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Best Roborock Robot Vacuums in 2023: Worth the Money?

Roborock is a relative newcomer to the world of home robotics with only 5 years under its belt. Even though Roborock’s robots are not as well known, more people are choosing its robot vacuum/mops over those made by other brands. Why? When it comes to comprehensive robotic floor care technology, you’ll find it on all Roborock models.

roborock vacuum

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About Roborock

Roborock is the world’s leading consumer goods company for robotic cleaning devices, with a reputation for excellent craftsmanship and high performance. The business was started by engineers in China who wanted to create more efficient ways to clean their homes or office spaces without having any human assistance needed at all.

#4 Roborock S4 Max

The Roborock S4 Max comes with all the features you’d want from a top-echelon robotic vacuum cleaner. It delivers a whopping 2,600 Pa of suction power to loosen, lift, and remove all kinds of floor debris, from the ultrafine to the large. The E11 washable filter ensures that whatever the robot suctions will stay in its 0.46-liter dustbin.

Plus, users will love the fact that the S4 Max can clean for 3 hours nonstop per charge. Sporting state-of-the-art navigation systems, highly sensitive obstruction sensors, and comprehensive app control, the S4 Max is a definite must-buy for anyone who wants a vacuum-only robot vacuum.

roborock S4 Max Robot Vacuum with Lidar...
  • 【Note】: S4 Max is out of stock, the seller (247365Deals) is not recognized by...
  • Precise every time, day or night: Precision Low Light Navigation-LiDAR navigation stays...

#3 Roborock E5 Mop

The Roborock E5 Mop Robot Vacuum shows just how far Roborock has come. Not only does this model deliver a hard-hitting 2,500 Pa of suction power, but it also comes with a snap-on mop attachment that offers two waterflow levels for general-purpose and deep cleaning.

As you’d expect from a robot with a hefty 5,200-mAh battery, the E5 is capable of cleaning over 1,000 square feet per charge. Please note that while the E5 is compatible with the Roborock smartphone app, your only option to create no-go zones is to use magnetic strips, which don’t come in the robot’s box.

roborock E5 Mop Robot Vacuum and Mop,...
  • 【Methodical Cleaning Perfection】Clean your floors more effectively and efficiently...
  • 【Simultaneous Vacuuming and Mopping】Vacuum and mop simultaneously, mopping over 1600...

#2 Roborock S6

When designing the Roborock S6, the manufacturer thought of everything. Four suction modes are at your disposal, and a pressure sensor automatically increases the suction to 2,000 pascals to deep-clean carpets. Roborock also enhanced the strength of the brushroll. With this robotic vacuum/mop, you get reusable and disposable quick-release mop pads and the option to change the water flow rate.

Navigation is precise thanks to SLAM technology, adaptive routing, a laser-distance sensor and multiple infrared cliff sensors. The robot is compatible with Alexa and Assistant, and the in-app map (or maps – it can remember three) is customizable. You also get the benefit of a 5,200 mAh battery that provides up to 3 hours of runtime.

roborock S6 Robot Vacuum, Robotic Vacuum...
  • Astonishingly efficient: Using adaptive routing with edge optimized cleaning, S6 gives you...
  • Multi-floor Mapping: Save multiple maps, along with No-go Zones for each level, all...

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#1 Roborock S7

If you’re looking for a high-end vacuum and mop hybrid, look no further than the Roborock S7. This is a super-powerful, high-intelligent piece of floor-cleaning technology that works wonders at cleaning carpets and smooth floors, and it’s an ultra-convenient robot that’s controlled via a comprehensive smartphone app.

Roborock S7
Roborock S7

The S7’s primary selling point is its ability to vacuum and mop simultaneously, though you can always turn one of the functions off depending on how dirty your floors are. Moreover, it comes with LiDAR and adaptive navigation that cleans newly made spills and stains on the fly to clean entire floors in just one cleaning session. Plus, the addition of ultrasonic carpet detection ensures that it’ll never mop carpets, though you can set up no-mop zones via the app.

Roborocks is currently working on releasing an auto-emptying charging dock for the S7 later this year. Keep your eyes peeled for this must-have add-on as it’ll extend the robot’s cleaning time exponentially between full dustbins.

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Roborock Robot Vacuum Buying Guide

Choosing the right robotic vacuum/mop isn’t easy, especially when every model Roborock manufactures is well-made. Our buying guide will tell you about the most important features your robotic vacuum/mop should have according to your specific needs. In this guide, we break down the info by categories such as large homes, parents and people on the go.

Large Homes

The upkeep required for a large home is exhausting. Your robotic vacuum/mop should be able to clean all the floors you want it to cover in a single day. The Roborock S5 and S6 are able to clean over 2,150 square feet due to their combination of advanced navigation technology and a high-capacity battery.

Roborock Robotic Vacuum Mops

On the subject of the battery, the capacity of a battery is measured in milliamperes. The higher the milliamperes, the higher the capacity, and the longer the robotic vacuum/mop can clean. Roborock’s E3, S5 and S6 models are equipped with a 5,200-milliampere battery, which lasts 2.5 to 3 hours on a full charge.

While the runtime is important, there are instances when the robot can’t finish a cleaning cycle without a recharge. Therefore, Roborock added a top-up function to all of its robotic vacuum/mops. When the robot knows it has to clean a lot of square feet, it will automatically dock and charge the battery long enough to get the job done.

Allergy Sufferers and Pet Owners

Dander, dust and pollen are the bane of every allergy sufferer, and pets that shed leave both dander and hair everywhere they roam. Therefore, your robotic vacuum/mop should generate strong suction like the E3, S5 and S6 models’ 2,000 pascals of suction.

Roborock Robot Vacuum Mops

Add animals into the mix, and the brushroll becomes more important than ever. Each of the four robot vacuum/mop lines by Roborock has a brushroll. However, Roborock upgraded the S6’s brushroll, increasing the bristle strength and volume.

Of course, you have to consider the filter. Each Roborock robotic vacuum/mop contains an E11 filter, which meets the European standard for high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration. Plus, you can clean the filter with water. This filter sits inside a top-loading dirt bin that is rinsable, allowing you to wash away the dust before it becomes airborne.


Children make messes all the time. Dirt clods, food crumbs, art projects remnants – They always find their way to the floor. That’s why the robotic vac/mop’s bin should be large enough to hold a lot of dirt, such as the E2 and E3’s. Their top-loading bins have a dirt capacity of 640 milliliters.

Another challenge of parenthood is keeping young children from breaking things while they explore, Robot vac/mops are lightweight enough for toddlers and preschoolers to run off with. To monitor your robot’s location, Roborock included an in-app locator that displays the location of the robot in real-time (this feature is also great for large homes).

If you have a baby in the house, you don’t want a robotic floor cleaner to wake him up. The S6 is the quietest; however, all the robots are equipped with a do-not-disturb feature. When you engage do not disturb, the robot won’t make audible status alerts, which can be jarring in the middle of the night.

People on the Go

Whether you work long hours, spend time racking up frequent flyer miles or find yourself taxiing children and running errands all day, you just don’t have time to sit at home and monitor your robot vacuum/mop. Luckily, Roborock added Wi-Fi connectivity to each model, so you can get alerts, schedule sessions and change settings when you’re out and about.

roborock s55

Roborock integrated automatic recharge and resume into the E2, E3, S5 and S6. The auto recharge/resume function sends the robots to the dock to replenish the battery. When the charge is complete, they return to the last place they cleaned and continue to vacuum or mop. This prevents a cleaning-cycle interruption.

Premium navigation technology is also key. By premium, we mean adaptive routing that calculates the best path – This is a feature exclusive to the S6. LDS laser navigation, which is found on the S5 and S6, maps to a 0.8-inch accuracy. Cliff sensors that detect stairs are also important, and every Roborock vacuum/mop has these.

Zone cleaning allows you to remotely control where the robot cleans. The S5 and S6 let you draw zones and create virtual barriers on a saved in-app map. The Roborock S6 takes it a step further with its selective room cleaning. This feature lets you label rooms and choose the room or rooms that are cleaned during a cycle.

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What Voice Commands Can You Give Roborock Vacuum Mops?

Roborock’s vacuum mop hybrids work with Alexa and Assistant smart speakers. While the range of voice commands is not extensive, Roborock did make sure you could give basic audible commands, namely “start” and “stop,” and it supports six different languages.

xiaomi roborock s50

To enable a skill, you’ll have to install the Mi Home app to your smartphone and link your account to Alexa or Assistant. Then, allow Mi Home to discover your Roborock vacuum/mop. Once it recognizes the robot, simply create a routine by adding an “if” rule and a “then” action or use the recommended commands.

Is Roborock and Xiaomi Mi the Same Company?

Although many people think that Roborock owns Xiaomi Mi, these two brands are completely separate companies. We do understand why this confuses people since Roborock displays Xiaomi robots on their website, and you can use the Mi Home app with a Roborock vac/mop.

When Roborock started building floor-cleaning robots in 2014, it did so for Xiaomi Mi, and the first generation of Xiaomi Mi robots was labeled under the Xiaomi label. In 2017, Roborock started manufacturing robotic vacuum mops under its own name. Although Roborock still develops robotic technology for this company, Xiaomi Mi is Roborock’s investor.

How Do I Prep a Roborock Mopping Module?

Roborock’s mopping module consists of the reservoir and the mop pad, and it’s easy to prepare this module for a mopping session. To remove it from the robot, press the release button on the edge of the tank and slide out the reservoir. Then, wet the pad and pull it across the reservoir’s pad slot.

xiaomi roborock

After you press the edge of the pad onto the Velcro strips, you can fill the reservoir with water. Pull the stopper on the corner and reinsert it when the reservoir is full. Finally, slide the reservoir back onto the robot, pushing it in until you hear an audible click.

Why Isn’t My Roborock Robotic Vacuum Mop Releasing Enough Water?

No technology is perfect. If your Roborock vacuum/mop isn’t releasing enough water, troubleshooting and correcting the issue isn’t hard. This problem either occurs at the tank or the pad. This is obvious, but check the reservoir and make sure it isn’t empty. Also, make sure the reservoir is in place and not off the tracks.

If the mop pad is dirty, wash it before continuing to use it. A dirty filter should be cleaned in white vinegar or replaced. Don’t insert the pad soaking wet – Wring out the water before attaching it to the reservoir. The pad should be attached firmly; otherwise, water may not make it to the pad.

How Do You Switch Between Vacuum and Mop Mode?

Robotic vacuums that mop come in two varieties. There are those that only have one spot for the reservoir and the bin, which means you have to interchange them to switch from mop to vacuum mode and vice versa. With these robots, you usually need to select the corresponding cleaning mode on the remote or app.

roborock s6

The other kind of vacuum/mop hybrid has one spot for the dirt bin and another spot for the water tank. These are the robotic vacuum mops that Roborock makes, and they are much more convenient than the other type because you don’t have to remove the bin to mop or the reservoir to vacuum.

Will a Robotic Vac/Mop Make My Carpet Wet?

Some robotic vacuum mops are programmed to avoid carpeting when in mop mode, but this feature is rare. Most other robotic vacuum/mops require the user to put forth a little planning. With basic robots, magnetic tape will do the trick. Just lay it down to create a barrier, and the robot will avoid the carpet.

More advanced robotic vac/mops let you dictate where they can and cannot mop through a smartphone app. Some of the high-end Roborock vacuum mops let you draw no-go barriers, which is the same as virtual magnetic tape. Zone cleaning and room selection also protect your carpets, both of which are also available on the newer Roborocks.

Why Do Robotic Vacuum Mop Reservoirs Have Filters?

Tap water contains minerals such as iron and manganese, both of which discolor the water. Hard water that has a relatively high level of minerals can cause blockages that prevent the water from reaching the mop pad.

roborock s50

Filters stop this problem from occurring and save you the expense of buying distilled water. Roborock puts two filters in its reservoirs. Depending on the frequency of mopping, these filters should be replaced every 1 to 3 months. To do so, pry them out with your fingers and push in the new ones.

Do Robotic Vacuum/Mop Hybrids Need a Lot of Maintenance?

Their maintenance needs are nothing out of the ordinary. Roborock makes it quite easy to keep its robotic vacuum mops in working order. Empty out the dirt bin when it’s full. Shake off loose dirt on the filter and rinse it every other month.

You can clean the side brush and brushroll as needed with the included tool, which makes hair removal a snap. The tool may also be used to cut hair off the caster assembly. Give the sensors and charging contacts a gentle wipe down every few weeks too.

Will I Have to Hand Dry My Floors?

After mopping, you have two options – Wait forever for the floor to dry or start drying it yourself with a towel. Thankfully, robotic vacuum mops save you time and hassle. They don’t release an excessive amount of water. In fact, their design makes that impossible.


The pads that you use with them are absorbent. Therefore, most of the water is soaked up as the robot mops. If the robot has simultaneous suction, even better. Simultaneous suction is a standard Roborock feature, and it means the robot suctions as it mops, making the drying time incredibly fast.

What Types of Flooring Can Robotic Vacuum Mops Clean?

Vacuum/mop combo robots like those made by Roborock can clean carpets and hard-surface floors. Carpeting in the form of area rugs, Berber, low-pile and medium-pile are generally within the capabilities of floor-cleaning hybrids. Almost any hard-surface floor is game, including marble, tile, hardwood, vinyl and laminate.

However, there are some limitations. High-pile carpet is too plush for a robotic vacuum/mop. The wheels tend to get stuck on the carpet fibers. Even if they don’t, the brushroll and suction can’t reach deep enough. Also, unsealed hard floors will get damaged by the water released from the mopping module.

Can I Throw Out My Old Mop?

While current technology allows robotic vac/mops to be efficient at vacuuming and mopping, don’t throw out your mop. Sticky and dried messes are often too challenging for robotic vacuum mops because they aren’t able to produce the scrubbing action necessary to loosen tough dirt.

However, there are a select few robots with a vibrating pad plate, which helps. Then, there are Roborock’s newer models. They are equipped with a spring-loaded reservoir that creates additional pressure. Still, these features cannot replicate what a person can do with a traditional mop.

Why Can’t Robotic Vacuum Mops Clean Dark Floors?

Dark-floor avoidance is one problem manufacturers of robotic floor cleaners have yet to solve. Black area rugs, dark tile and ebony hardwood are modern and elegant. Unfortunately, robotic vacuum mops cannot clean these surfaces.

The issue lies within a robot’s infrared cliff sensors. These sensors are designed to detect drop-offs like ledges and stairs. However, they tend to misread dark floors and drop-offs, so instead of cleaning these floors, robotic vac/mops turn away from them and clean elsewhere.

roborock s5

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Final Thoughts

Roborock makes the mopping module just as efficient and effective as the vacuuming system. All of its robotic vacuum/mops are enabled with Wi-Fi. They are easy to use and maintain, and the robots excel at navigation. Give a Roborock a try, and you’ll find out why it’s on the threshold of joining household-recognized robotic vac/mop brands.

Recommended Robot Vacuums

Affordable Option The iRobot Roomba 694 is a basic robot vacuum. It feels well-built, offers fantastic battery performance, and can adjust its suction power and brushroll height automatically depending on the surface that it's on.

Best of the Best The Roborock S7+ can vacuum and mop, and does an excellent job at both. It's also the company's most powerful vacuum yet, with 2,500Pa of suction.

Popular Option The Shark AV911S EZ is one of the least expensive robot vacuum with self-empty base. The bagless, self-emptying base holds up to 30 days of dirt and debris.

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