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Best Ecovacs Deebot Robot Vacuums in 2023

When a company goes from a small startup to a global corporation within a decade, you stand up and take notice. Ecovacs managed to just that, building a company of 5,000 with just five people. Now Ecovacs sells home service robots throughout Canada, the United States, Switzerland and 27 other countries, making it number one in Asia-Pacific and number two in Europe within the scope of robotic vacuums.

Ecovacs Deebot 500 Robotic Vacuum

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Thanks to its unwavering commitment to developing robotic technology, Ecovacs has created a wildly popular series of robot vacuums – the Deebot.

Today, we want to highlight some of the best Deebot robot vacs currently available, but first, we want to tell you about the features that come standard on many of the premium models. We’re sure you’ll be as impressed as we were when began our research on Ecovacs.

List of Available Ecovacs Deebot Robot Vacuums

Ecovacs Deebot N79S

A dual-type brushroll with V-shaped bristle rows makes the self-charging Ecovacs Deebot N79S perfect for everyday carpet and hard floor maintenance. Two spinning brushes on the sides of the N79S assist with dust and dirt collection while the 1,000-pascal suction system lifts common household debris.

Ecovacs Deebot N79S Robotic Vacuum Review

Thanks to a 2,600 mAh lithium-ion battery, the N79S can run for 110 minutes with no suction loss. As the 3.1-inch-tall maneuvers under beds and alongside kick plates, the collision sensor-infused bumper protects the N79S from damage. Three stair sensors and two deep-tread wheels also help the robot vacuum navigate.

Whether it’s dust or pet hair, it won’t escape. The high-efficiency filter cartridge, pre-filter screen and middle sponge filter keep allergens contained within the dirt box. With regular rinsing, these cost-saving filters will last up to 6 months. Albeit small at a 10-ounce capacity, the well-designed dirt box’s lid prevents debris spills.

Ecovacs programmed four different cleaning modes in the Deebot N79S. Auto mode and single-room mode prompt the robot to move in a random pattern. Edge mode guides the robot vacuum around the perimeters of each room, and spot mode suctions heavy-duty messes while the robot drives in a spiral pattern.

With the robotic vacuum, you get your choice of controls, including a remote, a smartphone app and virtual assistant pairing. The LCD remote offers access to directional driving, daily scheduling and most of the robot’s other functions; however, the app also has a robot locator and a suction-adjust control. Via Alexa or Assistant, you can tell the N79S to dock, stop or stop.

Ecovacs Deebot N79S Robotic Vacuum

ECOVACS DEEBOT N79S Robotic Vacuum Cleaner...
  • Max Mode Cleaning: Increase your cleaning power by 2x whenever you need using the app or...
  • Smart App & Voice Controls: Use Alexa or Google Home voice commands to direct cleaning....

Ecovacs Deebot N79W+

All the markings of reliability. The Deebot N79W+ produces enough suction to lift debris from low to medium-pile carpet, especially in Max suction mode, and its two side brushes keep wall edges dust-free. Thanks to a triple-layer filter, allergens it collects won’t escape into the air. Plus, this self-charging Deebot lasts for almost 2 hours on a full battery.

Ecovacs DEEBOT N79W+ Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

To protect the 3.1-inch-tall N79W+, Ecovacs added sensors that detect stairs and obstacles as well as a rubberized bumper. You can use an Alexa or a Google device to start and stop a session audibly. Manual control is available on the Ecovacs Home app or the included digital remote.

ECOVACS DEEBOT N79W+ Robotic Vacuum, Large,...
  • READY FOR ANY MESS: Equipped with two side brushes and a main brush, DEEBOT will sweep,...
  • VOICE & APP CONTROLS: Alexa & Google Assistant voice commands. ECOVACS Smart App comes w/...

Ecovacs Deebot 500

On the Ecovacs Deebot 500, the two inwardly rotating side brushes and the normal-suction mode make easy work of cleaning hardwood, tile and linoleum floors. When it’s time to vacuum the carpet, max mode doubles the robot’s suction power while the rubber sweeper/stiff bristled brushroll lifts stubborn debris.

Ecovacs Deebot 500 Robotic Vacuum Review

All the dirt suctioned by the robot vacuum is delivered into its oversized 17.6-ounce bin. The bin also holds the robot’s triple-stacked filter. You’ll know it’s time to dump the dirt because the bin is see-through instead of opaque like some other robot vacs. An on-latch button makes bin removal a breeze.

With its high-capacity rechargeable battery, the 3.1-inch-tall Deebot 500 can go for almost 2 hours without needing a 4-hour recharge.

Inexpensive robot vacuum with Wi-Fi! Although it has the typical navigation features you’d expect in a low-cost robot vacuum, like random movement and infrared anti-collision/fall sensors, Wi-Fi connectivity sets the Deebot 500 apart from other budget-friendly robots. When enabled, you can schedule cleaning sessions from your smartphone or issue voice commands through Alexa or Assistant.

ECOVACS DEEBOT 500 Robotic Vacuum

The app and remote let you choose from four cleaning modes, including the suction-doubling Max mode. A 520-milliliter bin reduces on downtime with its more-than-decent capacity, and a 110-minute battery life makes the robot average-size home capable. Unlike most other robotic vacuums in the affordable price range, the Deebot 500 has a protective scratch-resistant top made of tempered glass.

Its microprocessor tells the 500 when to self-dock to the space-saving charger, so you don’t have to do it yourself. As it drives to the dock, or around your house, a full suite of collision and ledge sensors guide the robot’s way.

Ecovacs included the essential cleaning modes everyone needs – random-pattern auto, spiral-pattern spot and perimeter-pattern edge. It also has the must-have physical features such as an anti-scratch finish and a lipped bumper. Plus, the high-grip wheels can cross thresholds as high as 0.55 inches.

You can select one of the three cleaning modes from the remote or the Ecovacs HOME smartphone app. Additionally, the remote and app let you move the robot turn by turn and set a single-time or daily schedule. Exclusive to the app is a visual cleaning status updater and manual suction change. You can even issue voice commands to the Deebot 500 through Assistant or Alexa.

Ecovacs Deebot 500

Ecovacs DEEBOT 500 Robot Vacuum Cleaner with...
  • READY FOR ANY MESS: Equipped with 2 side brushes and a main brush, DEEBOT will sweep,...
  • VOICE & APP CONTROLS: Works with Alexa & Google Assistant voice commands. ECOVACS Smart...

Ecovacs Deebot 601

Ecovacs lets you choose what’s most important – coverage area or cleaning time. On optimized mode, the Ecovacs Deebot 601 moves in a logical pattern to cover a lot of square feet. On random mode, it drives in a bounce-like pattern to make the vacuuming time faster. For detailed cleaning, edge and spot modes are available.

Ecovacs Deebot 601 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Review

The remote has controls for optimized/random mode, dock and spot mode as well as arrow buttons for manual driving. With the app, you get access to edge mode, the robot locator, a daily scheduler, session tracking and battery monitoring. For hands-free control, you can begin a cleaning session and dock the 601 with an Amazon or a Google device, and auto mode is available on the localized control panel.

While similar to many robot vacuum setups, the Ecovacs Deebot 601‘s dust box and filtration media are efficient. The butterfly-style box slides out smoothly when you push the release latch. With three layers that collectively make up the filtration system, dust remains trapped until you rinse them.

On normal suction, the robot vacuum does an excellent job cleaning hard floors. On max mode, the robot can handle low to medium-pile carpet. Each mode is quiet too, ranging from 64 to 70 decibels. A tapered brushroll and a pair of side dusters lift and sweep debris in unison.

Rounding out the features of this lustrous black robotic vacuum are a protective bumper, slim 3.3-inch height and a long-lasting battery. The battery keeps the robot cleaning for 120 minutes on normal suction and 70 minutes on max suction. It has a respectable charge time of 4 hours, and the Deebot 601 docks automatically when the battery is low.

Ecovacs Deebot 601 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

ECOVACS DEEBOT 601 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner...
  • Dust bin capacity 520 milliliter
  • Working voltage of robot (volt): 14.4

Ecovacs Deebot 661

The incredible Deebot 661 can convert to a vacuum cleaner or mop cleaner. Its interchangeable dustbin and water tank functions help you keep on top of two jobs in one, and, with its optimized navigation system, it’ll complete its jobs perfectly.

A longer battery life of 110 minutes, plus auto-return and charging means that the 661 is always ready to go. Multiple power modes make cleaning easier too, especially with its MAX mode to tackle those stubborn messes.

With a large, east to empty dustbin, durable protective bumpers, and anti-drop and anti-collision sensors, you’ll find that the Deebot 661 is one of the most efficient and intelligent robot vacuums on the market right now.

Ecovacs Deebot 661

ECOVACS DEEBOT 661 Cordless Robot Vacuum,...
  • Convertible vacuuming & mopping: DEEBOT 661 has an interchangeable dustbin for vacuuming...
  • Optimized navigation: DEEBOT 661 systematically navigates on hard floors for the perfect...

Ecovacs Deebot 711

Efficient floor coverage with voice control. The Deebot 711 features Ecovacs’ Smart Navi 2.0 optical sensor, which maps as it vacuums. Using this technology, the robot vacuum avoids repetitive cleaning without missing sections of the carpet. To steer clear of obstacles, the robot relies on the built-in object sensors in the shock-absorbing bumper.

Ecovacs Deebot 711 Robot Vacuum Review

While Ecovacs does provide a remote that has directional, spot mode, edge mode and docking functions, the smartphone app provides extras. Via the app, you can create an automatic cleaning scheduling and view a mapped cleaning report. You also have the option of integrating the Ecovacs Deebot 711 into your smart home by pairing it with an Assistant or an Alexa device.

Inside the robotic vacuum, there’s a transparent dirt box with a 10-ounce capacity. The box slides out of the 711 with ease. When you open the box, you’ll see three types of filtration media, including a cartridge, a screen and a sponge. All three filters are rinsable, which reduces the cost of replacements over time.

Whenever you need a boost of suction power, you can get it with the touch of a button. The Ecovacs app offers a normal and a max suction mode, which hovers around 60 to 65 decibels. A V-shaped brushroll lifts ground-in dirt from carpets, and two propeller-style side brushes dust wall edges and gather debris.

If it’s running at normal suction strength, the 3.2-inch-tall Deebot 711 can vacuum for 110 minutes. When the high-capacity lithium-ion battery is in need of a recharge, the robot vacuum docks and charges immediately. Once the charging session is complete, the 711 resumes cleaning unless you choose to override this default setting.

Ecovacs Deebot 711 Robot Vacuum

Ecovacs Deebot 711 Robot Vacuum Cleaner with...
  • Smart Navi 2.0: Maps your home while cleaning and creates the perfect systematics cleaning...
  • Voice & app controls: Alexa & Google Assistant voice commands; Ecovacs Smart App comes...

Ecovacs Deebot 711S

The Deebot 711S maps your home effortlessly, creating the perfect cleaning path and never cleaning the same area twice, for the ultimate efficient use of its 130 minutes of runtime. Too much to clean and too little battery? No problem. Deebot 711S has auto-return to recharge.

With standard and max modes of power alongside redesigned side brushes, the 711S will clean your home to perfection, even on those stubborn messes. Plus, the Ecovacs app and voice control ability means the 711S leaves you in control wherever you are. Control directly, schedule cleans, get status updates, the sky’s the limit.

Ecovacs Deebot 711S

ECOVACS DEEBOT 711S Robot Vacuum Cleaner with...
  • Smart Navi 2.0: Maps your home while cleaning and creates the perfect systematics cleaning...
  • Voice & app controls: Alexa & Google Assistant voice commands; ECOVACS Smart App comes...

Ecovacs Deebot 900

Decide what and where you need cleaning. The Deebot 900’s Smart Navi system scans and maps your home so it can pinpoint dirt spots later. With its methodical back and forth movements too, you’ll spare the 100-minute battery power and get a more thorough clean.

With its smartphone app and voice activation controls, you can command the Deebot 900 to clean. Customize schedules, track sessions and monitor cleaning status to see exactly what’s what, even when you’re out. Protective sensors and bumpers guide this robot vacuum while it cleans too, to keep furniture and walls scratch free.

Ecovacs Deebot 900

Ecovacs Deebot 900 Smart Robotic Vacuum for...
  • Smart Navi 3.0: Scans and maps your home so you can decide when, where and what you want...
  • Systematic cleaning path: Methodical, back and forth movement saves time and battery...

Ecovacs Deebot 901

The rather advanced Ecovacs Deebot 901 uses a Smart Navi 3.0 laser-distance sensor to scan and map all the rooms in your home. On auto mode, the robot moves in a back-and-forth pattern to reduce double coverage and missed areas. Four drop sensors stop the robot vacuum from falling down the stairs, and the obstacle sensors in the bumper rail prevent collisions.

Ecovacs Deebot 901 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Review

Every tech lover will appreciate the customizable map on the Ecovacs app. This app lets you draw boundaries and select specific cleaning areas. You can set a schedule by time and frequency, receive voice reports, choose a cleaning mode and view a runtime counter. Virtual assistant pairing allows for the use of the dock, start and stop commands.

The Ecovacs Deebot 901‘s aesthetics are also appreciable. Its black matte top with low-gloss bumper and ribbon accent make for a sophisticated display. The 3.3-inch-tall Deebot has treaded wheels that allow it to move with stability, and the 3,000 mAh nickel-metal hydride battery provides a 100-minute working time. After it auto-docks and recharges, the 901 resumes cleaning on its own.

In terms of dirt capacity, the robot vacuum can hold 12 ounces, which is a decent amount. The bin loads from the top for easy emptying of debris. When you open its side-swinging door, you’ll see the reusable three-piece filter set.

Ecovacs configured the Deebot 901’s brushroll system in a unique way. The twisted, dual-style brushroll is designed with carpets in mind. However, you can remove it without the aid of a screwdriver and run the robot sans brushroll on hard floors. There are also two edge brushes to enhance the robot’s sweeping abilities.

Ecovacs Deebot 901 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Ecovacs Deebot 901 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner...
  • Easy to navigate - This technology enables the DEEBOT to skillfully navigate and map your...
  • Easy to use - You can start, stop, or charge your DEEBOT with Amazon Alexa, Google...

Ecovacs Deebot OZMO 930

A robot that vacuums and mops to your specifications. The Ecovacs Deebot OZMO 930 features a grooved V-shaped brushroll for lifting pet hair and dirt from carpeting and a pair of side sweepers that draw in dirt. For hard floor vacuuming when only suction is needed, you can detach the brushroll.

Ecovacs Deebot OZMO 930 Smart Robotic Vacuum Review

Top-loading for streamlined access, the huge dirt box holds 16 ounces of debris. It also contains a three-part filter that efficiently captures allergy-inducing particles. If you take the OZMO 930 upstairs (anti-drop sensors makes this second-story use safe), a hinged carrying helps you tote the 7.7-pound robot.

With Ecovacs’ OZMO mopping system, an electronically operated pump and flow sensors drip a steady, reliable stream of water onto the washable mop pad. The magnet-attached pad works with the sensor-based plate to detect the pad’s presence. When the pad is attached, the suction reduces by 50 percent, and the robot avoids carpeted areas.

Smart Navi 3.0 allows the Ecovacs Deebot OZMO 930 to scan your house and create a map as it runs in an S-shaped pattern. The map is visible on the Ecovacs HOME app, and you can customize the borders and select areas for the 930 to clean. Auto, spot and scheduling functions are also available on the app. If you own an Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant device, you can give the robot voice commands.

With its 3,200 mAh lithium-ion battery, the Deebot OZMO 930 boasts a working time of 110 minutes and a recharge time of 3 to 4 hours. When the battery level drops too low, the robot vac drives to the dock and continues cleaning as soon as the battery is replenished.

Ecovacs Deebot OZMO 930 Smart Robotic Vacuum

Ecovacs Deebot OZMO 930, Smart Robotic...
  • Best value robotic vacuum: Reviewed - "For the number of smart features you get with the...
  • Dust bin capacity - 470 milliliter. Smart Navi, laser-based navigation scans and maps...

Ecovacs Deebot OZMO T5

The Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo T5 is a powerful and elaborate robot vacuum. You can use this robot vacuum to clean hard and soft floors with tremendous ease. But, along with that, you can also use this robot vacuum to mop your floors, due to the built-in robot mopping system.

Ecovacs Deebot OZMO T5

Making use of the built-in robot mopping system allows this robot vacuum to vacuum and mop your floors at the exact same time. That way, you can thoroughly clean your floors, in a manner that is completely hands-free. The entire process is easy, convenient, and effective.

ECOVACS Deebot OZMO T5 2in1 Robot Vacuum and...
  • Vacuum and Mop in One Go: Deebot T5 Powerful suction with 430ml dustbin and 240ml...
  • Smart laser navigation & multi-floor mapping: Precise laser navigation enables Deebot...

Ecovacs Deebot T8

The Ecovacs Deebot T8 is a robot vacuum and robot mop. You can make use of both features to thoroughly clean every square inch of your home. By doing so, you are able to remove just about every bit of dirt, gunk, grime, dust, and debris that is on the floors within your home.

Ecovacs Deebot T8

To make the entire vacuuming process easier, you have access to a very powerful mapping system. By making use of this mapping system, you can choose the exact spaces within your home that you would like to be cleaned. You can also choose how you want them to be cleaned and when you want them cleaned. That way, the vacuuming process fulfills your exact needs.

Ecovacs Deebot T8 Robot Vacuum and Mop...
  • Simultaneous vacuuming and mopping: Integrated suction, sweeping and mopping in one go....
  • Precision laser mapping and navigation: With advanced TrueMapping technology, T8 maps your...

Ecovacs Deebot OZMO T8 AIVI

The Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo T8 AIVI is elaborate, efficient, and effective. By making use of this robot vacuum, you have access to excellent suction power, fantastic brushing, and a tremendous amount of convenience. Every single one of these qualities makes removing dirt, dust, and debris from off of your floors a very easy task.

Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo T8 AIVI

Right along the surface of this robot vacuum, there is an HD camera. You can access this HD camera at any time, and by doing so, you are able to see where the robot vacuum is and what’s around it. But, along with that, you can also speak into your smartphone, and the sound will come out of the robot vacuum, allowing you to have conversations.

ECOVACS Deebot T8 AIVI Robot Vacuum Cleaner...
  • Simultaneous vacuuming and mopping: Integrated suction, sweeping and mopping in one go....
  • Intelligent AI Object Recognition: AIVI Technology identifies, recognizes, and...

Ecovacs Deebot OZMO U2 Pro

The OZMO U2 Pro features a limited number of frills as opposed to other models in the OZMO series. However, what it does have is a massive 3200-mAh battery that provides up to 150 minutes of nonstop cleaning per charge, or the ability to vacuum and mop over 600 square feet of bare floors per charge.

Ecovacs Deebot OZMO U2 Pro
Ecovacs Deebot OZMO U2 Pro

Unfortunately, the app doesn’t allow you to create virtual boundaries; for that, you’ll have to rely on old-fashioned magnetic strips that send the robot running in the opposite direction. The U2 Pro doesn’t feature high-tech navigation software, either, but its systematic back-and-forth movement allows for maximum coverage and cleaning efficiency for the entire vacuuming and mopping cycle.

ECOVACS DEEBOT OZMO U2 Pro Robot Vacuum...
  • Extra Pet Care Accessories: Ecovacs Deebot U2 Pro comes with an extra pet care kit –...
  • Boundary Strips for No-GO Zones: Deebot U2 Pro is compatible with boundary strips, so you...

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Ecovacs Deebot N7

The Deebot N7 is just one model form the OZMO series that can both vacuum and mop your floors but at the same time! it features a hefty motor that delivers up to 2300 Pa of suction power while cleaning for as long as 110 minutes per charge. Thanks to LiDar smart sensors, the N7 has no difficulty navigating your floors after mapping the layout and identifying the location of obstacles.

Ecovacs Deebot N7 Robot Vacuum

Thanks to the cutting-edge navigation software, you can command the N7 to perform vacuuming and/or mopping functions in specific rooms. It also offers Alexa and Assistant support to receive voice commands through your smart speakers. With an infinite number of virtual boundaries, you can stop the robot from entering certain spaces and mopping carpeted floors.

ECOVACS Deebot OZMO N7 Robot Vacuum and Mop...
  • POWERFUL 2300Pa SUCTION allows you to clean hard-to-reach dust and dirt embedded in floor...
  • VACUUMING AND OZMO MOPPING IN ONE-GO. It automatically avoids carpets when mopping hard...

Ecovacs Deebot N8 Pro

The N8 Pro comes with several major upgrades—the first of which is a beefy motor that produces as much as 2600 Pa of suction power on Max mode. It retains the same 110-minute runtime as older models, but with an even more advanced navigation system, it can find its way back onto its charging station with minimal issues.

Ecovacs Deebot N8 Pro+
Ecovacs Deebot N8 Pro+

TrueDetect Technology allows the N8 Pro to not only identify the location of obstacles but also know what they are. This affords the robot the ability to climb over cables and wires, as well as push pairs of slippers aside. The N8 Pro is also compatible with Ecovac’s self-emptying station, but you’ll have to pick it up separately.

ECOVACS Deebot N8 Pro Robot Vacuum and Mop,...
  • CLEAN MORE EFFECTIVELY WITH SUPERIOR 2600Pa SUCTION that draws out dirt and dust from...
  • VACUUMING AND OZMO MOPPING IN ONE-GO. Plus, automatically avoids carpets when mopping hard...

Ecovacs Deebot N8 Pro+

For all intents and purposes, the N8 Pro+ is identical to the N8 Pro in every way possible. It sports the same high-powered motor, features the same number of cleaning modes, and offers OZMO vacuum and mopping capabilities in one go. The only difference between the two is that the N8 Pro+ comes standard with Ecovacs’ auto-emptying station.

Ecovacs Deebot N8 Pro+
Ecovacs Deebot N8 Pro+

The auto-emptying station is a game-changer for most homeowners. It automatically vacuums the debris from the N8 Pro+’s dustbin, allowing the robot to continue vacuuming for up to 30 days without human intervention. The self-sufficiency of the N8 Pro+ makes it an absolute must-have for busy homeowners everywhere.

ECOVACS Deebot N8 Pro+ Robot Vacuum and Mop...
  • More than 500,000+ users' choices, you can always believe Ecovacs Deebot N8 Pro+; Featured...

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Ecovacs Robot Vacuum Buying Guide

If you look at Ecovacs’ robot vacuum models from oldest to newest, you can see the areas where the company focused on technological improvements. Out of all the upgrades, Ecovacs made the most gains with the way it designed its robo vacs to navigate. In this buying guide, we take you through the progression of the Deebots’ features.

DEEBOT Vacuum Cleaning Robot

Battery Life

The length of time a robotic vacuum can hold a charge determines the size of home for which it’s best suited. Initially, Ecovacs used a 2,600-milliampere battery. This capacity gives the robot vacuum cleaners a runtime of 100 to 120 minutes, which makes any of them great for the average-size home.

However, the Ozmo 950 can run for 200 minutes. If you’re looking for a robot vacuum that can handle a large home, the Ozmo 950 is it. Every robotic vacuum automatically docks to recharge, and the Ozmo 920, 930 and 950 continue cleaning when they’re done recharging, which appeals to people who are always on-the-go.

Despite the switch to a battery with a larger capacity, there is one aspect of the battery that has not changed. Ecovacs put a lithium-ion battery in every robotic vacuum and vacuum/mop it makes, which means the suction stays strong to the last percent of charge.

Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Brush Configuration

All of Ecovacs’ robotic vacuums are equipped with a single brushroll and two propeller-style side brushes -This is the standard robot vacuum brush setup. Once the Deebot 711S came out, the typical bristled brushroll was replaced with a one that has alternating rows of bristles and rubber blades, making these robots better able to clean hard floors.

One other upgrade found in the newer Ecovacs robots is an interchangeable suction inlet. When necessary, you can switch out the brushroll inlet with a suction-only version. For better surface contact, the Ozmo 920, 930, and 950’s brushroll floats, rising and falling according to the height of the floor.

Suction and Filtration

In each robo vacuum made by Ecovacs, there is a three-layer filter. Consisting of a high-efficiency micro-particle filter, a protective sponge layer and a pre-filter, this unit as a whole does an excellent job at trapping allergens. While none are HEPA media, which is what those who have severe allergies need, it’s sufficient for those who have mild sensitivities.

Suction is one area where these robots really excel. Almost every robotic vacuum produces two suction speeds with the exception of the Deebot Ozmo 950 – It has a three-speed motor. With the higher speed of suction, known as Max Mode, you can count on these robots to clean medium-pile carpet.

Even on the highest speed of suction, none of the robo vacs exceed 70 decibels of sound. The Ozmo 920, 930 and 950 are also kitted with finer-tuned fluid dynamics; therefore, they have a stronger pull than their predecessors.

ECOVACS DEEBOT Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner


Yes. Some of Ecovacs’ robotic vacuums also wet mop, such as the Deebot 661 and all of the Ozmo models. Most of the robot vacuum/mops allow you to choose from three levels of water distribution, so the robot doesn’t waste water for quick mopping jobs and has enough to clean sticky messes.

If your floors are prone to streaking or you want to immediately walk on your freshly cleaned floors, consider getting an Ecovacs robot with simultaneous suction such as the Ozmo 920 and 930. With simultaneous suction, these robots suction as they mop the floor for instant drying.

Dirt and Water Capacity

The Deebot 500, N79W+, 711S and some others are equipped with a bin that holds 520 milliliters of debris, which is rather large for a robotic vacuum cleaner. From the 500 to the 900, the bin is situated on the side of the robot, which is the most common place for manufacturers to put a bin.

Ecovacs’ earliest robotic vacuum/mop also has a side dirt bin, which you must manually interchange with the water reservoir. However, the rest of the Ozmo mopping robots are different. Their bin sits at the top of the robot while the reservoir rests in the side, making for faster mode transitions.

The Ozmos do have a smaller dirt capacity. Although that seems like a step backward, robotic floor cleaners have a limited amount of space for dirt and water containment, which made decreasing the bin size necessary. In some Ozmos like the 920 and 950, the combined dirt and water capacity exceeds the vacuum-only models’ bin size.

Ecovacs Deebot Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

Navigation and Cleaning Modes

Ecovacs has kept up with the latest robotic vacuum navigation advancements. For people on a tight budget, you can get reliable but basic navigation technology in the form of infrared sensors that detect ledges and objects. The Deebot 500, N79S and N79W offer this type of navigation.

Robot vacuums that use infrared-only navigation move in a random pattern. However, the Deebot 600 and 601 also have a hard-floor mode, which moves the robots in a back-and-forth motion. This movement mimics the motion of a sweeping broom.

Ecovacs added Smart Navi 2.0 navigation to the Deebot 700s, which boasts optical sensing along with a methodical cleaning pattern. For the Deebot Ozmos, the navigation was upgraded to the 3.0 version that replaced the optical sensor with a laser-distance sensor. If you’re looking for precise navigation, Deebot robots with 2.0 or 3.0 Smart Navi offer what you want.

Wi-Fi Controls

One feature that is available on even the least expensive Ecovacs robot vacuum is Wi-Fi connectivity. This means you can change cleaning modes or set a schedule via the Ecovacs Home app, and you can start, stop, pause and dock by giving audible commands to Alexa or Assistant.

Depending on the type of navigational technology the robot has, you can view one or more maps. The 711 and 711S display one map in the app while the Ozmo 920, 930 and 950 can show up to three maps (perfect for multi-story homes). The 900 Ozmos also let you create virtual boundaries and cleaning zones on the maps.

As an added convenience, voice reporting is available on select models such as the Ozmo 900s, the Deebot 500 and the Deebot 711 and 711S. When enabled, these robots vocalize cleaning and charging status updates, saving you the trouble of checking your phone or tracking down your robot.

Ecovacs Deebot

Ecovacs has earned its reputation for making high-quality robotic vacuum for the home. If you want the best in terms of automated vacuuming technology, you need to know the features that make one robot vacuum cleaner superior to another. This buyer’s guide can help you sort out the ho-hum robot vacuums from the ones that wow you.

Best robot vacuums

Lifting Power

High-pascal suction ensures that light and heavy particles are picked up by the robot vacuum. For deep vacuuming, you need a robotic vacuum that has a brushroll, and two edge-cleaning brushes mean that your baseboards will never be dusty.

Regardless of the level of robot’s lifting power, the sounds it makes shouldn’t be ear-splitting. Ideally, the vacuum’s decibel output should be in the 60s or lower.

Sensor Configuration

Anti-drop and anti-collision sensors are found in virtually every robot vacuum. However, low-end models often have sensors that don’t perform as expected due to poor placement or an inadequate number of them.

On the other hand, high-quality robot vacuums will have multiple sensors, and these sensors should all be fine-tuned in terms of sensitivity, so the robot doesn’t fall down the stairs, damage your furniture or get broken.

Best Ecovacs robot vacuums

Control Options

When it comes to controls, you want a robo vacuum that offers an option that meshes with your lifestyle. Therefore, if you’re always on your iPhone, get a robot vacuum that you can control with a smartphone app. If you just bought an Amazon Echo, put it to work with a virtual assistant-enabled robotic vacuum.

Don’t worry. There is an option for you if you’re anti-smartphone – You can still buy a well-built robot vacuum that comes with a remote.

Cleaning Styles

A robotic vacuum that cleans in a variety of ways will give you the cleanest floors possible. That’s why you need one with more than just auto clean, which comes standard on every robotvac on the market. If you have children or pets, spot mode is a lifesaver.

If you are meticulous about keeping every nook and cranny of your home dirt-free, you’ll quickly come to appreciate edge mode. Some robot vacuums have additional modes that can clean a single room in record time or kick up the suction to vacuum extra-dirty areas.

Ecovacs Deebot Robot Vacuums

Battery Type

Unless a new and more efficient rechargeable battery is invented, lithium-ion batteries will always be the star of the show. Hands down, lithium-ion provides the longest run times, the shortest charge times and the steadiest suction delivery in the scope of robotic vacuums. However, if you want to save a few bucks and still get quality performance, a nickel-metal hydride battery is a great substitute.

Filter Media

Free-floating dust and dander make the air around you unhealthy, and they can trigger a sore throat, itchy eyes and other symptoms in those who suffer from allergies. You should opt for a robot vacuum that has multiple filter media, one of which must absolutely be a high-efficiency filter.

The filter should also last more than a month, and the dirt bin should have a spill-proof design.

Multi-Faceted Cleaning Systems

To give all your hard floors and carpets a thorough sweeping and vacuuming, the Deebot line of robot vacuums is equipped with multiple cleaning stages. You can find a helix-pattern nylon brushroll and a pair of side brushes on them, all of which do a lot of the heavy-duty work.

Some even offer two suction speeds while others are capable of wet mopping.

Best Deebot Robot Vacuums

Lithium-Ion Battery

That’s right. With an Ecovacs Deebot, you only get the best rechargeable battery that money can buy – a lithium-ion battery. Thanks to Ecovacs’ inclusion of lithium-ion batteries, its robot vacuum cleaners offer an outstanding run time that ranges from 100 minutes to 150 minutes. Plus, the robots can auto-dock when they need to recharge, which only takes 3-5 hours.

Four Cleaning Modes

Many Deebots can operate in four different modes, so you can customize the way they clean. The auto mode determines the path the robotvac takes on and off a programmed schedule while spot mode vacuums a small portion of the floor.

Edge mode is designed to drive around a room’s perimeter to make baseboards and corners spick and span, and you can even manually drive them. In addition, some have a single-room mode, and others have an intense suction mode.

Best ECOVACS Robotic Vacuums

Smart Motion Navigation

Ecovacs made sure to load the Deebots down with accident-preventing features. All of them contain infrared sensors that stop these robot vacuums from falling down the stairs or making contact with pieces of furniture. With their flexible bumpers, Deebots won’t become scuffed or scratched.

High-Efficiency Filter

Dust emissions are a big problem with low-end vacuum cleaners, but the Deebot robot vacuum cleaners are an exception. They have a high-efficiency air filter that traps almost all of the allergens it vacuums, such as dust, dander, and pollen.

These robot vacuums also boast a large dirt bin with a capacity that ranges from 300 to 500 milliliters.

Best Ecovacs Deebot Robot Vacuums

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Distance Control

Nothing boosts a robotic vacuum’s convenience factor more than a way to control it without touching it. Whether you want to use your smartphone while you’re away from home or give voice commands via Amazon Alexa, there is a Deebot robot vacuum that lets you do one or both.

If simplicity is what you’re after, some Deebots even come with a remote control.

Best robotic vacuum


Does Ecovacs Make Any Other Type of Robot?

Robotic floor cleaners are what Ecovacs is known for, and they have plenty that either vacuum or vacuum and mop. However, vacuums and vacuum/mops aren’t the only robots they make.

At any given time, Ecovacs has at least one window-cleaning robot available. Currently, the latest model is called the Winbot X. This particular model uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery just like all of Ecovacs’ robot vacuums, and it moves in a logical pattern similar to the brand’s robot vacuum/mops that have Smart Navi 2.0 and 3.0 technology.

Why Are Some of Ecovacs’ Deebots Bulkier Than Others?

They’re round; they’re small, so why are some Deebots thicker than others? Two factors that determine their height are the main navigational sensor and whether they mop. Deebots with only infrared sensors are the slimmest at 3.1 inches – They are ideal for those who want their robot to vacuum underneath furniture.

Deebots that are equipped with an optical sensor are only an inch taller than the infrared-reliant models. However, those that mop and have a laser-distance sensor and a mopping pad measure about 3.7 tall. While the pad plate adds height, much of the difference is due to the laser sensor, which must be raised to fully scan a room.

Can I Get a Remote With My Deebot Robot Vacuum?

Many of Ecovacs’ robotic vacuums come with an infrared remote control. The only exceptions are the Deebot 900 and the Ozmo 920, 930 and 950. These models offer so many features through the smartphone app that a remote is not necessary.

Deebot Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

The N79 models do come with a remote, and it’s loaded with all available functions, including suction adjustment and cleaning-mode change. The remote even has a display screen so that you can set an automated cleaning schedule.

Other Deebots such as the 500, 711S and Ozmo 610 also come with a remote, but that remote isn’t as robust. It’s small, simple and doesn’t have a display screen. With this remote, you can start a cleaning session, dock the robot, change the suction strength and edge clean a room.

Has Ecovacs Been Around for a While?

Ecovacs was founded 8 to 10 years after the big-name robot vacuum brands, and it introduced its first Deebot 4 years after its more formidable competitors. However, Ecovacs caught up quickly and has managed to keep pace by releasing 20-plus robots every year.

Today, Deebot and Deebot Ozmos are available worldwide in over 50 countries. To put itself on the same playing level as other large corporations, Ecovacs participates in social responsibility endeavors with a heavy focus on STEM education.

What Do Edge and Spot Mode Do?

Edge mode and spot mode are must-haves unless you get a robot that draws an interactive map in a smartphone app. Both modes are available on Ecovacs’ robot vacuums. Edge mode tells a robot vacuum to clean along the perimeter of a room. When doing so, a side brush will dust the wall edges and the corners.

Spot mode cleans small messes when activated. To use this mode, you must direct the robot to the area that requires attention by manually driving it with an arrow pad on the remote or in the app. Once you get the robo vac where it needs to go, it will vacuum in a spiral pattern for a few minutes.

What Is OTA, and Is It Important?

OTA stands for over-the-air, and it refers to the way a robotic vacuum receives updates to its operating system. Some manufacturers design their robot vacuums to automatically update while others let you decide when to do it.

Deebot Robot Vacuum Reviews

When an Ecovacs puts out an update for its robots that offer OTA installation, such as the 711s and Ozmo 900s, you get to choose when to update the robot, which happens through its Wi-Fi connection. Once you give the green light, it takes 10 to 20 minutes for the robot vacuum to receive and install the update.

What Are the Different Advantages of Optical and Laser-Distance Sensors?

An optical sensor, which is included in Ecovacs’ Smart Navi 2.0 package, determines its position and route and makes a map via a camera. On the other hand, a laser-distance sensor like the one in Ecovacs’ 3.0 package releases a laser light while rotating at a high speed.

While both an optical and a laser-distance sensor achieve the same main objectives, robotic vacuums with an optical sensor have trouble navigating in the dark. However, laser-distance sensors get tripped up from the reflection caused by mirrors and windows.

By far, optical and laser-distance sensors are more advanced than infrared sensors. That isn’t to discount the value of infrared sensors. They are still a necessity for any robotic vacuum since infrared sensors compensate in areas where optical and laser-distance sensors fall short.

Do Robot Vac/Mops Do a Good Job at Mopping?

In general, you can count on a robotic vacuum/mop to do a decent job at wet mopping your floors. However, if the floors are unusually grimy, plan on breaking out a traditional mop and using the robot for a post-mopping once over. Robo vac/mops can’t apply enough pressure to lift stuck-on messes.

When shopping for a robotic vacuum that also mops, it’s important to look at the mop-centric features. Ecovacs’ Ozmos and a few Deebots are able to wet mop floors. These robots offer worthwhile functions that will net you the best results, such a water-level adjustment and simultaneous suction.

Why Can’t Robot Vacuums With Only Infrared Sensors Map?

In a robotic vacuum, infrared sensors work in a reactive manner, telling the robot to move left or right when confronted with an obstacle and in reverse when it comes near a ledge. That’s as far as infrared-light sensor technology goes.

Buying a Ecovacs Deebot

However, an optical sensor uses a camera, so it can map a room by taking pictures of its environment while a laser sensor measures the distance between the robot and surrounding objects to map. Still, the end result is basically the same.

Do Robot Vacuums Easily Move From Hard Floors to Carpets?

Most robotic vacuums have no issues going from hard floors to carpets and back. The wheels are the main determining factor. Wide-width wheels with tread are the most efficient at making floor transitions and crossing over doorway thresholds.

All of Ecovacs’ robotic vacuums have a pair of wheels with girth and tread. Depending on the specific model, Ecovacs-brand robot vacuum cleaners can climb heights of approximately 0.5 to 0.7 inches.

Do Robot Vacuums Remember the Layout of Your House?

Some robotic vacuums can remember the map for future use while others can’t. Ecovacs’ map-capable robots can remember a map with a few caveats. You can’t interfere with its first cleaning session by docking or moving the robot. If you relocate the charging dock, the robot will need to remap your house.

When Should I Remove the Brushroll on My Robot Vacuum?

A brushroll is an expected feature for any robotic vacuum, but some give you the option of removing it. Vacuuming delicate floors you don’t want the bristles to scratch is one reason to remove the brushroll. The other reason is to prevent hair accumulation on the brushroll when the robot needs to vacuum a lot of pet hair.

Some of Ecovacs’ robotic vacuums can run with no brushroll in it. Instead of removing the brush, you switch it out with an interchangeable suction-only inlet. The benefit of this type of inlet as opposed to just removing the brushroll is that the inlet’s frame is more robust to make up for the lack of a rotating brush.

Deebots worth the money

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Ecovacs Robot Vacuums: Final Thoughts

Ecovacs rolls out one robot vacuum after another, bringing a new and useful feature to the table each time. The desire to outdo itself coupled with making Deebot robots at every price point have undoubtedly contributed to Ecovacs’ global presence. From affordable to premium, here are this year’s must-have Ecovacs robot vacuums.

Ecovacs caters to consumers of all budgets without leaving them feeling as if they are making steep compromises for the sake of affordability. Every robotic vacuum Ecovacs produces offers Wi-Fi connectivity and suction adjustment. The company also makes robot vacuum/mops that are efficient and intelligent, using advanced sensor technology. Ecovacs – budget-friendly and comprehensive.

Recommended Robot Vacuums

Affordable Option The iRobot Roomba 694 is a basic robot vacuum. It feels well-built, offers fantastic battery performance, and can adjust its suction power and brushroll height automatically depending on the surface that it's on.

Best of the Best The Roborock S7+ can vacuum and mop, and does an excellent job at both. It's also the company's most powerful vacuum yet, with 2,500Pa of suction.

Popular Option The Shark AV911S EZ is one of the least expensive robot vacuum with self-empty base. The bagless, self-emptying base holds up to 30 days of dirt and debris.

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