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Bissell TurboClean PowerBrush Pet Carpet Cleaner Review (2085)

Got dirty rugs or carpets? There is definitely no lack of cleaning choices on the market today. While nothing beats the convenience and efficiency of a professional, the Bissell 2085 carpet cleaner in this review came pretty close for a lot less (money).

Bissell TurboClean PowerBrush Pet Carpet Cleaner Review (2085)

Bissell released a new carpet cleaning unit, the BISSELL 2085 Turboclean Powerbrush. This unit has a very appealing price tag that is probably one of the most affordable upright carpet cleaning models on the market today. It is designed for households with low-pile carpeting and rugs, but most of all pet owners.

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Designed for Pet Owners

The Bissell 2085 is a compact full-size carpet cleaning machine. The unit weighs 12 pounds and is easy to carry around. As said, this carpet cleaning machine was developed with pet owners in mind, and it does a great job of getting rid of pet urine stains.

The Bissell 2085 also made a visible difference when it comes to its all-around cleaning efficiency – the floors look much better after using this device. To have a clear understanding how this unit works we recommend you to have a look at the following video by Bissell.

Bissel Intro Video

Choosing the right carpet cleaning machine doesn’t have to be a difficult task, but it is easy to get lost complex information. Bissell describes the features as followed:

– The unit is one of the lightest carpet cleaners on the market, at 12 pounds.
– The Bissell 2085 is easy to carry and operate.
– The machine gets rid of stains from rugs and carpets.
– The unit has a 4-Row spinning dirt lifter power brush together with mighty suction to get rid of dirt and debris.
– The powerful Bissell oxy-based Formula eliminates stains like drinks, grape juice, and pet urine stains.
– The Bissell 2085 has a foldable handle for convenient storing.

We guess you want to get a really good understanding of the look and feel of the Bissell 2085 carpet cleaner before making any purchase decisions. We’ve found an interesting demonstration video to help you understand how this unit works. Check out how the Bissell operates on a rug in the following video.

Bissel 2085 Carpet Cleaner Demonstration Video (by Miss Cox)

As you can see in the video, the Bissell TurboClean carpet cleaner 2085 offers an easy solution for reviving low pile carpets and stain removals. The 2085 model is designed for light duty cleaning efficiency that works well on low pile carpets.

Typically, carpet cleaning has only been available through organizations. More recently, carpet cleaning machines have been available for home rental. Today, many home carpet cleaning machines became available for everyone, providing similar overall performance as compared to the professional providers!

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Cleaning Abilities

Whether it is for tackling the dirt your young ones trailed in or just yearly touching up, a carpet cleaning unit is designed to get rid of deep stains and bacteria, and maintain your rug or carpet. As said in the feature description, the Bissell 2085 is designed to remove pet stains, such as urine and other pet stains.

However, the device is also capable of removing other daily messes such as wine, coffee, and other stains.

Bissell Carpet Cleaner Comparison

BissellTurboClean PowerBrush PetProHeat 2X Revolution PetJetScrub PetProHeat 2X Revolution Max Clean Pet Pro
BenefitTackles Tough Pet MessesOutcleans the Leading RentalBissel’s Best Upright Spot & Stain CleanerBissel’s Best Deep Cleaning System for Pet Messes
Weight12 lbs18 lbs13.7 lbs20 lbs
Clean Tank Capacity.5 gallon1 gallon.5 gallon1 gallon
Power Cord Length20 ft22 ft20 ft25 ft
Heatwave Technologyn/aYesn/aYes
Surface TypeCarpet & Area RugsCarpet, Upholstery & Area RugsCarpet & Area RugsCarpet, Upholstery & Area Rugs
Dries in About 30 Minutes with Express Clean Moden/aYesYesYes
CleanShot Pretreatern/an/aYesYes
Removable Brush Roll Covern/an/aYesYes
Tools Includedn/a3" Tough Stain Tool & Pet Stain Tooln/a3" Tough Stain Tool and 2-in-1 Pet Upholstery Tool

BISSELL 2085: Conclusion

Bissell has been in the household cleaning business for over 140 years (yes, that’s correct) which is much longer in comparison to more recent vacuum manufacturers including Dyson and Dirt Devil.

The unit weighs just under 12 pounds, making it lighter than all other Bissell upright carpet cleaners in its class. The BISSELL Turboclean Powerbrush 2085 is designed to be taken out and used often without fear, letting you enjoy clean rugs and carpets more often.

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