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Dolphin C3 Commercial Robotic Pool Cleaner Review

Maytronics has several robotic pool cleaners for both residential and commercial use. Today, we’re looking at one of the latter—the Dolphin C3, a heavy-duty cleaning machine built to remove the toughest pool stains you can imagine. We’ve seen what the nearly-twice-as-wide C6 Plus is all about, now let’s take a look at its little brother version.

Dolphin C3

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Dual Scrub Brushes + 1,000-plus GPM Water Circulation

As a commercial-grade robotic pool cleaner, you can expect to get some pretty awesome cleaning performance out of this compact machine. It does a thorough cleaning job thanks to its dual scrub brushes that loosen debris off of any pool liner material, allowing its suction to swallow all floating particles whole.

Dolphin C3 Pool Cleaner Review
Dolphin C3

More than 1,000-GPM Water Circulation

Despite its compact size, the C3 is packing a seriously heavy-duty motor. It can filter through more than 1,000 gallons of water every minute to trap loosened particles while passing circulating clean water to all corners of your pool. Not only are your pool’s liners thoroughly swept of slippery stains and debris but your pool’s water will appear crystal-clear after just a couple of hours of work.

50-foot Reach

The C3’s anti-tangle power cord allows free movement in pools of up to 50 feet in length and of any depth. This might actually not sound impressive since the average commercial swimming pool measures beyond the 100-foot mark, meaning you’ll either need multiple C3s to reach all corners of the pool or switch between different outlets. Luckily, it comes with its own transport caddy for this purpose.

Premium Caddy with Onboard Controls

This robotic pool cleaner kit comes with its own premium transport caddy that makes moving the unit to and from storage a breeze. The caddy stores the robot, power cord, and controller module so wherever you move it, it’s immediately ready to begin working.

The controller module is pretty basic—it gives users the option to set up a delayed start, choose between Quick one-hour and Standard 2.5-hour cycles, and there’s even a handy full filter indicator, leaving very little guesswork when operating this robot.

CleverClean Technology

Flawless underwater navigation isn’t just about the length of the swiveling power cord. The C3 comes installed with CleverClean Technology, Maytronics’ latest and greatest navigation software that utilizes a series of sensors to scan the lining of your pool and location of obstacles. It also creates a time-efficient cleaning route to make the most use out of the two cleaning cycle times.

Dolphin C3 Commercial Pool Cleaner
Dolphin C3

Split-Track Design

Like most Dolphins and all models in the C Class, the C3 uses two tracks instead of wheels to move around. The main benefit of tracks is that they allow the robot to climb steep 90° inclines to reach every part of your pool’s walls, whereas wheels are better suited for gradual slopes.

These tracks combined with the ultra-powerful motor and high waterflow rate allow the C3 to scale walls and remain upright for extended periods of time in order to thoroughly clean the waterline. The end result is pool water not only feeling cleaner but also looking a lot cleaner from above.

Single Multi-Level Filter Cartridge

Unlike the C6 Plus, the C3 only comes with a single filter cartridge, but it has dual chambers for differently sized mesh filters to trap fine and ultra-fine particles as small as 50 microns in size. Accessing the filter to clean them out is easy—just lift the C3 out of the pool, pull the top-loaded cartridge out, remove the filter and give them a spray with a garden hose.

No Remote, App, and Voice Control

Despite being one of the most feature-packed 50-footer robotic pool cleaners on the market, it doesn’t offer a lot in terms of remote controllability apart from the onboard controller module on the premium caddy. It doesn’t come stock with a remote control (sold separately), and there’s no way to control it via the MyDolphin app (no Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity).

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Cost-Efficient Commercial Pool Cleaner

Dolphin pool cleaners are well-known for being not only excellent performers but also being a worthy long-term investment. Because they work so well, this frees up the hands of pool maintenance workers to focus their efforts on fixing other facilities.

Dolphin C3 Pool Cleaner Review
Dolphin C3

At the end of the day, the Dolphin C3 Commercial is easily one of the best Dolphin robotic pool cleaners. By using this robotic pool cleaner, you can easily clean the floors, walls, and waterline of your large swimming pool.

No matter what’s in that pool, it will all be cleaned out, ensuring that your pool is as clean as it can be. If you can look past the slightly-high price, then the Dolphin C3 Commercial will suit you very well.

Pros: Works in large pools, cleans very quickly, thoroughly cleans the floors, walls, and waterline of your swimming pool

Cons: Slightly Expensive

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Verdict: Should I Get the Dolphin C3?

If you have a 50-foot inground pool that needs regular cleaning, then you’ll have a difficult time finding a robotic pool cleaner that works better than the Dolphin C3.

With this robot patrolling your pool, you’ll almost never have to scrub or skim your pool ever again. It would be perfect if it came stock with a remote control, but the controller module on the included transport caddy covers all of the bases.

Dolphin C3 Commercial Robotic Pool Cleaner Review

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