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Bissell CrossWave X7 Cordless Pet Pro 3011 Review

Vacuum-mop technology has come a long way from simplistic tools that struggled to lift water to becoming cordless devices with amazing suction and having an assortment of handy features. Today, we’re going to look at the new CrossWave X7 Pet Pro 3011 by Bissell, a cordless vacuum-mop that can handle nearly any tough mess you throw at it.

Bissell CrossWave X7
Bissell CrossWave X7

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Twice the Clean with Each Pass

Forget about vacuuming and mopping in that order. The CrossWave X7 performs both functions the moment you turn it on, effectively cutting your cleaning time roughly in half. Anything from cracked eggs to wet pet food and even granola grains have no chance of escaping the mighty vacuuming and cleaning power of the CrossWave X7’s 25.2V motor.

30-Minute Cleaning Sessions per Charge

While uninterrupted cleaning with a corded vacuum-mop is great, it doesn’t allow the same mobility as their battery-powered counterparts. The CrossWave X7 draws power from a built-in battery that, after four hours of charging, can supply as much as 30 minutes of cleaning.

Even though the source of power is fitted directly into the device, on an empty tank, the CrossWave X7 weighs a mere 10.6 pounds, making it one of the lightest vacuum-mops on the market. As such, transporting the tool up and down flights of stairs won’t be an issue.

Bissell 3011
Bissell CrossWave X7


Like any floor-cleaning device sporting the Bissell logo, the CrossWave X7 was specifically engineered with pet parents in mind. If your floors are constantly littered with stray strands of pet fur, dirty paw prints, or other unmentionable stains, the CrossWave X7 can prove to be an ultra-efficient tool.

This vacuum-mop features two cleaning modes—standard mode and TURBO PET mode. When TURBO PET is activated, it’ll nearly double its suction power and roller brush speed, thereby breaking down and picking up caked-on stains in an instant. Be warned: TURBO PET will drain the battery life more than twice as quickly as standard mode.

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LED-Studded Floorhead

Anyone who’s ever used a vacuum cleaner with LED headlights will attest to how easy they make spotting hidden debris on floors. The CrossWave X7’s super-bright LEDs make dirt piles and hair strands a lot more visible on dark tiles and floorboards, so you won’t miss a single spot when you get to work.

Bissell CrossWave X7 Cordless Review
Bissell CrossWave

Advanced Edge Cleaning

Something you might not notice upon first glance at the CrossWave X7 is its improved floorhead design. Since it doesn’t come with additional cleaning tools, the floorhead needs to be as bezel-less as possible to get into hard-to-reach areas. Thankfully, Bissell found the perfect solution.

The floorhead has a 9.5-inch cleaning width with minimal bezels, which allow you to fit glide the tool along baseboards, furniture legs, and in corners with ease. Combined with a swiveling neck and you’ve got a vacuum-mop that turns with the slightest touch, making cleaning tough messes less of a challenge.

Bissell CrossWave X7 Intro Video

Made for Multi-Surface Cleaning

The CrossWave X7’s microfiber roller brush can handle nearly any surface you place it on, from linoleum to rubber floor mats. However, what makes the tool unique is its ability to spot-clean light debris piles on carpets without oversaturating the fibers in water. A few seconds of activating PET TURBO Mode on carpets or area rugs is all it takes to break down and lift dry or sticky stains.

Bissell CrossWave X7
Bissell X7

33-oz Dual-Tank System

Contaminating your floors with dirty water is nearly impossible with the CrossWave X7, thanks to the dual-tank system. The clean water tank can hold up to 18 fluid ounces of cleaning solution, which, based on users, is more than enough for a single 30-minute cleaning session (on average).

After dispensing the cleaning solution, the CrossWave X7’s motor will suction all debris and water before sending them into the 15-fluid-ounce dirty water tank. Inside the dirty water tank is a hair strainer that will save your kitchen pipes from becoming clogged by large hairballs down the road.

Self-Cleaning Roller Brush

The CrossWave X7 comes with a charging dock that plugs into a standard wall outlet. However, the charging dock also doubles as a roller brush cleaner. When docked, simply press the self-cleaning button that spins the roller brush at high speeds, tossing any residue stuck on the brush and into the dirty water tank.

A 15- to 30-second cleaning cycle is all it’ll take to leave the roller brush spotless and ready for the next round of cleaning.

Bissell CrossWave X7 Cordless Pet Pro 3011
Bissell 3011

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Verdict: Amazing Battery Life and Stellar Performance

The Bissell CrossWave X7 is arguably one of the best cordless vacuum-mops out there based on its magnificent suction and large-capacity tanks alone. The fact that it’s cordless and lets you navigate your floors without tripping over long cables is a huge bonus. For pet parents or anyone with incredibly messy floors, if you’re sick and tired of vacuuming and mopping in that order, the CrossWave X7 is definitely worth considering.

BISSELL CrossWave X7 Cordless Pet Pro...
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