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Are Robotic Pool Cleaners Energy-Efficient and Do They Save Money?

Owning a pool can double or triple how much electricity your family uses every month. Fortunately, robotic pool cleaners don’t just reduce how much manual labor is involved in pool maintenance, but they do so while using very little power. Robot pool cleaners can actually lower your monthly utility bills compared to suction- and pressure-side cleaners.

Are Robotic Pool Cleaners Energy-Efficient
Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner

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What Are They?

Robotic pool cleaners can keep your pool swim-ready throughout the year without requiring your assistance. It has a variety of features that, together, blow the other forms of automatic pool cleaners out of the water.

These robots can function independently and without your constant assistance. Using a robot is like having a trustworthy sidekick who cleans while you’re busy doing something else. It’s powered by electricity and requires absolutely no external pump to navigate your pool’s floors, walls, and waterline.

Robotic pool cleaners typically range from as low as $100 to a staggering $1,000 and beyond, but the convenience and thoroughness it offers are unrivaled by other automated pool cleaner types.

Do Robotic Pool Cleaners Save Money?
Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme Robotic Pool Cleaner

How Do They Lower Energy Costs?

Robotic pool cleaners don’t require external equipment to operate since everything it needs is built right into the machine. Most robots are energy-efficient, consuming roughly between 60 and 70 watts per hour, which is a very small amount of energy—even less than that of a lightbulb. As a result, it cleans every part of your pool while causing only a slight bump in energy costs.

The other automatic pool cleaner forms (suction-side and pressure-side) require a constant flow of water, which your main pump or a booster pump must provide. As such, users will have to pay close attention to how long their suction- or pressure-side pool cleaner works so as to prevent significant spikes in energy consumption.

Are They Eco-Friendly?

Compared to other automated pool cleaning tools, this machine does very little to impact the environment. The device emits no water, air, or noise pollution. It does not release harmful gas or other elements into the air that could endanger your health or your pool.

What Makes Automatic Pool Cleaners Energy Efficient
Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner

Saving Money in the Long Run

Admittedly, the upfront cost of a robotic pool cleaner can be staggeringly steep. If you don’t have $500-plus to shell out, then looking toward other pool cleaning options might seem like the wiser choice, but that’s not necessarily true.

Because robotic pool cleaners only consume between 60 and 70 watts per hour, you’ll only end up spending mere cents per operating hour, even during peak hours. Basic estimates show that you might end up spending as little as $12 to run a robotic pool cleaner 8 hours every day for 30 days. Compare that to the cost of hiring a professional pool boy or running your pump/booster pump nonstop for the same amount of time, you really are saving a fortune.

Robotic pool cleaners save energy
Dolphin Sigma Robotic Pool Cleaner

And They’re Low-Maintenance to Boot!

Pool bots are not easily damaged if used properly. After use, simply remove the filter cartridge and spray-clean it with a standard garden hose. Then reattach the filter and store it properly. Its own filtration removes the need for backwashing and reduces how much work your pool’s main filter has to do.

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