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Best Commercial Robotic Pool Cleaners in 2023

Looking for the best commercial pool cleaner to keep your pool sparkling clean for every customer? Today we’re bringing you five of the top rated pool cleaners on the market right now so you can find your perfect fit.

Best Commercial Robotic Pool Cleaners
Dolphin C3

Let’s take a look at what each one has to offer, then dive a little deeper into what you should be looking for when on the hunt for a top of the range pool cleaner.

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Dolphin C3 Commercial Robotic Pool Cleaner

Perfect for pools up to 50ft, the Dolphin C3 is a hands free, plug in and play robotic pool cleaner that works hard overnight to clean your pool in just 2.5 hours.

Dolphin C3
Dolphin C3 Commercial Robotic Pool Cleaner

With both fine and ultra-fine top load cartridge filters, as well as dual scrubbing brushes for thorough and precise cleaning, the Dolphin C3 is almost faultless when it comes to cleaning in all seasons and conditions and will leave your pool free of insects, hair, and other nasty pieces of debris.

Using its CleverClean Technology, its navigation system ensures your pool is cleaned via the most efficient route.

Dolphin C4 Commercial Robotic Pool Cleaner

The Dolphin C4 is an easy-to-use, fully automated pool cleaner that boasts multiple cleaning cycles and a remote control for hands-free cleaning.

Dolphin C4 Commercial Robotic Pool Cleaner
Dolphin C4 Commercial Robotic Pool Cleaner

Perfect for pools up to 68 ft, this is a heavy duty pool cleaner with a cleaning time of just 2.5 hours.

Enhance your pool with the Dolphin C4’s dual scrubbing brushes, plus its 3rd active brush for added relief to your pool’s floor, waterline and walls.

With CleverClean Technology, watch as your pool cleaner navigates around your pool seamlessly, and with both fine and ultra-fine top loading cartridge filters, say goodbye to all sorts of debris.

Dolphin C5 Commercial Robotic Pool Cleaner

Built to tackle pools of up to 88 ft, the Dolphin C5 cleans your pool throughout the night for guest satisfaction all day long.

Dolphin C5 Commercial Robotic Pool Cleaner
Dolphin C5 Commercial Robotic Pool Cleaner

With its remote control and multiple cleaning cycle, you have a hands free experience with this pool cleaner.

Dual scrubbing brushes help to loosen, lift and suction tough dirt and debris from your pools walls, waterline and floor, whilst its fine and ultra-fine high-capacity filtration bags capture dirt, dust and other debris to enhance your water quality immediately.

With CleverClean Technology, and its unique gyroscope system, the Dolphin C5 gives both effective and accurate scanning and cleaning for complete pool coverage.

Dolphin C6 Plus Commercial Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

For pools up to 121 ft, the Dolphin C6 is your perfect overnight cleaner with an extra-wide cleaning path, four powerful scrubbing brushes, and multiple cleaning options, made workable via the efficient remote control for hands off cleaning.

Dolphin C6 Plus Commercial
Dolphin C6 Plus Commercial

Take care of even the toughest dirt and grime on your pool’s floor, waterline and walls, and capture all types of debris with its fine and ultra-fine particle trapping, high-capacity filtration bag.

With the Dolphin C6‘s CleverClean Navigation Technology and unique gyroscopic systems too, you’ll get accurate and effective pool scanning for the ultimate coverage and a full clean, with no areas left untouched.

Dolphin H50 Industrial Grade Robotic Pool Cleaner

In just 3 hours, you could have your commercial pool ready for the first guests with the DOLPHIN H50, a pool cleaner with multiple cleaning cycle options that promises to deliver results on your walls, floors and waterline.

Dolphin H50
Dolphin H50

Its large capacity filter bag ensures every piece of dirt and debris scrubbed up by its dual scrubbing brushes is caught and trapped. With plug in and play installation too, you can let it get straight to business.

With patented Dolphin swivel technology, you won’t have to save the Dolphin H50 from the corners of your pool. Get rid of tangling for good, and get complete pool coverage.

Dolphin H50 Industrial Grade Robotic Pool...
  • Ideal for hotels, motels and resort pools. Cleans floors, walls and waterline. Multiple...
  • Large capacity filter bag. Dual scrubbing brushes attack tough dirt, debris and...

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Buying Guide

Investing in a good robot pool cleaner is one of the best decisions you can make for your commercial pool. Not only will you get a stunningly clean and hygienic area for your guests to relax in day in, day out, but you’ll also save money on man power and even energy bills with some energy saving models.

Commercial Robotic Pool Cleaners Review
Dolphin C4 Commercial

With that being said, it’s important to buy the right pool cleaner for your pool, to ensure you get the best out of what you pay for.

Size matters

When it comes to your new pool cleaner, you need to ensure that it can tackle the entirety of your pool. If you buy a pool cleaner built for a smaller sized pool than yours, not only will it not do as good of a job at cleaning it, but it won’t be able to handle the amount of debris and dirt it needs to collect in its filters or filter bag.

Make sure you measure your pool properly before you purchase your new pool cleaner, to ensure you’ve picked one adequate for your pool size.


Always check exactly what needs to be done where installation is concerned. Some pool cleaners will need attaching to your pool in some way or other, whilst others are simply plug in and play models that are largely hands free and remote controlled.

Best Robotic Pool Cleaners
Dolphin C5

If you want the easiest solution, always go for a plug in and play model. They’re simple to set up, and don’t require a lot of man power because there’s no extra parts to assemble.

Cleaning power

One of the best things about owning a robotic pool cleaner is just how easy they make cleaning your pool, no matter the size.

Depending on whether your pool is situated inside or outside though, you may require a few extra features to ensure every last piece of grime and dirt is scrubbed away from your pool’s floors, walls and waterline.

Check to see how many scrubbing brushes come with your chosen pool cleaner. The more the merrier, especially on the newer models, which house incredibly sturdy and hardworking brushes that will really make a difference to how clean your pool ends up being.


What are the Benefits of Using a Robotic Pool Cleaner?

Naturally, investing in a robotic pool cleaner can be a costly job, but the benefits of using a pool cleaner are many.

Firstly, a pool cleaner will get your entire pool cleaned and ready to go again in under 3 hours, which means it can work first thing before customers or guests arrive at your pool, or through the night when your pool is out of use.

A pool cleaner will save you man power, working efficiently and thoroughly and ensuring that your pool is always free from build-up of algae. Furthermore, they’re easy to use, and they can even help lower the costs of your energy bills when used over a long period of time.

How do I Keep on Top of my Pool Cleaner’s Maintenance?

Keeping your pool cleaner well maintained is important if you want it to remain sturdy and durable. Luckily, it’s really easy to keep them maintained. Firstly, ensure that you change the filter bags or empty the filter baskets either after every cleaning session or every few weeks.

Secondly, keep your pool cleaner’s brushes free from hair and dirt build-up to ensure they rotate at their designed speed. You can do this after every cleaning session easily.

How Does a Commercial Robotic Pool Cleaner Work?

a robotic pool cleaner takes away the back breaking work of manually cleaning a large swimming pool by hand. Using its motherboard to both navigate your pool as well as clean it, each pool cleaner will clean and filter your pool accurately and thoroughly thanks to high functioning technology that helps it to scrub and buff all traces of dirt, debris and even algae, away.

Simply drop it into the pool, set your preferred cleaning mode, and let it sweep and suction up every piece of dirt it finds on your pool’s walls, waterline and floors. It’ll collect all pieces of debris in its large filter baskets or bags, to be removed after cleaning is complete.

Pool Cleaners


Are you ready to invest in your new commercial robotic pool cleaner? Take away the fuss and hassle with one of our top picks to keep your pool sparkling, every day.

Pool Cleaning

Our Recommended Robotic Pool Cleaners

Affordable Option The Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus is perfect for all pool types. From gunite to tile, and everything in between; you name it and Dolphin will clean it.

Best of the Best The Dolphin Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme is equipped with a center scrubbing brush, this cleaner pushes the limits for wall and waterline cleaning.

Popular Option Smart Nav software delivers highly optimized scanning and coverage for a new level of clean. Advanced algorithms clean 100% of the pool floor, wall & tile/waterline and pool floor.

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