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Dolphin Quantum Robotic Inground Pool Cleaner Review

Owning a pool and wondering how to get all the dirt out? Or perhaps you are really concerned about picking out a pool cleaner from the host of available robotic pool cleaners on the market? We totally understand that feeling and that’s why we will have a look at the Dolphin Quantum Robotic Inground Pool Cleaner in this review.

Dolphin Quantum Robotic Inground Pool Cleaner Review
Dolphin Quantum

To sum it up, the Dolphin Quantum is a very unique and extremely effective robotic pool cleaner. Through the use of powerful scrubbing brushes, a powerful suction system, and an incredibly unique cartridge filter, this robotic pool cleaner can thoroughly clean your pool and filter out what’s in it. Because of those qualities, if you’re looking for a robotic pool cleaner, the Dolphin Quantum is highly recommended.

Pros: Very unique filtration system, powerful scrubbing brushes, excellent suction system

Cons: Quite expensive


A lot of pool owners are concerned about keeping their pool spotless all week long. When it comes to thorough pool cleaning, the variable micron filtration on this particular robotic pool cleaner is strong enough to trap all your dirt to the tiniest of detail.

When it says “quantum robotic” in its name, it doesn’t aim to entice you with lofty words. This robotic pool cleaner is packed with efficient SmartNav 2.0 which would make sure that its robotic navigations are extremely efficient. It takes away the concern of having your cleaner navigate aimlessly throughout the swimming pool.

Dolphin Quantum Robotic Inground Pool Cleaner
Dolphin Quantum

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Loading Cartridge

This pool cleaner boasts of one of the biggest loading cartridges you can get on any robotic inground pool cleaner. Whether you just experienced a storm or you have a lot of leaves and flowers falling into your pool, you can continuously clean out the debris without feeling the immediate need of pulling the robot pool cleaner out for unloading.

A number of pool cleaners in the market like the Dolphin Premier would stop if the cartridge gets full, but not the Dolphin Quantum robotic pool cleaner. It always completes its cycle. The screen would comfortably take in the heavier debris while the finer particle cleaner would suck up the rest without choking.

Dolphin Quantum
Dolphin Quantum

Hyperbrush Dual Brushes

Imagine the feeling you get after using one of those powerful electric toothbrushes. That’s what this cleaner replicates in your pool. With its dual hyper brushes, it would clean your pool to the point that you are confident inviting friends over for a swimming session. It also adds Power Jet 3D Vectored Thrust for improved mobility and a deeper clean.

Hypergrip Rubber Tracks

The way this robotic cleaner moves around your pool, you can be sure it does know what its job is. With its hypergrip rubber tracks and the way it clings to walls and tiles, wheeled cleaners can’t compete. It has an amazing way of climbing walls with ease.

Variable Micro Filtration

Like we said earlier, the Dolphin Quantum Robotic Pool Cleaner is capable of taking away all the debris that comes with storms. A lot of pool cleaners out there do the exact same thing, but what if you need perfection? What if you want your pool to be absolutely spotless? Is that too much to ask? That’s where the microfilters, built into this cleaner, make all the difference.

Dolphin Quantum Robotic Pool Cleaner Review
Dolphin Quantum

It makes sure the tiniest of debris are not overlooked. Fines and even #algae cannot stand the extra detailed cleaning power of the Dolphin Quantum Robotic Inground Pool Cleaner.

Robotic Navigation that’s Efficient

With its SmartNav 2.0 navigation system your quantum cleaner is ready to tour your pool without missing any area. It literally “learns” your pool as it works perfectly. Whenever it gets stuck on the drain, it figures that out on its own within few seconds and lifts itself off the drains by turning on its jets.

After running lengthwise, it turns 90 degrees and runs widthwise. It repeats this navigation severally over its cleaning cycle making sure that up to 100 percent of your pool is left sparkling.

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Ergonomic Design

If what you want is a thoroughly made pool cleaner, then it couldn’t be better than this. Because of the way it’s pre-programmed to navigate around your pool, the cord would hardly get tangled. The weight of this cleaner is just perfect enough to keep it from tipping.

Another aspect of this pool cleaner’s design that strikes a chord is the ease with which you could clean and replace the filter tray. Simply pull the lid latch on the quantum cleaner with your index finger. Once the tray is out, easily rinse out the four filters and replace the filter tray, period. It couldn’t get any easier!

Dolphin Quantum Review
Dolphin Quantum

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Dolphin Quantum: Bottom Line

With the entrance of the Dolphin Quantum Cleaner into your pool comes a level of relief. Leaves and fines that find their way into your pool would be of no concern at all to you! This pool cleaner is more detailed than a lot of pool-cleaner products and most pool guys out there.

We are not implying that the pool man cleaning your pool isn’t doing an excellent job, but then, who would be happy spending extra bucks on a pool man when they could easily afford this awesome cleaner from Dolphin/Maytronics, the Dolphin Quantum Robotic Inground Pool Cleaner.

Dolphin Quantum Robotic Pool Cleaner (2024...
  • Cleaning made convenient. Easy-to-use, light weight in-ground robotic pool cleaner with a...
  • Cleans with ease. Anti-tangling swivel technology allows the Quantum to move freely around...

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