benefit to look at reviews and positive ratings of products, as that would guide you to make a good decision.

Where Do the Dry Debris Go?

Only combo cleaners with a separate suction feature collect dry debris. Luckily, you don’t have to empty and dry the reservoir before you vacuum. Robotic vacuum/mop combos either have a dirt bin that slides into the side after you remove the reservoir, or they have a bin that sits under the top panel.

Is there a vacuum that also mops?

For upright combo cleaners, the debris collection methods are different. Some models have a strainer in the reservoir, which traps hair and dirt to prevent the floor cleaner from clogging. Other models have a stopper that keeps collected debris dry when you mop, so you don’t have to scoop out a soggy mess later.

Do Combo Cleaners Vacuum Separately From Mopping?

All vacuum and mop combo cleaners are able to produce suction power. Some suction as they mop while others suction separately. There are even combo cleaners that let you choose between separate and simultaneous suction.

The models that suction as they mop help dry floors faster, allowing you to walk on them soon after you’re done. At most, you’ll only have to wait 10 minutes for the floors to dry. Those that suction separately are designed to vacuum floors just like a suction-only upright.

Can Vacuum and Mop Combo Cleaners Kill Germs?

Yes. There are some vacuum and mop combo cleaners that can kill germs, specifically ones that produce steam. Combo cleaners generate steam, which reaches 120+ degrees Fahrenheit. At this temperature, steam is able to kill bacteria, viruses, dust mites and insects.

There are also steam-free vacuum/mop combos that can kill germs. These combo cleaners are ones that can safely be used with cleaning solutions, and the solution you use must be anti-bacterial.

It’s usually okay to add a cleaning solution to steam-free upright units, but you should only add water to a robotic combo unit’s reservoir.

Shark VACMOP Pro
Shark VACMOP Pro

How are Vacuum Mop Combos Maintained?

It is always a good idea to clean a vacuum mop combo regularly as part of your maintenance routine. Some units are even produced with self-cleaning functions! Just select the function and dirty water and other gunk (both inside the machine and also on the brush) are sifted into an additional tank to be discarded. This also helps to prevent blockages in the future.

Does the Bissell CrossWave Vacuum and Mop Simultaneously?

Indeed it does! The Bissell CrossWave functions as a vacuum cleaner and mop at the same time and we endorse this unit as we have previously reviewed it and regard it as one of the best available.

Which Brands provide the best Vacuum and Mop combos?

The following manufacturers have some of the best units available:

Tineco iFLOOR3
Tineco iFLOOR3

Wipe or Vacuum first?

With units like these, it does not matter as many of them have strong suction power. While moving across the floor, it would vacuum up all the dirt and by selecting the mop function, it will moisten the floor and clean it as well. If there is a lot of dirt on the floor, consider vacuuming the floor a few times before utilizing the mopping function.

How do Robot Vacuums Know When and What to do?

When starting up the unit to clean, you should determine its cleaning functions first (vacuum, mopping, or both). You will find that some units disable the mopping function automatically when moving over carpets. Confirm this by checking the instruction manual.

Bissell 2554A
Bissell 2554A

Do these Vacuum Mop Combos Last?

Irrespective of which unit you decide on, taking proper care of it will ensure that it lasts. Clean it regularly after each use or use its self-cleaning function if it has one.


Instead of hauling out two separate floor cleaners and spending hours of your time sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping, you can use a vacuum/mop combo.

Upright combo cleaners give you total control over where you vacuum and mop, and robotic ones are ideal for people who are busy or have mobility limitations.

Dual tanks and stoppers keep the reservoir’s water hygienic. Cordless uprights save you the trouble of changing electrical outlets, but corded upright combos let you clean without pausing to recharge the battery. Features such as fingertip buttons, swiveling floor nozzles, and ergonomic handles make maneuvering upright vacuum/mops easy.

What is the best vacuum and mop?

Robotic vacuum and mop combo cleaners come with a separate dirt bin and a water reservoir. Many of them have a brush roll for extra dirt-lifting power. Robotic vacuum/mops come in basic models with an interchangeable bin and tank.

Wi-Fi models can map your floors in real-time and are even compatible with a virtual assistants.

Recommended Robot Vacuums

Affordable Option The iRobot Roomba 694 is a basic robot vacuum. It feels well-built, offers fantastic battery performance, and can adjust its suction power and brushroll height automatically depending on the surface that it's on.

Best of the Best The Roborock S7+ can vacuum and mop, and does an excellent job at both. It's also the company's most powerful vacuum yet, with 2,500Pa of suction.

Popular Option The Shark AV911S EZ is one of the least expensive robot vacuum with self-empty base. The bagless, self-emptying base holds up to 30 days of dirt and debris.

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