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Dolphin Premier vs Polaris F9550: Robotic Pool Cleaners

These two powerful in-ground robotic swimming pool cleaners take the time and hassle out of pool cleaning. With the Dolphin Premier, Maytronics chose to focus on efficiency. For the Polaris F9550 Sport, Zodiac concentrated on customization.

Dolphin Premier
Dolphin Premier

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The Dolphin Premier boasts an energy-saving DC motor and Smart-Nav navigation. It comes with two types of filtration media and a power cord that swivels to reduce the likelihood of tangles. You can even choose from among three cleaning schedules.

Like the Dolphin Premier, the Polaris F9550 runs on a DC motor and has a swiveling power cord. Instead of a direct-drive system, this Polaris model features four-wheel drive, allowing it to traverse over obstacles with ease.

Polaris F9550
Polaris F9550

Its Vortex Vacuum technology maintains the robotic pool cleaner’s excellent level of suction, and the intelligent controls let you program a cleaning schedule, select the pool shape and more. There is also an alert system to tell you when an error occurs.

A DC Motor

The Dolphin Premier
The Dolphin Premier’s efficiency centers on its commercial-strength DC motor. This 24-volt motor drastically cuts down on energy use in comparison to robotic pool cleaners with an AC motor, and it’s super quiet. Consuming just 180 watts, it will only cost you a mere 5 cents every hour it runs.

Even though the pool cleaner comes with a generous 3-year warranty, you can replace parts by yourself easily and quickly due to the robots modular built. If you need to utilize the warranty, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s not limited to the number of cycles or hours on its motor.

Dolphin Premier Video

The Polaris F9550
Just like Maytronics, Zodiac chose to put a DC motor in its Polaris F9550. Therefore, you get the same benefits you from the Polaris as you do from the Premier, including low motor noise, greater energy efficiency, and overall longevity. In fact, the 30-volt DC motor in the F9550 Sport uses 30 fewer watts than the Premier’s motor.

This swimming pool cleaner also comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. Zodiac offers 2 years’ worth of coverage on the Polaris F9550. Although the warranty period isn’t as long as the Dolphin Premier’s, it’s still longer than the industry standard warranty, which only lasts for 1 year.

When it comes to the motor, you can’t go wrong with either robotic pool cleaner. Each one contains an efficient DC motor that won’t put a dent in your electricity bill. Plus, the warranty period for each model goes beyond what you get from other manufacturers, and we have to give props to Maytronics for making parts replacement simple for any do-it-yourselfer.

Polaris F9550 Sport Robotic In-Ground Pool Cleaner

Advanced Maneuverability

Dolphin Premier
Finding its way around your swimming pool is no problem for the Dolphin Premier. It uses Maytronics’ Smart-Nav software, which scans your pool to configure a route that reduces cleaning time and covers the most square footage. Thanks to a 360-degree swiveling power cord, the robot won’t get hung up as it cleans the bottom, surface or walls of your pool.

With a balancing mechanism in the handle, this robot pool cleaner easily climbs walls. It’s even equipped with direct-drive Hypergrip tracks that keep slippage to a minimum as the robotic cleaner makes its way up and down pool walls. These tracks also prevent the robot from becoming stuck on ladders and drains.

Polaris F9550 Sport Video

Polaris F9550
This robotic in-ground pool cleaner also has an advanced navigation system. ActivMotor Sensor Technology allows the robot to navigate all in-ground pools, including free-form and large swimming pools. To keep its 60-foot-long power cord from becoming tangled, Zodiac designed it to swivel with low torque.

It has a four-wheel drive system that enables the robot to climb over obstacles. The Aqua-Trax tires are affixed with rugged tread, allowing it to clean the floors and walls of your swimming pool. It also boasts Zodiac’s Easy Lift system. With a touch of a button, you can drive the cleaner to the edge of the pool where you can lift the cleaner out of the pool by its integrated handle.

Each pool cleaner is a whiz at navigation. They are both equipped with intelligent software, and their power cords rotate to prevent the power cord from looping and tangling. The Dolphin Premier’s Hypergrip tracks ensure the cleaner stays on the sides of your pool while cleaning them, and the Polaris F9550 Sport’s four-wheel-drive system makes the robot highly capable of climbing obstacles.

Polaris F9550 vs Dolphin Premier (1)

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Comprehensive Filtration

Dolphin Premier
MultiMedia Now is the name of the filtration system Maytronics integrated into the Dolphin Premier. With MultiMedia Now, you can select from among four kinds of filters. When you purchase the Premier, you automatically get a set of twin cartridges as well as a large bag, which is pre-installed for your convenience.

With the micro-filters, the robotic swimming pool cleaner captures algae and fine debris. The cloth bag is ideal for gathering large debris like leaves and insects. You don’t have to detach the bag to check if it’s full – The Dolphin Premier’s indicator light illuminates the moment the bag needs to be emptied.

Polaris F9550
The Polaris’ filtration system is no slouch at removing fine and coarse debris. It comes with a filtration canister that’s designed to trap small and large debris. This means you can count on the F9550 to get rid of all the yucky particles that plague your swimming pool.

Its indicator light alerts you to all types of errors, including when the filter is saturated by debris. Once it’s time to clean the filter, you’ll find the process to be easy and mess-free. All you have to do is shake off the debris and rinse it with water.

There are two earmarks of a great filtration system in terms of robotic pool cleaners. First, the system should be effective at removing both small and large particles. Second, the system must be easy to maintain. Both the Premier and the F9550 Sport possess these qualities.

Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner Review

Incredible Scrubbing and Suctioning

Dolphin Premier
The walls are typically home to the majority of the debris in a swimming pool. Thankfully, the Dolphin Premier has a pair of scrubbing brushes that are able to thoroughly loosen these debris, so the cleaner can suction them into its inlet.

As the robot cleans the pool’s walls and tile work, it flips on its side, allowing its bristles to dig as deep as possible. This means biofilm, algae, and bacteria don’t stand a chance. If you purchase the remote, which comes separately from the robot, you can also spot clean your pool.

Polaris F9550
Instead of scrubbers, the Polaris uses non-marring blades to remove algae and bacteria from the walls of your pool. As the blades lift these substances, the robotic pool cleaner’s Vortex Vacuum suctions the debris at a strong, even rate.

This robot comes with a remote, which offers a bevy of useful functions. Like the Dolphin Premier’s remote, you can use the Polaris F9550’s remote to drive the cleaner to any area of your pool that requires extra attention.

You don’t have to worry about weak suction with the Polaris F9550 Sport, and both robotic cleaners offer powerful scrubbing action via two capable yet unique brushes. You also have the option of spot cleaning when you use the cleaners’ respective remote controls. However, the Dolphin Premier’s remote is a separate purchase.

Polaris F9550 vs Dolphin Premier

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Programming and Customizing

Dolphin Premier
No two pool environments are the same. Therefore, you can set your own cleaning schedule by weekly frequency. Per your selection, the robot will clean your pool one time, two times or three times each week. Scheduled programming is available with the remote or through the on-board smart controls.

Unlike competing swimming pool cleaners, the Dolphin Premier can clean your pool in less time. In comparison to other robotic cleaners that take about 6 hours to complete a cleaning cycle, the Premier can get the job done in 3 hours.

Polaris F9550
You can receive the time-saving benefit of scheduled programming with the Polaris F9550 Sport too. With its controls, you can set a schedule according to the days and times that work for you, so you aren’t limited to a weekly frequency.

There are three other customizable options. You can set the robot to clean the bottom, the bottom, and sides or the waterline of the pool, and you can select the shape of your pool – free-form or rectangular. You also have two choices for the level of cleaning the robot performs, which are high-intensity and intensive.

Dolphin Premier Review

Customizable performance options are always welcome. Both robotic in-ground pool cleaners offer scheduled programming, which is a great help to busy families. While the Dolphin Premier has the advantage in regard to its short cleaning cycle, the Polaris F9550 is the winner in terms of letting the user tailor the way it cleans.

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Difference Between the Dolphin Premier and the Polaris F9550 Sport

ModelDolphin PremierPolaris F9550 Sport
Pool SizeUp to 50 FtUp to 60 Ft
Pool TypeIn-GroundIn-Ground
Cleaning Cycle3 Hours1.5 / 2.5 Hours
Tangle-free SwivelYesYes
Cable Length60 Ft70 Ft
Weight22 lbs21 lbs
Dimensions23 x 19 x 14 in22 x 22 x 18.5 in
FiltrationMulti-LayerMedium to Fine
FilterBag/Cartridge, Bottom-loadBasket, Top-load
Cleaning CoverageFloor, Walls, WaterlineFloor, Walls, Waterline
Brushes2 Brushes2 Brushes
Remote ControlNoYes
Weekly TimerYesYes
Full Bag IndicatorYesYes
DriveTracks4WD / 4 Wheels
Release/First SeenMar, 2016Aug, 2014

Two Intelligent and Effective Pool Cleaners

Choosing between these two robotic in-ground pool cleaners is a tough call. Both have a DC motor, and the parts on the Dolphin Premier are easy to replace, which means little downtime. Plus, the Premier has an awesome warranty.

Dolphin Premier

Each robotic pool cleaner is equipped with excellent navigation software and a non-tangling cord that swivels. Thanks to the rolling tracks and balancing rod on the Premier and the four-wheel drive suspension on the F9550, neither model will get stuck on drains. Also, both robots have fully encompassing scrubbing and filtration systems.

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The main disparity is with the robotic pool cleaners’ controls. The Polaris F9550 Sport offers a variety of cleaning options while the Dolphin Premier only provides programmed scheduling.

Regardless, the Premier’s navigation software makes controls like pool shape unnecessary, and it can finish a cleaning cycle in rapid time. Whether you go with the Dolphin Premier or the Polaris F9550 Sport, you’re making a great choice.

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