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How To Maintain the Side Brushes and Brush Roll of a Robot Vacuum?

As convenient as robot vacuum cleaners make our lives, there are times where we have to shut them down to handle any maintenance problems that occur.

How To Maintain the Side Brushes and Brush Roll

These occurrences are rare and far between, but to ensure optimal cleaning performance, users will have to pay close attention to their robot vacuum’s side brushes and main brush roll.

Please note that before attempting to maintain your robot vacuum in any way, make sure you turn it off beforehand.

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How to Maintain Side Brushes

The side brush or brushes come with longer, more flexible bristles than the main brush roll. Their purpose is to draw debris into the robot vacuum’s main brush and inlet, which then sucks the debris off the floor.

Over time, you might find the side brush’s bristles becoming misshapen over time since they may repeatedly beat against hard surfaces, such as furniture legs and baseboards.

Side Brush Robot Vacuum
Side Brush Robot Vacuum

Here are a few ways for you to take care of the robot vacuum’s side brush:

  1. If the bristles are tangled, straighten them out by tugging gently on the bristles starting from the connecting point with the rotating mechanism.
  2. If the bristles are warped in shape—e.g., bent, curved—take a heat gun or blow dryer on its lowest power setting and blast the bristles while attempting to straighten the bristles out. Then hold onto the bristles until they cool down and maintain their shape.
  3. If the side brushes are visibly worn out, you will need to replace them entirely. Gently tug on the side bristles until they detach from the robot. Then take a new set of side brushes and connect them to the side-brush peg until they click into place.

How to Maintain Main Brush Roll

Depending on which robot vacuum model you have, the main brush roll may be self-cleaning. However, the brush may still require maintenance from time to time, especially if your floors are covered in pet hair.

Brush Roll of a Robot Vacuum
Brush Roll of a Robot Vacuum

Below, we’ll describe a step-by-step guide on how to maintain the main brush roll.

  1. Remove the brush roll access door. This can be done by either pressing on tabs to disconnect it from the robot’s belly or by simply tugging on the access door. With the door out of place, you should have easier access to the main brush roll.
  2. Detach the brush roll from the robot vacuum by pulling it out. Make sure to leave the caps on either side of the brush intact.
  3. Look for debris on either end of the brush roll. If there are wads of hair stuck onto the sides, take a pair of scissors and carefully snip them away.
  4. If your robot vacuum comes with a brush cleaning tool, use it to gently comb the brush’s bristles until there are no longer any visible particles.
  5. Now, simply reattach the main brush roll, push the access door into place, flip your robot vacuum over, and you’re done!
Side Brush Robot Vacuum Maintenance
Side Brush Robot Vacuum

Final Thoughts

Please note that the methods and instructions detailed above may not be applicable to your robot vacuum, but generally speaking, this should work for most robots out there.

If you’re unsure, check the robot’s manual to determine how to properly care for the side brushes and main brush roll.

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