Best Robot Vacuums for Pet Hair in 2020

As a pet owner, you know that seeing a little shed fur around your house comes with the territory of having a dog or cat. You also know that cleaning up that hair is a tedious chore. If you are constantly in a time crunch, it’s all too easy to neglect detailed household tasks.

Best Robot Vacuums for Pet Hair
Neato D7

However, robot vacuums can help you save time. While these appliances can’t tackle pesky pet fur on your furniture, they can take care of the animal hair on your floors. When we say floors, we don’t just mean hardwoods, tile and linoleum. Many robot vacuums are able to lift pet hair from carpet too.

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Robot Vacuum | Bestsellers

Bestseller No. 2
Shark ION Robot Vacuum AV751 Wi-Fi Connected,...
120 MINUTE RUNTIME: Whole-home, floor-to-carpet cleaning for up to 2 hours.; What's Included: (1) Shark ION Robot, (1) Charging Dock, (2) Side Brushes, (1) Filter

Robot Vacuums for Pet Hair [Budget Options]

Ecovacs Deebot 500

With 110 minutes of runtime, auto-return on a low charge, and a 520ml dustbin, the Deebot 500 Robot Vacuum is ready to tackle all sorts of messes and general household dirt without trouble.

Ecovacs Deebot 500

Ecovacs Deebot 500 Main Specs
Suction Power1000 Pa
Сleaning Area1292 ft2
Dust Container520 ml
Battery Capacity2600 mAH
Run-time110 min
Charging Time240 min
Noise65 db
Weight7.28 lbs
Height3.07 in
ReleaseJul, 2019
ReviewDeebot 500 Review
PriceClick here

It’s ready for any mess. Standard and MAX power modes means increased suction when those harder to move dirt patches left by pets are uncovered, and a quieter clean for the general day to day mess. Equipped with one main brush and two accompanying side brushes, the Deebot will sweep up pet hair and dander clogging up your carpet fibers.

An intelligent app and voice control means that you’re always in control no matter where you are. Schedule cleans, get status updates and change the Deebot’s power mode at the touch of a button.

Eufy 11S MAX

Eufy’s strongest ever suction means that you get up to 2000Pa of power to tackle your carpets. Special BoostIQ technology automatically increases suction with 1.5 seconds too for those extra tough sections.


The Eufy 11S MAX gives a quiet clean for up to 100 minutes before it requires recharging, so you’ll get an all-round clean even in your larger rooms. Plus, with its Unibody filter, you can rest assured knowing that all those allergens and bacteria are being taken care of.

Drop sensing technology ensures that the Eufy 11S MAX will never take an unnecessary fall, so it’s safe for everyone in the home, and with its infrared sensor, it’ll never crash into furniture or walls.

iRobot Roomba 675

With a 90 minute run before the Roomba 675 needs recharging, your carpets and hard floors will be left spotless. A 27° edge sweeping brush has been specially designed to stop any debris getting away, especially in corners

iRobot Roomba 675

iRobot Roomba675
Suction Power 600 Pa
Сleaning Area 1615 ft2
Dust Container350 ml
Battery Capacity 1800 mAh
Run-time 90 min
Charging Time 120 min
Noise62 db
Weight 8.40 lbs
Height 3.60 in
ReleaseJul, 2018
ReviewRoomba 675 Review
PriceClick here

With patented dirt detect sensors and a 3 stage cleaning system, you’ll find this Roomba navigating around objects effortlessly and working harder on tougher areas of dirt, where it’ll loosen, lift and suction every last speck.

Finally, schedule your Roomba from anywhere and remain in control, with the intelligent app or voice commanding technology that helps you keep your home clean no matter where you are.

Best Robot Vacuums for Pet Hair [Top Picks]

Neato Robotics D6 Connected Laser Guided Smart Robot Vacuum

An ingenious ‘D’ design means the Neato D6 gets into corners easily, ensuring a full floor clean and no hidden dirt left behind. Plus, with laser Smart mapping, it’ll never miss a spot in your home.

You’ll get up to 150 minutes of runtime, a dustbin capacity of 0.7 liters, and an improved core and side brush combo with the Neato, so prepare to say goodbye to all sorts of dirt and debris, especially pet dander, where it excels.

Finally, the Neato has been designed with a one-button for cleaning perfection intuition, which means you don’t have to waste time scheduling routes or times for this robot vac. Simply turn it on and let it go for the ultimate clean.

Roborock S4 Robot Vacuum

The Roborock S4’s high-precision laser navigation system scans your room at 300RPM, creating a highly accurate map so it knows exactly where dirt is hiding. An intense 2000Pa of suction will release embedded dirt from your carpets and sweep away pet hair and dander from your hard floors without fuss.

Roborock S4
Roborock S4

150 minutes of non-stop cleaning means one session is enough to get your entire home sparkling. Need more? The Roborock’s fully comprehensive app allows you to select cleaning routes, power settings and much more, to ensure a full clean no matter where you are.

iRobot Roomba S9

Making your life that little bit easier is the iRobot Roomba S9, which can empty its own bin. Ideal for homes with pets, the S9’s 30% wider Dual Multi-Surface Rubber brushes guarantee that pet hairs won’t become tangled. Plus, they flex and adjust automatically to ensure constant contact with your floors and carpets, so no mess gets left behind.

The S9 can imprint on your home, so maps stay stored for good, plus, with PerfecctEdge technology, and a specially designed corner brush, edges and corners will be deeply cleaned for that fully optimized cleaning that other robot vacuums can’t reach.

Guide to Buying a Robot Vacuum for Pet Hair

Cleaning up after your pets is not fun, but a robo vac makes this chore easier. Due to the clingy nature of cat and dog fur, you can’t blindly choose a robotic vacuum and expect it to do a thorough job. To make the best choice, you need to know what features comprise a reliable pet-hair-cleaning robot vacuum.

Consult this buyer’s guide when you’re robot vacuum shopping, so you can find a model with features you need.

Robot Vacuum for Pet Hair


One of the first features you should examine is the brush configuration. Pass on those that don’t have a brushroll because they won’t be able to keep up with the demands of animal fur. A wide brushroll that is V-shaped or spiraled will have the deepest reach, making it ideal for carpet vacuuming.

Some robotic vacuums are equipped with two brushrolls to boost their lifting ability. Since every type of flooring is different in terms of height, it’s always a plus if the robot can adjust its height. This automated function allows the robo vacuum’s brushroll to closely touch the floor.

Side Brush

Virtually every robot vacuum has at least one spinning side brush. The inclusion of a side brush helps the robot vac clear dust and dirt from baseboards, wall edges and corners.

Plus, this brush sweeps dirt toward the robot’s suction inlet, so the vacuum can remove as many debris as possible in one pass.

As a pet owner, you’ll definitely want the robo vac you choose to have a spinning brush because it catches stray hair that may otherwise float away while the robot is vacuuming. Some robo vacs have one spinning brush on both sides to enhance its dirt-collection capability.

Best robot vacuums for pet hair


Strong suction is a given when it comes to desirable features. However, a powerful suctioning system is a must-have for lifting pet hair, especially hair that’s on your carpet. Manufacturers often list the suction strength of their vacuums in the product specs. Look for a robotic vacuum that produces at least 500 pascals of suction. As a general rule, the more pascals a robo vac has, the better it can lift all kinds of debris.


The size of the robot vacuum determines how well it can maneuver around all the objects in your home. For a wide cleaning path, get a robo vac that hovers around 12 to 13 inches in width. If you don’t want to manually vacuum under all your furniture, you need a robotic vacuum that is no taller than 4 inches.

Then, there is the shape of the robot to consider. Most robot vacuums are circular while some are D-shaped. If you’re a stickler for freshly cleaned baseboards, you’ll appreciate how close a D-shaped robot can get to walls.

The Best Robot Vacuums for Pet Hair


No matter how messy your floors or how large your home, a powerful battery is important. This means you should go with a robo vac that contains a lithium-ion battery, which is the best money can buy in terms of performance.

A robot vacuum with a lithium-ion battery can produce unwavering suction even when its charge is low. It can also clean for 1 hour or more depending on the particular battery and vacuum model. Plus, it usually doesn’t take long to replenish a lithium battery, with 3 to 4 hours being the average recharge time.


Pet hair is a major allergen. Even if you don’t suffer from asthma or allergies, you don’t want the fur the vacuum has suctioned to escape back into the air. Therefore, you need a high-efficiency filter.

This type of filter can capture 99 percent or more of allergens such as dust, dander and pollen.

You should also pay attention to the robot vacuum’s dust bin. ideally, the ideal bin should have a large capacity to reduce the number of times you must empty it. It should also be quick and easy to remove from the robot.

Protective Components

A damaged robo vac is of little use to you. The robot vacuum of your choice needs to have a full suite of sensors that detect drop-offs and obstacles. Some robo vacuums even have an on-board camera to optimize the vacuum’s navigation.

Look for other features that help keep a robot vac in one piece, such as a soft bumper and a cover made of anti-scratch material like tempered glass.


The type of control setup you pick is a matter of personal preference. If convenience is your main concern, you can’t go wrong with a Wi-Fi-enabled robo vac. Those with Wi-Fi connectivity allow you to control all of the vacuum’s features via a smartphone app.

Some manufacturers also make their robo vacuums compatible with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. If you’d prefer a traditional control method, look for a robo vac that comes with a remote.

Best Roomba For Pet Hair


Are Robot Vacuums as Efficient as Upright Vacuums?

Upright vacuums are the go-to tool for cleaning carpets, and many are well-adept at suctioning debris from hard floors. In most aspects, robo vacuums perform at the same level as upright vacuums, especially robot vacuums that are equipped with a brushroll.

Robotic vacuums are also able to reach further under furniture.

However, there are some areas where upright vacuums come out on top. Their motors tend to be stronger due to the size of these appliances. Plus, there is one place uprights can go that are off-limits to robot vacuum cleaners, which is the stairs. If you don’t have a staircase, this is not an issue. If your house does have one, you should keep a lightweight stick vac on hand for stair vacuuming.

How Do Robot Vacuums Work?

Basics like the suction, filtration and brushroll all operate similarly regardless of whether the vacuum is an upright, a stick, a handheld or a robot. One of the main differences between traditional vacuums and robotic ones is how the robot navigates.

Since robot vacuums don’t require physical assistance to roll across the floor, they rely solely on a navigation system. Depending on the particular model, the navigation system may consist of infrared sensors, directional lasers or a smart camera.

In robot vacuums with infrared sensors or directional lasers, the robot is able to detect objects like furniture. When they spot an obstacle, these vacuums simply pivot on a caster wheel and travel in a different direction. Those that have a smart camera can do this too, but they also use the camera to scan a room and calculate the best route.

What If I Can’t Be Home to Monitor the Vacuum?

If you’re always on the go, get a robotic vacuum with an on-board camera and Wi-Fi connectivity. These vacuums are able to send a floor map to your smartphone, so you can keep track of where it has cleaned. Through the manufacturer’s app, you can also send it instructions remotely.

What If the Battery Dies When I’m Away From Home?

Robotic vacuums are different from other rechargeable cordless appliances. Almost all robotvacs are able to charge themselves.

This means that as soon as the robot senses its battery has a low charge, the vacuum drives itself to the charger where it docks until the battery is replenished.

Once it’s recharged, simply press the appropriate button to make the robot continue vacuuming.

Some manufacturers enhance their robot vacuum’s self-docking function by designing the robot to resume cleaning after the battery recharges. Therefore, these robot vacuums will drive off the dock and return to the exact spot where they last vacuumed, making the battery-charge process completely automated.

best robot vacuum for pet hair and allergies

Is It Safe to Use a Robot Vacuum Around Stairs?

While no technology is perfect, you can let a robot vacuum clean near your stairs with little worry. The same navigation system that finds and avoids objects also identifies drop-offs such as stairs. When a robot vacuum cleaner discovers a drop-off, it will move away from it and vacuum elsewhere.

As a safeguard measure, many manufacturers include a virtual barrier with their robotic vacuums. This barrier may either be a magnetic strip or a tiny tower. If it comes with a boundary strip, you can cut the strip to size and place it in front of a threshold or stair, and the robot will steer clear of it.

If the barrier is a virtual wall, put it in front of the off-limits area and turn on the tower. Once it’s powered on, the tower will create an invisible, straight-line beam that the robot can’t cross. A few virtual walls also create halos that the rob vac can’t penetrate.

Most Robotic Vacuums Are Round – How Can They Vacuum Along Edges and Corners?

The majority of robot vacuums are circular in shape, but there are a few with two straight sides. These vacuums look like the letter D, and they do an excellent job of cleaning along baseboards and getting into corners.

However, you don’t need to buy a D-shaped robot vacuum to get precision wall-edge cleaning. Robot vacuums are equipped with a special side brush that is positioned under the vacuum. The propellers of the brush extend past the circumference of round robot vacuums, so they can sweep dirt and dust from baseboards, edges and corners.

Many robots even come with two spinning brushes, allowing the vacuums to edge clean from both sides.

How Do I Prep My Home for a Robot Vacuum?

No matter what type of vacuum you use, there is always some work to do before starting a cleaning session. First, make sure the floors are clear of small metal or plastic items like thumbtacks and Lego bricks. Also, keep all cords and wires organized, so the vacuum won’t roll over them or try to pull them into its suction inlet.

If you have tasseled throw rugs in your house, stuff the tassels under the rugs to prevent tangling the robot’s brushroll. Finally, lay the vacuum’s virtual boundaries if it comes with any, so the robot won’t travel to areas you don’t want touched.

best robot vacuum for long hair

Aren’t Robot Vacuums Expensive?

In the early 2000s, robotic vacuums were the most technologically advanced household appliance you could buy, and their price tags reflected these vacuums’ luxury status. Today, you won’t suffer from sticker shock when you open your wallet to purchase one.

You now have more options in terms of brands and models, and the technology is well-established. As a result, the purchase price is much lower than what it once was. Whether your budget is tight or wide open, it’s easy to find an efficient, reliable, affordable robot vacuum.

To get a better idea of what options are available, we’ve reviewed several budget-friendly and high-end robot vacuum cleaners.

Our Recommended Robot Vacuums

Best of the Best!
Also Great
Budget Option
iRobot Roomba i7+ (7550) Robot Vacuum with...
Roborock S4 Robot Vacuum, Precision Navigation,...
eufy by Anker, BoostIQ RoboVac 11S (Slim), Robot...
Roomba i7+
Roborock S4
Eufy 11S (Slim)
• "Continuous" Runtime
• 150min Runtime
• 100min Runtime
• 1800Pa
• 2000Pa
• 1300Pa
Empties on its own - you don’t have to think about vacuuming for months at a time. Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal with AllergenLock bag holds 60 days of dirt, dust and hair.
A high-precision laser navigation system scans your room at 300RPM, creating a real-time map of your home.
Re-engineered to be the slimmest RoboVac (2.85") but with quiet operation and increased suction at 1300Pa for up to 100 minutes.
Best of the Best!
iRobot Roomba i7+ (7550) Robot Vacuum with...
Roomba i7+
• "Continuous" Runtime
• 1800Pa
Empties on its own - you don’t have to think about vacuuming for months at a time. Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal with AllergenLock bag holds 60 days of dirt, dust and hair.
Also Great
Roborock S4 Robot Vacuum, Precision Navigation,...
Roborock S4
• 150min Runtime
• 2000Pa
A high-precision laser navigation system scans your room at 300RPM, creating a real-time map of your home.
Budget Option
eufy by Anker, BoostIQ RoboVac 11S (Slim), Robot...
Eufy 11S (Slim)
• 100min Runtime
• 1300Pa
Re-engineered to be the slimmest RoboVac (2.85") but with quiet operation and increased suction at 1300Pa for up to 100 minutes.

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