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Dolphin E10 Robotic Pool [Vacuum] Cleaner Review

A robotic pool cleaner is an investment that pays for itself in the long run. Forget hiring professional pool cleaners; with a Dolphin robot, your pool will be swim-ready whenever you need it. In this review, we’re looking at the Dolphin E10, a Maytronics design that differs vastly from their Nautilus CC and C Class models. If you’re wondering how, read our full review down below.

Dolphin E10

To sum it up, the Dolphin E10 is a great robotic pool cleaner to use, but only if you have a small pool. You can only use it in pools that are no more than thirty-feet in diameter. But, despite that, it thoroughly cleans the floors and walls of swimming pools that size, ensuring that they are as clean as they can possibly be. Because of that, if you have a small swimming pool that needs cleaning, the Dolphin E10 is highly recommended.

Pros: Very effective, cleans your pool in a short period of time, works with the floors and walls

Cons: Designed for smaller pools, doesn’t clean the water line

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Above-Ground Pool Cleaner

It’s important to note that the E10 is an above-ground pool cleaner. Although the basic technology behind above and inground pool cleaners is the same, the main difference between the two is the diving range. The E10 has a maximum diving depth of 16.4 feet or horizontal traveling range of 30 feet.

Dolphin E10 Review
Dolphin E10

You should also be aware that the E10 is incapable of scaling walls which unfortunately leaves the backbreaking task of wall scrubbing to the pool owner. Even if your pool stands five feet above the ground, that’s a heck of a lot of wall to clean!

CleverClean Technology

The E10 doesn’t just randomly scour the depths of your pools for algae and bacteria to feed on. It has Maytronics’ CleverClean Technology installed to scan its underwater surroundings in order to create the most efficient cleaning route. Every second spent underwater is used to remove as much pool contaminants as possible, leaving no dead leaf or sunken insect behind.

70-GPM Water Circulation Rate

The more water the robotic pool cleaner sucks in and spits back out, the cleaner your pool will be. The E10 is made with a heavy-duty, vacuum-cleaner-like motor that suctions up to 70 gallons of water per minute, passing it through a standard filter to remove everyday debris.

The end result is squeaky-clean floors and crystal-clear water you and your family will truly enjoy. It’s sad that Maytronics doesn’t include the fine 30-micron filter with your purchase, but the stock filter is definitely not something to stress about.

Dolphin E10 Pool Cleaner
Dolphin E10

Single Active Brush

The Dolphin E10 has only one brush, but it rotates at a steady pace to actively loosen dirt and algae from pool floors before sending them into the suction inlet. The brush is made of flexible rubber that aggressively but non-damagingly removes slippery slime from the floor liner. The rate at which it spins is twice as fast as the tracks to ensure every speck of dust is loosened from your pool’s floor and corners.

1.5-hour Cycle Time

This robotic pool cleaner has only one cleaning cycle of 1.5 hours. If for whatever reason the robot has not thoroughly cleaned your pool within this time frame, you’ll need to press the start button on the controller to send it back to work. This, however, is not an issue as long as the dimensions of your pool fit within the E10’s maximum depth and travel distance.

Single Top-Loaded Filter Basket

The filter is accessible from the top of the E10. By pulling the gray handle upward, you’ll be able to pull the single-filter basket out of the robot to remove whatever debris it has collected. On the bottom of the basket is a quick-release latch that sends the debris falling downward into a garbage bin or compost pile. A quick rinse with a garden hose and the filter basket is ready to place back into the E10.

Dolphin E10 Robotic Pool Cleaner
Dolphin E10

Instant Water Release

If you’re worried that pulling the E10 out of the water will be difficult on your shoulder and back muscles, don’t be. The E10 is designed to let water flow freely out of every crevice as soon as it’s fished out of the water, causing a tremendous drop in weight as you pull it to the surface. Make sure to pull it out by the handle and not by tugging the latch or cable.

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No Additional Hardware Needed

If you’re wondering what type of pool cleaner to get, perhaps this will convince you: robotic pool cleaners like the E10 do not require booster pumps, a powerful main pool pump, or any other kind of pump, pipe, or valve to operate.

The E10 plugs into any standard outlet that powers the built-in vacuum. Simply plug this baby in, press the on button on the controller, and watch as the robot happily chomps on whatever debris it comes across.

Dolphin E10 Video

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Verdict: Should I Get the Dolphin E10?

Overall, the Dolphin E10 is an excellent robotic pool cleaner that can handle the basics. However, as you can see from our review, there’s very little it offers in terms of flexibility and programmability. No scheduling, no filter indicators, no anti-tangle cord, no delayed start. It’s a great entry-level robot, but if you’re looking for a bit more convenience, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

Dolphin E10 Robotic Pool Cleaner Review

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