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Dolphin Triton PS Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner Review

It is always nice to review a full featured robotic pool cleaner, and the Dolphin Triton PS Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner brings you a host of bells and whistles.

After much research and consideration of many online reviews, this robot pool cleaner is the clear winner. Its main selling point is its core features.

Dolphin Triton PS Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner

To sum it up, the Dolphin Triton PS Plus is a robotic pool cleaner of extraordinary power and convenience. By using this robotic pool cleaner, every surface in your pool can be cleaned in the most thorough and efficient manner possible. But, since this robotic pool cleaner uses such advanced systems and technologies, it’s quite expensive. If the Triton PS Plus offers what you need, though, then that price will be more than worth it.

Pros: Extremely powerful, very convenient, thoroughly cleans every surface in your pool, very easy-to-use

Cons: Very expensive


This in-ground robotic pool cleaner comes fitted with 60” tangle-resistant swivel cable. On the inside, we find a Maytronics high-powered pool pump that is capable of going through 4,322 gallons of water an hour.

In addition, the standard cycle time is 2 hours, while the quick clean mode can get rid of pool dirt and grime in 1 hour, and what you get is an excellent pool cleaning option. We see this as a worthy investment, but you will have to decide for yourself once you have gone through its myriad of features.

The Dolphin Triton PS Plus with PowerStream looks like it is modeled from the slickest sports car in the world. Its design features a robust tank-like build, with a cool blue and black color scheme. The PowerStream technology incorporated into this robotic pool cleaner is designed for one purpose but offers you some big features.

Dolphin Triton PS Plus
Dolphin Triton PS Plus

The Triton PS Plus can make enhanced 90-degree pinpoint turns ensuring that every inch of the surface is covered. The robot has a standard cartridge system that is top mounted, making it a favorite design for many. Rounding off the core features is a full filter indicator and a weekly timer scheduling function.

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PowerStream technology

For pool cleaning, one feature sets this cleaner apart from the others. In Dolphins terms, this is called PowerStream, which is specifically designed to improve the robot’s ability to make a vertical climb, allowing it to easily clean the pool wall and waterline.

The technology is activated once the cleaner starts making a vertical climb. For the robot to strongly press against the wall, multiple powerful water jets are ejected in different directions.

The strong grip allows the Dolphin Triton PS Plus with PowerStream to navigate vertically, reaching virtually every part of the wall without getting confused or falling down.

However, this pool cleaner does not only rely on PowerStream for cleaning, another notable feature is the active brushing system. The brush system is critical for cleaning pools that have not been cleaned in a while and have grime stuck on the walls and floor.

Dolphin Triton PS Plus Review
Dolphin Triton PS Plus

Bluetooth remote control

One of the unique features of the Dolphin Triton PS Plus with PowerStream is the addition of Bluetooth remote control. While most robotic pool cleaners on the market have a dedicated special-purpose handheld remote, this robotic cleaner allows you to use a smartphone. To control the pool cleaner, all you need to do is download and install the MyDolphin app from either Android or the App Store.

Triton PS Plus
Dolphin Triton PS Plus

With the app, you can steer the Dolphin Triton PS Plus with PowerStream via a virtual joystick or tilt your phone in the direction you want it to go. Since it uses Bluetooth, you have to be within 300 feet to control the cleaner.

A blue LED indicator means that the machine is in autonomous (normal) mode, while a green indicator shows that it is being controlled via a smartphone. The app also allows you to set a weekly cleaning timer to clean your pool at pre-determined times every week.

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The Dolphin Triton PS Plus with PowerStream weighs 50-percent less than its predecessor the Dolphin Triton PowerStream. This model weighs only 16 pounds and looks like a small rectangular box with dimensions of 9 x 17 x 16 inches.

Being lightweight, this machine is perfect for anyone who does not want to keep it in a chemical-filled pool 24/7 for purposes of longevity. In addition, the Dolphin Triton PS Plus with PowerStream will flush out any water once it has been removed from the pool to protect your lower back.

Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner
Dolphin Triton PS Plus

Dolphin Triton: Quick clean mode

The standard pool cleaning time of the Dolphin Triton PS Plus with PowerStream is about 2 hours, a respectable improvement compared to other cleaning robots. However, one cleaning feature you will quickly fall in love with is the quick clean mode.

This will help you clean a dirty pool in only 1 hour during the hot days, or when you have guests coming over on short notice.

Who can use it? Any residential pool owner looking for a fast and easy to use pool-cleaning robot packed with exceptional features. It is recommended for in-ground swimming pools of up to 60 feet in length.

Dolphin Triton PS Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner
Dolphin Triton PS Plus

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Dolphin Triton: Final Words

If you are looking for the best pool-cleaning robot on the market, then the Dolphin Triton PS Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner is what you need.

This robotic pool cleaner is packed with impressive features that make cleaning a pool a joy instead of a chore, something only the best cleaner can offer you. In addition, the raving reviews online seem to agree with this.

Dolphin Triton PS Plus WiFi Operated Robotic...
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  • Effortlessly delivers a deep clean. The Triton PS Plus has superior filtering capabilities...

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