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Can You Swim With a Robotic Pool Cleaner in the Pool?

People don’t tell you about owning a pool because it requires a ton of maintenance. However, you can outsource many cleaning functions to a robotic pool cleaner. With a robotic pool cleaner by your side, you can spend more of the spring and summer enjoying your pool rather than keeping it swim-ready for your guests.

While robotic pool cleaners are convenient, fishing them out of the water every time you want to take a dip can be a pain in the neck. One question many first-time buyers have is whether or not they can swim with a robotic pool cleaner in the pool simultaneously.

Can You Swim With a Robotic Pool Cleaner in the Pool?

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Can You Swim with a Robotic Pool Cleaner?

The straightforward answer to this age-old problem is yes, you can. Many users don’t experience any issues when wading through the pool water while their robot is just chilling at the base. As long as the robotic pool cleaner isn’t doing anything at the time, then you’re more than free to enjoy your day in the warm water of your swimming pool. Just make sure nobody steps on it!

Can You Swim in Your Pool While the Robotic pool cleaner Is Working?

Here’s another commonly asked question people have regarding their robotic pool cleaners: can they enjoy their pools while the robot is in the middle of a clean cycle?

The answer to this question is yes, you can, but it’s not recommended. As you and your guests swim in the pool, all of your movements will stir up the water. When you stir the water, you’re mixing newly filtered water with contaminated water, making it nearly impossible for robotic pool cleaners to achieve near-perfect cleaning.

Also, because your robotic pool cleaner is tethered to the remote control via a floating cable, likely, you or one of your guests will accidentally run into the robot or the cable. And the worst possible thing that could happen is you tug on the cable and cause the remote control to fall into the pool.

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus
Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus

Another thing worth mentioning is that the robotic pool cleaner uses electricity to operate. If anything goes awry, there’s a slight chance that the robot can turn into a toaster and shock anyone in your pool. So, while it’s generally considered to be OK to swim while your robot is working, users should use their judgment to determine whether or not it’s worth the risk.

Dolphin Premier
Dolphin Premier

Can I Leave a Robotic pool cleaner in My Pool?

Yes, you can. Robotic pool cleaners are made with waterproof, anticorrosive components, which fare well against water and low concentrations of pool chemicals. It’s entirely possible to leave your robot in the pool overnight or even weeks at a time if you don’t feel like fishing it out of the water every time you want to take a dip.

Just make sure you disconnect the floating cable from the robot before cannonballing into your pool. Again, you could accidentally tug on the floating cable and cause the remote control to fall into the pool water.


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