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Best Bissell Vacuums for Pet Hair in 2023

If you own or have ever lived with dogs, you’ll understand just how challenging it is to keep a clean home when our furry friends are living with us. It’s next to impossible! Unless of course, you have a quality vacuum cleaner that makes cleaning every nook and cranny of your house a breeze. The accessibility is going to be paramount as dog hair gets stuck in the hardest to reach places.

Best Bissell Vacuums for Pet Hair

It accumulates in corners and somehow gets under the legs of couches, chairs, and tables. If you or someone you live with is cursed with being sensitive to allergies, this level of cleanliness won’t just be a luxury it will be a necessity!

Since you’re going to be cleaning so frequently, it makes sense to spend money on a quality vacuum cleaner. This guide is here to make sure you put your money where it’s most effective.

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Our Recommended Bissell Vacuums for Pet Hair in 2023

3) Bissell Cleanview 1831

Weighing just 15.4-pounds, the Bissell Cleanview 1831 is very lightweight and mobile. Moving this vacuum around is very easy, allowing for a convenient vacuuming experience.

As this vacuum moves across your floors, it uses an excellent brush system and One-Pass Technology. With the brush system, the dirt, dust, and pet hair that is on your floors is quickly removed. But, One-Pass Technology ensures that it’s all removed in just one-pass, rather than having to move over the floor again.

To ensure that the pet hair stays in the vacuum cleaner, and is vacuumed up easily, a Multi-Cyclonic Suction System is used. With this system, suction is strong and consistent.

Bissell Cleanview Upright Bagless Vacuum...
  • Every purchase saves pets
  • One pass technology with powerful suction and innovative brush design to clean on the...

2) Bissell Cleanview 2486

The Bissell Cleanview 2486 is a very affordable upright vacuum that offers convenience and power. Through the use of a 25-foot power cord and a 6-foot hose, this vacuum offers plenty of versatility.

When you are moving this vacuum across your floors, an excellent suction system is used, as well as a fantastic brush system. One-Pass Technology ensures that the dirt, dust, and pet hair on your floors is vacuumed up in just a single pass.

In an on-board storage area, there is a TurboBrush Tool, Dusting Brush, Crevice Tool, and an Extension Wand. Each one of those tools makes cleaning hard-to-reach spaces/areas a convenient process.

BISSELL 2486 CleanView Bagless Vacuum,...
  • OnePass technology with powerful suction and innovative brush design to clean on the first...
  • Scatter free technology reduces scatter on hard floors

1) Bissell Cleanview 2252

With a weight of 17.8-pounds, the Bissell Cleanview 2252 is one of the heaviest Cleanview vacuums. But, due to features such as swivel steering, it offers a mobile vacuuming experience.

To thoroughly clean pet hair, you will be using the Pet Hair Corner Tool and the Pet Tool. By using these pet tools, you can easily remove pet hair from just about any surface.

For regular vacuuming, the Triple-Action Brush Roll and suction system do the work for you. All you must do is push the vacuum across your floors, and those two systems will gather up the dirt, dust, and pet hair that happens to be in your path.

BISSELL 2252 CleanView Swivel Upright Bagless...
  • EVERY PURCHASE SAVES PETS. BISSELL proudly supports BISSELL Pet Foundation and its mission...
  • SWIVEL STEERING FOR MAXIMUM MANEUVERABILITY. Makes cleaning around furniture and other...

Know Your Surfaces

One of the most important factors of buying a good vacuum cleaner is to make sure it’s well suited for all of the surfaces of your home. The last thing you want is to buy a vacuum cleaner that only works well on carpets when half of your house is tile and hardwood floors.

Trust me; you do not want to have to sweep up dog hair off of hardwood. It’s impossible to find, and the breeze of someone walking by will waft it off to some remote corner of the room.

If you have stairs in your house or if there are a lot of nooks and crannies you’re going to want to make sure you get a vacuum cleaner with the capability of getting in those hard to reach places.

We all know that dog hair clings to the surfaces it’s on, especially carpet and fabric surfaces. Cheap vacuums may struggle with having enough power to suck up the clingier hairs, but Bissell vacuums won’t have an issue.

Bissell Vacuums for Pet Hair

Frequency of Use

Since you have pets and pet hair is a problem, we know that your usage is already going to be high. At least weekly if not twice a week, depending on how much your pets shed. Due to how often you’re going to be vacuuming, a model that is easy to take out and use and then put away after is going to be important.

The size of the vacuum cleaner may also be a consideration depending on how much storage space you have. You also want something that can withstand the constant daily usage. That’s where the reputation of Bissell can make you rest easy.

They’re a long-lived brand that has been making vacuums for over 100 years. They have a solid reputation for making products that stand the test of time.

The Amenities

Let’s not forget about the additional accessories vacuum cleaners can have that make our lives so much easier. The attachments and different nozzle types they come with can make all the difference, especially when cleaning those nooks and crannies we mentioned earlier.

Some vacuum models even come with headlights that will help you see what you’re vacuuming which helps in low lighting areas under desks or other furniture. Pay special attention to the length of the hose and the power cord as those will determine your effective range with the vacuum.

Bissell Vacuums for Pet Fur


The filtration that a vacuum cleaner comes with is probably the most important part as it’s integral in ensuring the dust and allergens you suck up aren’t simply going back into the air and creating more dust. Luckily many of the Bissell vacuums come with HEPA filters that ensure no allergens make their way back into the air.

These will need to be replaced frequently, but they are quite cheap at just over $7 a pop. HEPA filters are High-Efficiency Particulate Absorbers, meaning they’re filters that are the best at absorbing all of that dust that causes so many allergy problems.

Pet Bissell Vacuums

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It’s In the Bag

Whether you are on a shoestring budget or don’t have a budget at all you should be able to find a vacuum to do the job, just keep in mind: you get what you pay for. To us, it makes the most sense to make an investment that will last, and if it’s going to be a frequently used tool in my house for the next decade, it had better be a pleasant experience.

Choosing the ideal vacuum for your home environment will be based upon the filter, the amenities, the surfaces of your house, and the ease of storage. Fortunately, we’ve curated a selection of reviews, designed to empower you on your journey to find the best Bissell vacuum for pet hair.

Best vacuums for pet hair

Our Recommended Upright Vacuums

Our Pick The Bissell 2252 CleanView gives you the outstanding performance you’d expect from an expert floor care company at a great price. It has specialized pet tools and features, so you know it’s designed for homes with pets.

Budget Pick The Eureka Airspeed NEU100 is an affordable, lightweight, and good upright vacuum for cleaning small apartments. With a 10.5-inch wide cleaning path, it gets the job done quickly.

Best of the Best The Bissell 2998 is a well-balanced, convertible, bagless upright vacuum intended as a cleaning solution for larger homes and apartments.

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