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Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus vs. Supreme: Trusted Comparison in 2023

If there’s one brand of robotic pool cleaners that’s worth every penny, it’s Maytronics’ Dolphin series. In this guide, we’re looking at two of the mightiest Dolphins—the Nautilus CC Plus and the CC Supreme. At the end, we’ll tell you which of these Dolphins reigns supreme.

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Pool Cleaner
Nautilus CC Plus

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Difference Between the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus and Supreme

DolphinNautilus CC PlusNautilus CC Supreme
Pool SizeUp to 50 FtUp to 50 Ft
Pool TypeIn-GroundIn-Ground
Cleaning Cycle2 Hours1.5 / 2.5 / 3.5 Hours
Tangle-free SwivelYesYes
Cable Length60 Ft60 Ft
Weight19 lbs24 lbs
Dimensions16 x 10 x 16 in23 x 19.5 x 13.5 in
Weekly TimerYesYes
Cycle SelectorNoYes
Delay ModeNoYes
Full Bag IndicatorNoYes
Automation ModeNoYes

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus

50-foot Coverage Capacity

The Nautilus CC Plus and Supreme share many of the same features and specs. For starters, they both come anti-tangle power cords that allow free maneuverability in inground pools of up to 50 feet in length.

This should provide more than enough for the average backyard swimming pool without pulling the cord taut.

75-GPM Water Circulation

Next, they both move up to 75 gallons of water every minute. In the Nautilus CC Plus, water passes through two filter cartridges that trap large and fine debris down to 2 microns in size. Basically, what your eyes don’t see, the filter baskets can trap.

Best of all, they’re top-loaded so you won’t need to flip the robot over to fish the cartridges out—simply open the top latch, pull them out, and give them a quick rinse with a garden hose before reinstalling.

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Video

CleverClean Navigation

Another feature they share is CleverClean Navigation software. This advanced navigation technology utilizes sensors which capture the surrounding underwater environment to create a digital layout of walls and obstructions.

Standard 2-hour Cleaning Cycle

This is one of the most significant ways the two Nautiluses differ. The CC Plus has only one cleaning mode, Standard, where it spends 2 hours fully submerged to clean your pool’s floor and several feet vertically. Whether this is enough time to reach every square inch of your pool’s base depends entirely on the shape and size of your pool.

Weekly Scheduler

Also, their convenience-adding scheduler settings differ greatly. The CC Plus has 3 presets: every day, every 2 days, and every 3 days. When its timer expires, the robot will automatically begin its scanning and 2-hour cleaning cycle on its own.

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner Review

Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme

Twin XL Filter Cartridges

Although both Nautiluses come with twin filter cartridges, the size of the Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme’s are far larger so you won’t need to worry about emptying them out as frequently. Amazingly, despite their larger capacity compared to the CC Plus, a full cartridge will not weight the robot down. As soon as they near fullness, the CC Supreme will send an alert to the controller module that it needs to be cleaned out.

DOLPHIN Nautilus CC Supreme
Nautilus CC Supreme

Dual Active Brushes + Center Scrubber

The Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme comes with a comprehensive list of brushes. There are two brushrolls separated into two scrubbers each that actively scrub to loosen debris clinging on for dear life. Then there’s the center high-speed scrubber that handles stains between the two active brushrolls before pulling all debris into the wide suction inlet.

The more scrubbers there are, the better the chance the robot has at removing all debris from your pool’s floors and walls (waterline scrubbing included).

Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme Video

Zero-Radius Turning

One of the greatest advantages that the CC Supreme has over the CC Plus is zero-radius turning. Counter-spinning brushrolls allow the CC Supreme to turn on a dime to get out of sticky situations to make the best use out of the selected cleaning time (more on this in a bit).

It uses the same CleverClean Navigation tech as the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus, but with enhanced maneuverability—even wall-climbing abilities—this more advanced model can clean more with minimal effort.

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus
Nautilus CC Plus

Quick, Standard, Enhanced Cleaning Cycles

Apart from Standard cleaning mode (2.5 hours on the CC Supreme), it also comes with Quick Cleaning (1.5 hours) and Enhanced Cleaning (3.5 hours). The selection of cleaning modes makes the CC Supreme a great tool to have for pools of all sizes and pollution concentration levels.

In addition, because it maneuvers better underwater, it can actually touch more surface area than the CC Plus in the same amount of time.

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Smartphone Connectivity

We can’t forget to talk about smartphone connectivity programmed into the CC Supreme. Using your home’s Wi-Fi router, the CC Supreme connects to your smartphone where you can send cleaning instructions and commands via the MyDolphin app.

The app gives you full control over the robot from anywhere in the world—all you need in an internet connection and you’re good to go.

DOLPHIN Nautilus CC Supreme Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner Review

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Nautilus CC Plus vs. Supreme: Which Dolphin Should I Get?

After seeing what these Dolphin Nautiluses have to offer, it’s pretty safe to say that the CC Supreme is the far superior model for several reasons—more flexible maneuverability, larger filter cartridges, more cleaning versatility, and internet connectivity for greater convenience.

DOLPHIN Nautilus CC Supreme Pool Cleaner Review
Nautilus CC Supreme

Unsurprisingly, the more technologically advanced Nautilus CC Supreme blows the CC Plus out of the water.

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Popular Option Smart Nav software delivers highly optimized scanning and coverage for a new level of clean. Advanced algorithms clean 100% of the pool floor, wall & tile/waterline and pool floor.

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