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What is a Swivel Cord? Tangle-Free Cabling Feature Explained

Robotic pool cleaners have really changed the way we maintain our pools. Much of the amazing cleaning capabilities of a robotic pool cleaner can be attributed to its swivel cord, which also goes by the name anti-tangle cord.

Swivel Cord

What Is a Swivel Cord?

The Swivel Cord is exactly what its name suggests—it’s the power cord attached to a robotic pool cleaner that swivels or turns 380 degrees. The flexibility of the cord allows robotic pool cleaners to make sharp turns to the left and right at random times without ultimately tangling up. Because the cord is designed to rotate along with the robot’s movements, it’ll never twist on itself and unplug from a power outlet.

Do All Robot Pool Cleaners Come with a Swivel Cord?

Sadly, no. Swivel Cords are a recent invention, so you won’t find them in older models.

Anyone who has a robotic pool cleaner from over a decade ago will attest to the annoyance of having to untangle its power cord. More often than not, users would have to fish their robots out of the pool to untangle the cord twice or more during a single cleaning session.

What is a Swivel Cord?

Can I Get a Swivel Cord for an Older Robot Pool Cleaner?

It’s possible. Some older robot pool cleaner models have detachable power cords, allowing users to substitute them with a Swivel Cord (sold separately). As for any robot pool cleaner from this generation, it should come standard with a rotating Swivel Cord.

That said, if you’re unable to find a Swivel Cord or purchase a modern robot pool cleaner at this very moment, there are ways you can overcome the problem of tangling with your current robot.

1. Extend the Power Cord to the Length You Need

This is the first thing you should try out if you find your robot getting tangled in its own power cord. Measure your pool from corner to corner or at its widest point. Take that measurement and add one or two extra feet. That is the proper amount of cording you’ll need for your robot to move freely and reduce the risk of tangling.

What is a Tangle-Free Cable?

2. Stretch the Cord

Before plopping the robot into your pool, stretch the pool cable out until it’s as straight as possible. Make sure not to tug too hard to avoid snapping the cord or unplugging it from the power outlet.

3. Store the Power Cord Properly

Every time you’re done using your robot pool cleaner, fish it out of the water and reel the power cord in a tight loop. This will prevent kinks from forming, which can contribute to a tangled cable during subsequent cleaning sessions.

What is a Anti-Tangle Swivel?

4. Leave the Cord in the Sun

If you find the power cord is unable to straighten out fully, leaving it under the sun can work wonders. Make sure to stretch the cable as straight as possible before leaving it in a place with direct sunlight. Heat from the sun will soften the cable’s exterior, allowing you to work out most kinks.

5. Turn Off the Pool Pump When Using Your Robot

If you find the cable becoming tangled numerous times per cleaning session, try shutting off the pool pump before activating your robot. The flow of water can cause the cable to move needlessly in random directions and become tangled.

Swivel Cord Robotic Pool Cleaner

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