Ecovacs has made quite a name for itself in the world of robotic technology. Founded in 1998, Ecovacs expanded its product offerings in 2006 to include robotic vacuum cleaners designed especially for residential consumers, releasing its first model in 2007.

Ecovacs Deebot N79S

Today, Ecovacs boasts a position among the top three home-use robotic brands in the world with corporate offices in Germany, Japan, and North America. Currently, Ecovacs’ robot vacuums can be found in over 30 countries throughout six continents.

To sum it all up, the Ecovacs Deebot N79S provides a simple and effective vacuuming experience. Vacuuming on hard floors is easy for this robot vacuum, and so is vacuuming on soft surfaces. Making use of this vacuum’s different modes and features is easy, due to full smartphone support, as well as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant support. If there’s one problem, it’s that the battery-life is only 110-minutes, which sometimes isn’t long enough for a thorough vacuuming. But, if you can look past that, then the Deebot N79S is a great investment.

Pros: Simple and easy-to-use, vacuums hard and soft floors, excellent smart functionality

Cons: Battery-life isn’t as long as it could be

The Ecovacs Deebot N79S Robot Vacuum

Ecovacs left no feature out when the company created the Deebot N79S. This robot vacuum boasts strong suction and a durable brush system, enabling it to vacuum and sweep all types of flooring. The vacuum is also able to clear low-sitting furniture and climb high thresholds thanks to its short height and sturdy wheels.

It’s also a whiz at avoiding stairs and objects, and the robot vac even has a bumper to protect it from unforeseen collisions. From a standard remote to voice commands, Ecovacs offers several options in terms of controlling the vacuum, so you can use the robot vacuum in the way that’s the most convenient for your lifestyle.

You also get the benefit of multiple cleaning modes and programmed scheduling. Plus, the sizable, easy-to-open bin holds three filters to prevent dust emissions. You’ll be pleased with the efficiency of the battery, which provides a long working time and a short recharge time.

The Ecovacs Deebot N79S is the newer model of the Ecovacs Deebot N79 robot vacuum, one of the most sold robot vacuums today.

Ecovacs Deebot N79S Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Strong Suction

The Deebot N79S relies on a three-part system to clean the floors in your house, one of which includes powerful suction. While its normal level of suction is strong enough to lift hard and stubborn debris, the N79S also has a max-mode feature. In the max mode, the robotvac produces 1,000 pascals of suction.

Although max mode is 50 percent greater in terms of strength than the vacuum cleaner’s regular suction power, the robotic vac itself is never overbearingly loud. Generating about 67 to 70 decibels at the most, you can have a conversation or enjoy your favorite television show without having to shout or turn up the volume.

Ecovacs Deebot N79S Robotic Vacuum

Excellent Brush System

It doesn’t matter what kind of floors you have in your house. This Ecovacs robot vacuum can thoroughly clean hard floors like tile, wood, and linoleum. Unlike lower-tier robotic vacuum cleaners, the N79S is even able to vacuum your carpet.

At the heart of the vacuum’s brush system, there is a deep-cleaning brush roll. This rolling brush’s bristles are fashioned in a V-shape pattern, letting it lift dirt and debris lodged in between carpet fibers.

The robotvac is also equipped with a pair of side-extending brushes that not only assist the brushroll in collecting debris but also do a bang-up job at getting the dust off baseboards. To save you a few bucks, Ecovacs throws in an extra pair of side brushes, which easily snap into place – no hunting for a screwdriver!

Sized for Streamlined Performance

There are several aspects to consider when evaluating a robotic vacuum’s size – weight, height and width. The weight indicates the stability of the vacuum while the height and width tell you if it can fit under and in between furniture.

With the N79S’ weight of 6.7 pounds, you don’t have to worry about the vacuum wobbling as it drives across thresholds and uneven surfaces. Its height of 3.1 inches means you don’t have to shift your furniture or drag out your heavy upright to clean underneath that huge sofa in your living room.

Then, there is the vacuum’s width, which measures 13 inches and allows it to fit in between most dining room chairs. Plus, the robot vacuum’s brushed gunmetal gray finish makes it look like the high-end appliance that it truly is.

Ecovacs Deebot N79S

Safe and Efficient Traveling

What keeps the N79S firmly planted to the floor without scratching your hardwoods or becoming stuck on carpet fibers? A set of two treaded driving wheels allow this vacuum cleaner to move with ease. The wheels are also heavy-duty in design, helping the robot vacuum get across thresholds as high as 0.55 inches.

Embedded in the vacuum are anti-fall and anti-obstacle infrared sensors that prevent it from tumbling down the stairs and smashing into table legs. When the robot comes close to a hazard, its rotating caster changes the vacuum’s direction on a dime.

Of course, even the best robotic vacuum is bound to have an accidental collision on occasion. For these times, the soft bumper provides protection to the robot and the object. There is also a find-me feature, which instantly locates the robotvac when it’s hidden under furniture.

Whip-Smart Navigation

To give the Deebot N79S purposeful direction, Ecovacs integrated its proprietary Smart Motion navigation into the robo vac’s setup. This navigation system lets the robotic vacuum clean your floors in self-guided auto mode. You can instruct the vacuum to run in auto mode manually or at the same time every day by programming a schedule with the 12-hour clock.

Deebot N79S Review

In addition to auto mode, there are three other cleaning modes you can put to use. If your baseboards or wall-floor edges need a touch-up, you can put the robot vacuum in edge mode. For cleaning small messes, the spiral-pattern spot mode does the trick. Then, there is the small-room mode, which moves in a random, straight line, allowing the vacuum to quickly tackle a dirty floor in an enclosed area.

Function Control Choices

With this robot vacuum, you get three choices when it comes to how you control it. There is the remote control with an LCD screen. Thanks to its illustrated buttons, it’s easy to schedule cleaning sessions, select a mode and more. If you’re in a hurry but can’t find the remote, simply start an auto-mode run by pressing the on-board auto mode.

As usual, Ecovacs goes above and beyond the expected by offering you the option of smartphone control. Once you download the Ecovacs app on your smartphone, you can manage all the functions available on the remote as well as receive error alerts, check the accessories’ status and monitor the vacuum’s progress. If your hands are full, you can still operate the robot. With an Amazon Dot, Echo or Tap, you are able to give the N79S voice commands such as dock, start and stop.

Deebot N79S Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

A Formidable Battery

A fast-draining battery? You won’t find one in this robot vacuum. This Deebot model boasts a 2,600 mAh lithium-ion battery. Due to this battery’s high capacity, the vacuum can run for approximately 1.7 hours before it needs to recharge. When that happens, the robot drives itself to the docking station. However, you have the option of sending it to the charging dock at any time with just the press of a button.

It doesn’t take long for the battery to be replenished with a recharge time of 3 to 4 hours. If high electricity bills are a concern, cast that worry aside. Drawing a mere 25 watts, the docking station is definitely not an energy hog.

Efficient Filtration

Some robot vacuum manufacturers toss a mid-grade filter into the dirt bin and call it a day, but Ecovacs is different. Its Deebot N79S contains three filters to maximize its allergen-capturing ability. Like many other robot vacuums, the N79S has a sponge filter. However, Ecovacs also included a high-efficiency filter and a protective net, creating three layers of dust and pollen filtration.

Large debris suctioned by the robot are kept inside of the dirt bin, which holds 300 milliliters of dirt. Your hands won’t get dirty when you empty the bin. Simply push the release button, and the bin will pop out of the side of the vacuum. From there, you can open the hinged bin and dump its contents over your garbage can.

Ecovacs Deebot N79S Robotic Vacuum

Maintenance Made Easy

Periodically, the robot vacuum will need certain parts replaced, which is the norm for all robot vacuums. Due to the use of durable materials, the brush roll lasts 12 months, and the filters last 6 months. Twice a year, you must replace the nylon side brushes, but not until the 1-year mark because you get a spare set when you buy the N79S.

Ecovacs makes troubleshooting easy too. The addition of colored indicator lights and series of beeps let you know exactly what area of the robot needs attention. For instance, a red light along with a series of four beeps means the vacuum’s battery is low while three beeps and a blue light tells you it’s time to empty the dirt bin. If you can’t solve the issue with the audible-visible troubleshooting codes, the robot vacuum is covered under warranty for 1 year.

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Ecovacs Deebot N79S: A Robot Vacuum That Garners Excitement

If you want all the bells-and-whistles that current robotic vacuum technology has to offer, the Ecovacs Deebot N79S is perfect for you. This robot vacuum can clean hard floors as well as carpets, and you can boost its suction delivery on demand.

You get all the distance-control options available, including a smartphone, a remote and a virtual assistant. Plus, it has a lithium-ion battery, which is the most efficient rechargeable battery on the market. There are three filters, and the robot vacuum has long-lasting parts. The find-me function comes in handy when you consider how the vacuum’s slim profile lets it practically slip under furniture.

Ecovacs N79S Robot Vacuum

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