Best Vacuum and Mop Combo Cleaners for 2021

It’s time to clean your floors. First, you have to spend 30 minutes to an hour sweeping and/or vacuuming your floors. Then, you have to mop, which takes about the same amount of time. When you’re done, you still have to wait for the floors to dry. Before you know it, your lazy Saturday afternoon is gone.

Best Vacuum and Mop Combo Cleaner

Introduction to Vacuum and Mop Combo Cleaners

What if you can slash the time it takes to clean your floors in half? With a vacuum and mop combo cleaner, you can do just that and drastically reduce the drying time.

These floor cleaners come in upright and robotic models, and the uprights are available with electrical cords or rechargeable batteries as their power source.

Most suction and mop simultaneously; however, there are some that let you dry vacuum. To find out more about the features you can get on a vacuum/mop combo cleaner, check out our reviews on upright and robotic models. If you have questions about how they operate, make sure to take a look at our buyer’s guide.

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Vacuum and Mop Combo Cleaner | Bestseller

Bestseller No. 1
BISSELL Crosswave All in One Wet Dry Vacuum...
Vacuums And washes your floors at the same time; surface type: bare floors; capacity: 0.4; power source type: Corded Electric

Best Upright Vacuum and Mop Combo Cleaners

4) Tineco iFloor Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

The Tineco iFloor is designed for use on sealed hard floors such as laminate and hardwood.

It features ergonomic on-handle touch buttons that control the power to the vacuum/mop combo and a squeeze trigger that sprays the cleaning solution. Since the iFloor suctions as it mops, it only takes 5 to 8 minutes for the floor to dry.

Tineco iFloor Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Separate tanks prevent the dirty water the iFloor collects from the clean water in the 14-ounce reservoir. The reservoir is compatible with cleaning solutions (Tineco has a deodorizing one).

Recessed grips make it easy to handle the tanks, and a wide window allows you to view the soft-touch brushroll.

At 6.5 pounds, the Tineco iFloor is featherlight. A looped handle and grooved wheels provide excellent control and maneuverability. The iFloor contains a lithium-ion battery, which runs for 20 to 25 minutes on a full charge.

Tineco iFLOOR
Power SourceBattery Powered
SurfacesBare Floors

Hard Floors

Sealed Wood Floors
Voltage12 Volts
Cleaning timeup to 22 minutes
FeaturesSelf-Cleaning Storage Tray

Charging Adaptor

Deodorizing & Cleaning Solution
PriceCheck here

The iFloor comes with a simple plug-in adapter, which recharges the battery in 3 to 4 hours.

Tineco also throws in a tray to store the combo cleaner. The brushroll is rather impressive as it self-cleans when you press and hold the power button.

When you push the spot-clean button, the brushroll speed increases by half of its standard speed, helping you to remove difficult messes.

Tineco iFLOOR Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner and...
  • Save time by vacuuming and washing floors in one easy step.
  • Cordless and lightweight, with up to 22 minutes of continuous cleaning power.
  • Picks up messy, sticky spills and pet hair, while two-tank system cleans with fresh water.

3) Bissell Symphony 2 in 1 Vacuum and Steam Mop (1132A)

With the Bissell Symphony, you can harness the power of steam to sanitize your sealed hard floors, destroying 99.9 percent of bacteria and viruses. It only takes 30 seconds for the water to turn into steam, and you can vacuum during or after you mop the floors.

BISSELL Symphony Vac and Steam 2 in 1 vacuum and steam mop 1132A

Cyclonic suction streamlines the Symphony’s debris collection. The 12.8-ounce tank is equipped with a stopper that prevents moisture from entering as you steam mop.

An 11-inch-wide path lets you cover a lot of flooring per pass, and Bissell 1132A throws in four smooth and scrubby mop pads made of washable microfiber.

Bissell 1132A
Cleaning Path Width11"
Weight9.74 lb
Tank Capacity12.8 oz
Steam ControlSteam on Demand
Digital ControlsSteam Function
Vacuum Function
Cord Length25 Feet
Warm Up Time30 seconds
Power 120 volts
SurfacesSealed hardwood
FeaturesWashable Microfiber Pads

Quick-Release Mop Pad Tray
Cycloni Vacuum
Dry Tank Technology
PriceClick here

You’ll have no problem toting this 9.74-pound combo vac/steam mop by its triangular handle, which adjusts to five different positions.

On the handle, there are thumb-press buttons that control the suction and allow you to choose from two levels of steam. The power cord stretches to 25 feet, giving you a huge cleaning radius.

Bissell makes scented demineralized waters that are specially made for use with the Symphony 2 in 1. For an extra fragrance boost, you can also use Bissell’s mop pad discs. The pad is a breeze to remove – It detaches from the tray via the quick-release foot pedal.

BISSELL Symphony Vac and Steam 2 in 1 vacuum and...
  • Save time by vacuuming debris and steaming hard floors at the same time. Cleaning Path Width:11", Tank...
  • Sanitize with steam, using just water to eliminate 99.9% of germs and bacteria*. Surface Type:Hard Floors,...
  • Easy to use with Easy Touch Digital Controls, 5-way adjustable handle, and Quick-Release Mop Pad Tray - 4 mop...

2) Bissell CrossWave Floor and Carpet Cleaner (1785A)

With the CrossWave’s simultaneous suction, you can dry your hard floors and low-pile area rugs in record time.

The comfortable D-shaped handle has an on-demand trigger that sprays water. A pair of touch controls on the handle allows you to select area rug or hard-floor mode.

BISSELL CrossWave Floor and Carpet Cleaner with Wet-Dry Vacuum, 1785A

For this CrossWave Vacuum/Mop Combo Cleaner, Bissell used the separate-tank setup. The dirty-water tank holds 14.5 ounces, and the clean-water tank has a capacity of 28 ounces.

Bissell makes a full line of cleaning solutions to use in the Bissell CrossWave, including one for pet odors, one for area rugs and one for multiple surfaces.

The 11-pound combo cleaner is easy to maneuver since its floor nozzle swivels around furniture and obstacles. The nozzle itself is wide at 12 inches, and the power cord is long, measuring 25 feet. With the CrossWave, you get a puddle-preventing storage tray where you can keep the combo cleaner when you aren’t using it.

Inside the Bissell CrossWave, there’s a 4.4-amp motor, which spins the brushroll at a speed of 3,500 rpm. The brushroll is affixed with microfiber strips that absorb water and nylon bristles that dig into tile grout.

When you need to clean the brushroll, you don’t have to turn over the CrossWave. Instead, just lift the removable window.

BISSELL Crosswave All in One Wet Dry Vacuum...
  • Vacuums And washes your floors at the same time; surface type: bare floors
  • Multi Surface Machine Cleans Both Sealed Hard Floors And Area Rugs. Power Rating 4.4 Amperes
  • Dual Action Multi Surface Brush Roll Uses An Innovative Microfiber And Nylon Brush To Mop And Pick Up Dry...

1) Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro All-in-One Wet Dry Vacuum (2306A)

Clean almost any type of flooring from rubber mats to carpets with the Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro.

This combo cleaner suctions and mops at the same time, and it has a trigger spray built into the handle that takes 10 seconds to prime. Also on the looped handle is a hard floor and a rug fingertip button.

BISSELL Crosswave Pet Pro All in One Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner and Mop for Hard floors and Area Rugs, 2306A

Dual tanks, both of which have fill lines and hand grips, prevent the 28-ounce reservoir from becoming contaminated. The collection tank is equipped with a float stack and a strainer that traps cleaner-clogging dirt.

To help you neutralize pet odors, Bissell throws in two 8-ounce bottles of Febreeze-infused cleaning solution.

With two multi-surface brushrolls made of nylon and microfiber, you can wash one while you clean the other. These brushrolls are designed to resist tangles even from long-haired animals. To reach the removable brushroll, simply lift the clear cover and reach into the top of the floor nozzle.

A turning hook instantly releases the 25-foot power cord from the CrossWave Pet Pro‘s wrap. Swivel action allows for a close clean around outward wall corners, and a lifting handle helps you carry the 11.5-pound combo cleaner up the stairs.

If you choose, you can keep the cleaner in the included floor tray.

BISSELL Crosswave Pet Pro All in One Wet Dry...
  • Buy Bissell, save pets; Bissell donates up to 10 dollars to the Bissell pet foundation for every pet product...
  • Vacuums and washes your floors at the same time. Power cord length: 25 feet
  • Pet pro 2306A features a multi surface pet brush roll and pet hair strainer for easy multi surface cleaning....

Best Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo Cleaners

4) ILIFE V8s 2-in-1 Mopping Robot Vacuum

The ILIFE V8s lets you toggle between wet mopping and dry vacuuming. Both the dirt bin and the water reservoir slide into the side of the robot and boast a capacity of 750 milliliters. In the bin, there’s a high-performance filter, which traps allergens such as dust and pollen.

ILIFE V8s Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Mop Combo

Using a brushless motor, the suction is quiet, and the underside plate raises and lowers to meet the height of the floor. The lack of a brushroll means fewer tangles, and a pair of side brushes cleans along walls.

For wet mopping, ILIFE provides two washable adhesive microfiber pads.

Many of the combo cleaner’s functions are accessible from the robot’s top cover, such as start/pause, dock, spot and path selection. An onboard LCD display lets you customize an automatic cleaning schedule. You also get a remote with water-speed control, manual direction control, edge cleaning and spot mode.

Treaded RoadRover wheels can climb 12-millimeter thresholds. The V8s‘ height of 3.2 inches gives it under-furniture reach, and three infrared cliff sensors prevent tumbles down the stairs.

For this robotic vac/mop combo, ILIFE chose a lithium-ion battery with a runtime of 100 minutes and a recharge time of 200 to 350 minutes.

ILIFE V8s, 2-in-1 Robot Vacuum and Mop, Big 750ml...
  • 【2-IN-1 SWEEPING AND MOPPING】: Sweeping system with Gen 3 CyclonePower System provides a powerful suction...
  • 【BIG 750ml DUSTBIN】: A large dustbin ensures the V8s is able to clean larger spaces without frequent...
  • 【ENHANCED SUCTION INLET】: The unique suction structure ensures that pet hair and dirt go into the dustbin...

3) Eufy by Anker RoboVac L70 Hybrid Robot Vacuum

A snap-on reservoir makes it easy to set up the Eufy L70 for a mopping session. The reservoir has a water pump that pushes water to the three outlets.

In turn, the washable mop pad slides onto the reservoir and buckles into place.

Eufy RoboVac L70 Hybrid 2-in-1 Sweeping and Mopping

BoostIQ automatically kicks up the suction to 2,200 pascals. A V-shaped brushroll lifts dirt easily, and the side brush sweeps along edges. You’ll appreciate the top-loading dirt bin and its three-layer rinsable filter, which includes a sponge layer, a pleated cartridge and pre-filtration media.

Wi-Fi connectivity means you can control the L70 Hybrid from your smartphone. A realtime map shows the robot’s current location, and the app gives you access to spot clean mode and water flow adjustment.

Eufy L70 Hybrid Specs
Suction Power 2200 Pa
Сleaning Area 2691 ft2
Dust Container450 ml
Battery Capacity 5200 mAh
Run-time 150 min
Charging Time 300 min
Noise55 db
Weight 8.38 lbs
Width 13.98 in
Height 3.98 in
ReleaseAugust, 2019
PriceClick here

If you have an Alexa or an Assistant device, you can audibly control the vac/mop combo cleaner.

iPath laser navigation moves the combo cleaner logically. Four cliff sensors keep it safe around stairs. You can set no-go zones and select areas to clean via the in-app map, or you can lay down separately purchased magnetic strips.

With a 5,200 mAh lithium-ion battery at the helm, the robot can mop and vacuum for up to 2.5 hours.

eufy by Anker, RoboVac L70 Hybrid, Robot Vacuum,...
  • iPath Laser Navigation: Minimum effort, maximum convenience. Increased efficiency and prolonged 2.5-hour...
  • AI Map Technology for Maximum Precision - Real-time mapping allows for customized target cleaning that fits...
  • Hybrid 2-in-1 Vacuum and Mop - Vacuum multi-surfaces and mop hard-floors for a deeper clean that will leave...

2) Roborock E35 Robot Vacuum and Mop

For ease of use, Roborock put a top-loading dirt bin in the E35. The bin holds 640 milliliters of dirt and houses an E11 allergen filter.

A V-shaped brushroll and a single side brush enhance the 2,000 pascals of simultaneous suction that occur when the combo cleaner is mopping your house.

Roborock E35 Robot Vacuum and Mop

Roborock E35 Specs
Weight 6.61 lbs
Width 13.78 in
Height 3.54 in
ReleaseSep 2018
PriceClick here

Instead of making you remove the bin to insert the water reservoir, Roborock designed the reservoir to slide onto the bottom of the Roborock E35. This tank can hold 150 milliliters of water and disperse the water at variable rates onto the reusable microfiber mop pad.

With an Alexa or Assistant device, you can issue voice commands to the Roborock E35, such as “turn on” and “turn off.” The Wi-Fi-enabled E35 also works with Roborock’s Mi Home app, which displays a map in realtime.

Plus, you can use your smartphone to schedule sessions, locate and spot clean.

To help the E35 map and navigate, Roborock equipped it with an optical sensor and gyroscopes. The 5,200 mAh lithium-ion battery keeps the suction strong from start to finish, lasting 150 minutes per charge.

Automatic docking comes standard, and the E35 will even continue cleaning where it left off after the battery recharges.

Roborock Robot Vacuum and Mop: 2000Pa Strong...
  • Efficient and Intelligent: Clean fast, with no random bumping. Using a dual-gyro system together with motion...
  • Large battery capacity: A large 5200mAh battery offers 200minutes of non-stop cleaning. A generous dustbin...
  • Thorough cleaning: 2000Pa of intense suction pulls dirt easily off hard floors, and drags it from deep inside...

1) Roborock S6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Mop

Like the E35, the Roborock S6 has a top-loading dirt bin and an E11 filter. The stiff-bristled brushroll resists tangles and works in conjunction with the webbed side brush to gather debris into its 480-milliliter bin.

The robotic combo cleaner also has a special sensor that instantly increases the suction to 2,000 pascals when vacuuming carpeted floors.

Roborock S6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Mop

The 140-milliliter reservoir attaches to the bottom of the S6, and it contains two filters, which prevent minerals from clogging the water line. To quickly dry floors, the Roborock S6 suctions as it mops your hard floors.

Roborock E35 Specs
Weight 6.61 lbs
Width 13.78 in
Height 3.54 in
ReleaseSep 2018
PriceClick here

With the combo cleaner, you get disposable pads and washable microfiber pads.

A total of 14 sensors make up the Roborock S6‘s navigation system. Included in this total are a laser rangefinder and infrared cliff sensors. SLAM technology and adaptive routing allow the S6 to map your home. The S6 also goes to the dock mid-cycle to top up the 180-minute-per-charge lithium-ion polymer battery, resuming the cleaning session when it’s done.

On the smartphone app, you can save up to three maps – one for each story of your home. The map offers selective zone cleaning by single room, multiple rooms or the entire house.

You can also locate the robot’s current position and create no-go zones, and the S6 understands audible commands via Alexa and Assistant.

Roborock S6 Robot Vacuum, Robotic Vacuum Cleaner...
  • Astonishingly efficient: Using adaptive routing with edge optimized cleaning, S6 gives you comprehensive room...
  • Multi-floor Mapping: Save multiple maps, along with No-go Zones for each level, all recognized automatically...
  • Convenient Selective Room Cleaning: Choose which rooms to be clean, and schedule cleaning for specific rooms.

Roborock S4 vs S5 vs S5 Max vs S6 Robot Vacuum Comparison

Buying Guide

Hands down, saving time is the best benefit that vacuum and mop combo cleaners offer. You can vacuum and mop at the same time or mop after you vacuum without stopping to dump the debris or water. Some combo cleaners even kill germs and dust mites.

Vacuum and Mop Combo Cleaner

You can either get a combo cleaner that’s an upright or one that’s a robot. Upright vacuum/mop combo cleaners come in battery-operated and electrical-cord versions. All robotic combo cleaners have a battery that they can auto-charge; some models even resume cleaning afterward.

Our buyer’s guide explains the basics that everyone should know about vacuum and mop combo cleaners. In the guide, you can read details about the types, tanks setups and power sources of combo cleaners.

To make the best choice for your needs, we also included information that you should consider about flooring and the size of your home.

Types of Vacuum and Mop Combos

Before you consider the specific features you want, you need to know about the different types of vacuum/mop combos that you can buy. Some of these combo floor cleaners are uprights, and others are robots. Each type offers its own set of benefits.

Vacuum and Mop Combo Cleaner Buying Guide

Upright vacuum and mop combos look similar to traditional full-size vacuum cleaners. Most weigh between 10 and 15 pounds, but there are some that are about half the size.

These vacuum/mop combos cover a lot of floor per pass, and their tanks are large, which means you can clean for a long time without stopping.

Robot vacuum and mop combos weigh much less than their upright counterparts. Their cleaning ability is automated, which means you don’t have to expend any physical effort. Since they are smaller than upright combos, robot vac/mops take longer to clean the same sized space, and you have to refill and empty their reservoir more often.

There are corded and cordless models available. While uprights may either have a battery or a power cord as their power source, robotic combos only use a rechargeable battery. Like standard vacuums, people debate the merits of corded versus cordless vac/mop combos.

Corded upright vacuum and mop combos never run out of juice. The only restriction with which you’ll have to contend is the length of the cord.

To get a wide cleaning radius and prevent multiple outlet changes, we recommend an upright model with at least a 20-foot-long cord.

On the other hand, cordless upright vac/mop combos do not have a distance limit. However, they do have a time limit. The working time you get on a full charge ranges from 20 to 30 minutes; the average recharge time is 4 to 5 hours. Typically, you have to plug in an adapter, and the battery isn’t removable.

All robotic vacuums are battery-operated only. Since robo vac/mops are smaller than uprights, the battery lasts two to three times longer per charge. Virtually every robotic model is designed to automatically recharge the battery by driving to the dock. There are even some that continue cleaning on their own after a recharge.

Steam and Steam-Free

While all combo cleaners have a wet-mopping function, only some of them create steam. Steam has a sanitizing benefit, and it’s certainly a great feature to have if there are pets or children in your home.

However, the only models that make steam are uprights – You can’t find this feature on a robotic vacuum/mop.

If you get a steam vac/mop, there are some features you’ll want it to have. Adjustable steam lets you increase and decrease the steam flow according to the mess you’re cleaning, and an indicator light tells you when the steam is ready. For any kind of combo cleaner (steam or steam-free), the mop pad should be easy to attach/detach.

Do steam mops clean floors well?

Tank Setup and Water Dispersion

You’ll find that robotic and upright vacuum/mop combos come in various tank configurations and water-dispersion methods. On robotic models, the reservoir either slides onto the bottom or into the side. Many robots offer adjustable water-flow that’s automatic, manual or both.

For uprights, the tank setup is much different. Steam units only have one tank that’s either detachable or built into the combo cleaner. Steam-free units usually have separate tanks – one for clean water and one for dirty water. To disperse the water, the upright vac/mop combo will either have a hold-down trigger or a press-and-release button.

The Flooring in Your House

Vacuum and mop combos are predominately designed for hard surfaces. On sealed floors such as hardwood, tile, linoleum, vinyl and marble, you’ll get excellent results with a combo cleaner.

Ideally, you’ll want the robotic or upright model you choose to have wheels with tread; otherwise, the cleaner may slide when the floor is wet.

Many upright vac/mop combos also work well on low-pile area rugs and Berber carpeting. However, we don’t suggest trying to wet mop these types of flooring with a robotic cleaner.

Some uprights can handle medium-pile carpet too, but don’t expect them to deep clean the carpet. They typically come with a snap-on glider for wet mopping.

If you have plush carpet and unsealed hard floors, you should avoid using a mop/vacuum upright or robot to wet mop them as they could warp. Steam is definitely a no-go for these floors and vinyl ones. When running a robotic vac/mop on mopping mode, use barriers like magnetic strips or virtual markers to keep the robot off the carpet.

The Size of Your Home

Upright vacuum/mop floor cleaners are suitable for use in any sized home. However, the capacity of the tank or tanks and the width of the floor nozzle play a role in the cleaner’s efficiency. The larger the tanks and the wider the nozzle, the quicker you can clean your floors.

In homes under 1,000 square feet, any robotic vacuum and mop combo will be able to cover every area in a day. For bigger homes, the robotic model should have a high-capacity battery, which provides a lengthy runtime (2 hours or longer). Automatic post-charging resume prevents downtime if you aren’t home to restart a cleaning session.

Is there a vacuum and carpet cleaner in one?


Where Do the Dry Debris Go?

Only combo cleaners with a separate suction feature collect dry debris. Luckily, you don’t have to empty and dry the reservoir before you vacuum. Robotic vac/mop combos have a dirt bin that slides into the side after you remove the reservoir, or they have a bin that sits under the top panel.

For upright combo cleaners, the debris-collection methods are different. Some models have a strainer in the reservoir, which traps hair and dirt to prevent the floor cleaner from clogging. Other models have a stopper that keeps the debris dry when you mop, so you don’t have to scoop out a soggy mess later.

Do Combo Cleaners Vacuum Separately From Mopping?

All vacuum and mop combo cleaners are able to suction. Some suction as they mop while others suction separately. There are even combo cleaners that let you choose between separate and simultaneous suction.

Is there a vacuum that also mops?

The models that suction as they mop do so to dry the floors fast, allowing you to walk on them soon after you’re done. At most, you’ll only have to wait 10 minutes for the floors to dry. Those that suction separately are designed to vacuum floors just like a suction-only upright.

Can Vacuum and Mop Combo Cleaners Kill Germs?

Yes. There are some vacuum and mop combo cleaners that can kill germs, specifically ones that produce steam. Combo cleaners generate steam, which reaches 120+ degrees Fahrenheit. At this temperature, steam is able to kill bacteria, viruses, dust mites and insects.

There are also steam-free vacuum/mop combos that can kill germs. These combo cleaners are ones that can safely be used with cleaning solutions, and the solution you use must be anti-bacterial.

It’s usually okay to add a cleaning solution to steam-free upright units, but you should only add water to a robotic combo unit’s reservoir.

Best Vacuum and Mop Compo Comparison Table

Below an overview of the best vacuum mop combos. We recommend to read our comprehensive guide, but this table should be enough to help you decide buying a combo cleaner for your needs.

Upright Vacuum/MopsCord?Size (in)WeightMore Info
Bissell Crosswave 1785A25-ft46 x 11 x 1211 Lbs.Review
Bissell Crosswave 2036A25-ft46 x 12 x 1111 Lbs.Price
Bissell CrossWave 2554ACordless10 x 11 x 4611 Lbs.Review
Bissell 1543A Symphony25-ft45 x 11 x 1010 Lbs.Review
Bissell Symphony 1132A25-ft47 x 11 x 910 Lbs.Review
Hoover BH55210Cordless45 x 10 x 610 Lbs.Price
Tineco iFloor Cordless44 x 11 x 107 Lbs.Review
Robot Vacuum/MopsRuntimeSize (in)WeightMore Info
ILIFE V5s Pro140-min12 x 2.765 Lbs.Review
Roborock S5150-min14 x 3.788 Lbs.Review
Roborock E35150-min14 x 3.67 Lbs.Review
Roborock S6180-min14 x 3.815 Lbs.Review
Roborock E4200-min14 x 3.5511 Lbs.Review


Instead of hauling out two separate floor cleaners and spending hours of your time sweeping, vacuuming and mopping, you can use a vac/mop combo.

Upright combo cleaners give you total control over where you vacuum and mop, and robotic ones are ideal for people who are busy or have mobility challenges.

Dual tanks and stoppers keep the reservoir’s water hygienic. Cordless uprights save you the trouble of changing electrical outlets, but corded upright combos let you clean without pausing to recharge the battery. Features such as fingertip buttons, swiveling floor nozzles and D-shaped handles make maneuvering upright vacuum/mops easy.

What is the best vacuum and mop?

Robotic vacuum and mop combo cleaners come with a separate dirt bin and a water reservoir. Many of them have a brushroll for extra dirt-lifting power. Robo vac/mops come in basic models with an interchangeable bin and tank.

There are also Wi-Fi models that map your floors in realtime and are even compatible with a virtual assistant.

Our Recommended Vacuum and Mop Combo Cleaners

Best Upright Wet/Dry
Best Robot Vacuum Mop
Best Seller
BISSELL Crosswave Pet Pro All in One Wet Dry...
Roborock S6 Pure Robot Vacuum and Mop, Multi-Floor...
BISSELL Crosswave All in One Wet Dry Vacuum...
Bissell 2306A
Roborock S6 Pure
Bissell 1785A
All in One Wet Dry Vacuum
Robot Vacuum and Mop
Floor and Carpet Cleaner
Tangle-Free Brush Roll
Lidar Navigation & Z-shape Cleaning Route
Vacuum & Wash at the Same Time
Pet Hair Strainer
2000Pa Suction
Multi-Surface Cleaning
The Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro Multi-Surface Cleaner vacuums and washes floors at the same time and in one easy step
Combine multi-level mapping with selective room cleaning and no-go zones for total and effective cleaning control.
Get your hard floors cleaner than you could have ever imagined! The Bissell CrossWave is a revolutionary, all-in-one, multi-surface floor cleaner.
Best Upright Wet/Dry
BISSELL Crosswave Pet Pro All in One Wet Dry...
Bissell 2306A
All in One Wet Dry Vacuum
Tangle-Free Brush Roll
Pet Hair Strainer
The Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro Multi-Surface Cleaner vacuums and washes floors at the same time and in one easy step
Best Robot Vacuum Mop
Roborock S6 Pure Robot Vacuum and Mop, Multi-Floor...
Roborock S6 Pure
Robot Vacuum and Mop
Lidar Navigation & Z-shape Cleaning Route
2000Pa Suction
Combine multi-level mapping with selective room cleaning and no-go zones for total and effective cleaning control.
Best Seller
BISSELL Crosswave All in One Wet Dry Vacuum...
Bissell 1785A
Floor and Carpet Cleaner
Vacuum & Wash at the Same Time
Multi-Surface Cleaning
Get your hard floors cleaner than you could have ever imagined! The Bissell CrossWave is a revolutionary, all-in-one, multi-surface floor cleaner.

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