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Bissell Symphony Vac and Steam 2 in 1 1132A Review

Looking for a fantastic vacuum and steamer in one? With the Bissell Symphony Vac and Steam 2 in 1, you’ll get a completely clean and hygienic finish on all of your hard floors without having to do the same job twice. Let’s find out everything this vacuum and steamer has to offer.

Bissell Symphony Vac and Steam 2 in 1 1132A Review
Bissell Symphony 1132A

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The Basics

The Bissell Symphony Vac and Steam 2 in 1 weighs just 9.74lbs when empty, making it a portable and maneuverable vacuum cleaner that can be moved around the house with ease.

With a 12.8oz water tank capacity for those steam cleaning sessions, you’ll find plenty of space up front for a thorough clean without having to stop and start to fill up the tank with fresh water.

You can easily pass through any small to medium sized homes or apartments with the Symphony before it needs refilling. Overall, you’ll find that this takes the weight of the vacuum up to 13lbs – still completely portable.

Bissell 1132A
Bissell Symphony 1132A

Furthermore, the dimensions of the Bissell Symphony come in at 9 x 11 x 46.5 inches, making it compact and even more portable. With a lengthy hand grip and neck too, you won’t find yourself crouching or bending far in order to get into the corners that we often find dirt lingering in.

This is made even easier thanks to the 5-way adjustable handle which not only lets you get down low or up high, but helps stop corners becoming a hassle.

This 2 in 1 vacuum and steamer is corded, with a 25ft cord to help you cover a wide distance through your home without having to stop and start at every power socket.

Customizable Cleaning Every Time

You can vacuum and mop simultaneously or at different times thanks to the Easy Touch Digital Controls that help you choose between vacuum mode and steam mode at the touch of a button.

Bissell Symphony
Bissell Symphony 1132A

The cyclonic vacuum cleaner is incredibly powerful, with a motorized brush to help you discover every last speck of dirt on your floors. This is transported to the dry tank chamber, where the dirt and debris will be stored until you dispose of it in a completely dry area that won’t be contaminated with the steam or water coming from the water tank.

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Steam Power for Extra Hygiene

The additional steam function on the Bissell Symphony Vac and Steam 2 in 1 is perfect for killing germs and bacteria that live on your hard floors, and saves you extra mopping time by killing them quickly, safely, and effectively.

Bissell Symphony Vac Review
Bissell Symphony 1132A

That’s partly what makes this 2 in 1 vacuum so good. Not only do you eliminate the need to mop your floors, but you’re certain the germs and bacteria are being killed thanks to its precise temperature control that’ll wipe them out.

Quickly transform the vacuum cleaner head into a mop head thanks to the detachable mop pad tray, where you can swap and change mop pads for the perfect clean. The mop pad tray is quick-releasing, which means there’s no time wasted during cleaning – perfect for those with less time on their hands and extra tasks to complete.

Bissell Symphony 1132A Review
Bissell Symphony 1132A

There are plenty of extras to help you get the best clean ever. Firstly, you can choose between two mop pad types: a washable, soft mop pad for less stubborn grime, and a scrubby mop pad for the moments where you need that extra power.

You can also equip the Bissell Symphony Vac and Steam 2 in 1 with freshening discs, to help give off a fresh and clean scent whilst you vacuum, as well as the famed scent waters which help you’re your steam mopping to the next level.


For homes that are full of hard floors, including sealed wooden floors, granite, tile, and laminate, the Bissell Symphony Vac and Steam 2 in 1 is the perfect addition. It brings in that powerful vacuum power that’ll leave your floors crumb free, whilst sanitizing your entire home without having to dig out the mop bucket.

We love the Bissell Symphony for those times when you need to get two jobs done at once. Whether you’ve got little time on your hands or want to protect your family from those lingering dust and dirt specks that are actually germy and full of bacteria, this is the best steam mop and vacuum set we’ve seen for a while.

Bissell Steam mop, Grey & Blue
  • Vacuum and steam your hard floors at the same time
  • Sanitize* floors using the natural power of steam, eliminating 99.9% of germs and...

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