Roborock S7 vs. Roomba i7

Roborock and iRobot are two of the most impactful robotic vacuum cleaner manufacturers on the planet. But with so many recent releases, how can you determine which robot deserves a spot on your floors? Today, we’re looking at the Roborock S7 and the Roomba i7 and pitting them in a head-to-head comparison to see which of these bots is the better unit.

Roborock S7

2500-Pa Vacuum Power and 3000-CPM Mopping Speed
The S7 is unlike most hybrid robots on the market in many ways. First, the S7 can vacuum and mop simultaneously, which allows it to clean entire floors in a single pass. Second, it actively scrubs away set-in stains on smooth floors, not like other mopping bots that simply wipe your floors with a damp cloth. In terms of suction power, the 2500-Pa suction from the S7 is more than enough to remove pet hair, loosen and lift dirt from low- and medium-pile carpets, and even get pesky bits of debris hiding in between floorboards.

Carpet Recognition Technology
How does the S7 solve the problem of mopping carpets? Simple: with Carpet Recognition Technology. The S7’s sensors constantly scan the surface in front of it, identifying whether it’s rolling on smooth or carpeted floors. As soon as it detects the fibrous surface of carpeting, it’ll automatically stop supplying water to the microfiber pad while also increasing suction power.

App and Voice Support
As is typical of high-tier robotic vacuum cleaners, the S7 syncs to both your smartphone via the Roborock app, as well as an Alexa or Assistant device. Using the app, you’ll have full control over the scheduler function, defining no-go and no-mop zones with virtual barriers, choose which rooms to clean and when, manually steer the robot, and receive real-time progress alerts.

Multi-Level Mapping Capabilities
The S7 can store up to four map levels in its memory, so it doesn’t have to randomly navigate its way around multi-floor homes. After the initial scan, you can simply place the S7 in any random room, and it’ll automatically detect which floor of your home it’s on. Using the app, you can go on to define specific rooms and no-clean zones.

Auto-Emptying Dock (Coming Soon)
Auto-recharge and auto-resume are typical features in high-end robots. However, Roborocks is creating a self-emptying dock, like what you’d find from some of iRobot’s products, that vacuums away the contents of the S7’s dustbin. It will supposedly hold up to 60 days of dirt, so you won’t have to think about maintenance for at least two months. Stay tuned for the self-emptying dock, which will most likely be sold separately from the S7.

Roomba i7

1800-Pa Suction Power
At face value, the i7’s 1800-Pa suction power is nothing compared to the S7. However, per customer reports, this unit can also list and remove the same types of debris as the S7, including long strands of pet and human hair. It also comes with carpet recognition that automatically kicks suction power to high gear when cleaning carpeted surfaces.

DirtDetect Technology
One of the more impressive features of the i7 is its adaptability to its surroundings. While it follows a pre-programmed cleaning route, it’ll also make quick changes on the fly. DirtDetect Technology constantly scans the robot’s immediate surroundings, identifying piles of dirt that may have accumulated mid-run, to which it’ll step off of its cleaning path and pick up the mess before resuming.

Intelligent Mapping System and Voice Support
When it comes to Roombas, you can expect the best in navigation technology. Apart from the standard selective room cleaning and virtual barriers, the i7 will automatically specific rooms based on their layouts and what obstacles it has detected. This means that you can send the i7 to clean beneath dining tables or around a living room vase. Alexa and Assistant can relay these highly specific requests to your i7.

Tag-Team Vacuuming and Mopping Partners
The i7 is not a hybrid robot, so the Roborock S7 clearly has the upper hand. However, the i7 works in conjunction with iRobot’s mop bot, the Braava Met m6. If you have both devices at home, they’ll automatically tag each other out before commencing with their programmed cleaning rituals. It’s a nice feature, but for most, this tag-team relationship is a luxury that doesn’t outweigh the cost of both robots.

Verdict: Roborock S7 vs. Roomba i7

The Roborock S7 is the clear-cut winner in terms of cleaning performance. With both vacuuming and mopping capabilities built into the robot, a single bot is all you need to keep your floors neat and tidy. The Roomba i7 is an excellent robot with cutting-edge navigation software, but it requires an entirely different robot (Braava Jet m6) to mop. Both robots would make for excellent vacuum cleaners at home, but if you prioritize function over convenience, the Roborock S7 is for you.

Roborock S7 Robot Vacuum

iRobot Roomba i7 (7150)

Roborock S7
Roborock S7
Roborock S7
Roomba i7
Roomba i7
Roomba i7

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