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Bissell TurboClean PowerBrush Pet Carpet Cleaner 2987 Review

Being a top brand of home cleaning devices among pet owners, there’s really no question as to whether any Bissell-made carpet cleaner is worth the investment. Today, we’re looking at the TurboClean PowerBrush 2987, a heavy-duty cleaning machine that loosens and removes the grimiest, most set-in stains on carpets. Read our full review to see whether this is the right carpet cleaner for your floors.

Bissell TurboClean PowerBrush Pet Carpet Cleaner 2987 Review
Bissell 2987

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DeepReach PowerBrush Roll

First of all, shoppers will want to take notice of the floorhead or rather, the brush roll within. The brush roll on the 2987 is studded with four rows of stiff bristles that provide a deeper clean on carpets and rugs.

Even year-old wine and pet stains don’t stand a chance against the high-speed brush roll that delivers strike after strike of deep cleaning power.

7.5-Inch Cleaning Width

While the 2987’s floorhead is narrower than most of Bissell’s upright carpet cleaners, there are several reasons why homeowners would like it. First of all, a narrower floorhead means enhanced maneuverability around furniture legs and other obstacles.

Bissell TurboClean PowerBrush Review
Bissell 2987

Secondly, it reduces the overall weight of the tool, making it easier for users to lift and place on specific areas. Thirdly, a narrower inlet means increased suction power to remove more moisture per second.

5/8-Gallon Dual Water Tank System

The 2987 follows the typical dual-tank system that keeps clean and dirty water separate from each other. This means there’s no way to dampen your carpets with dirt-infused water, meaning you’ll spend less time cleaning.

With just 5/8 of a gallon of water, homeowners might need to fill the tank multiple times to clean an entire floor. However, as is typical of smaller upright carpet cleaners, it also means there’s less of a challenge when moving the appliance up and down staircases.

Detachable Nozzle for Easy Cleaning

The most frustrating part of owning an upright carpet cleaner is removing hair and other embedded debris from the brush roll. Thankfully, that’s not an issue with the Bissell 2987. The transparent nozzle pops off, making it easier to wash and rinse the four-row brush roll.

Bissell TurboClean PowerBrush 2987
Bissell 2987

Which Bissel carpet cleaner is right for you?

Bissell 2987Bissell 1887Bissell 25299Bissell 1986
BissellTurboClean PowerBrush PetProHeat EssentialJetScrub PetRevolution Pet Pro
Type of CleaningUpright Full SizeUpright Full SizeUpright CompactUpright Full Size
Tank Size5/8 gallon1 gallon1 /2 gallon1 gallon
Weight< 13 lbs.19.75 lbs.13.7 lbs17.5 lbs.
CleanShot PretreaterNoNoYesYes
Above Floor CleaningNoYesNoYes
Express Clean ModeNoNoYesYes
Removable Brush Roll/NozzleNo/YesNoYesYes
Collapsible HandleNoNoYesNo
Electronic Finger Tip ControlsNoNoYesNo
LED HeadlightsNoNoYesNo

Lightweight Design

We’ve spoken repeatedly about how lightweight the 2987 is, but how light is it? On an empty tank, this upright carpet cleaner weighs a mere 13 pounds, which shouldn’t pose too much of a problem with pushing and pulling or even moving it between floors.

Also, it comes with a 20-foot power cord, which, by customer reports, is far too short to clean entire floors. Feel free to extend your reach by plugging the 2987 into an extension cord.

Bissell 2987 Review
Bissell 2987
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No Premium Features, Add-Ons, or Accessories

The last thing we’d like to note is that even though the Bissell 2987 is a beast of a carpet cleaner, it’s not a premium-quality carpet cleaner by any standard. It doesn’t come with any spot-cleaning tools, LED lights, nor a carpet heater.

The 2987 relies solely on its tremendous suction power to remove up to 80% of moisture. By customer estimates, low-pile carpets only require about an hour to fully dry after being deep-cleaned by this Bissell behemoth.

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