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Dolphin Nautilus CC vs Nautilus CC Plus: Robotic Pool Cleaners

Stop relying on your swimming pool’s filter and pump system and get an independently operating robotic in-ground pool cleaner like the Dolphin Nautilus CC or Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus.

These robotic cleaners are equipped with precision technology that logically navigates the robots along the bottom and sides of your pool. Each model is lightweight and offers top-loading filtration for easy maintenance, and it only takes one push of a button to start a cleaning cycle, which is short in duration.

Dolphin Nautilus CC Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner
Dolphin Nautilus CC


The Nautilus CC Plus boasts Maytronics’ ingenious swiveling power cord, preventing tangles and hang-ups that are a real pain to straighten.

Although the Nautilus CC doesn’t offer this feature, its navigation software does an excellent job of keeping this problem from occurring. As opposed to the Nautilus’ single-brush system, the CC Plus has two brushes as well as a timer function that allows you to set a schedule for fully automated cleaning.

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Difference Between the Dolphin Nautilus CC and CC Plus

Dolphin Nautilus CCDolphin Nautilus CC Plus
DolphinNautilus CCNautilus CC Plus
Pool SizeUp to 33 FtUp to 50 Ft
Pool TypeIn-GroundIn-Ground
Cleaning Cycle2 Hours2 Hours
Tangle-free SwivelNoYes
Cable Length50 Ft60 Ft
Weight13.8 lbs19 lbs
Dimensions16 x 16 x 9 in16 x 10 x 16 in
FiltrationFineFine, Ultra Fine
FilterBasket, Top-loadCartridge, Top-load
Cleaning CoverageFloor and WallsFloor and Walls
Brushes1 Brush2 Brushes
Remote ControlNoNo
Bluetooth / Wi-FiNoNo
Weekly TimerYesYes
Cycle SelectorNoNo
Delay ModeNoNo
Full Bag IndicatorNoNo
Automation ModeYesNo
Release/First SeenJan, 2017Apr, 2015

CleverClean Navigation

The Dolphin Nautilus CC

At the heart of this in-ground pool cleaner, there is Maytronics’ CleverClean Technology. This software is designed to quickly scan your swimming pool to calculate its shape and measurements. In turn, the software sends the robot on an efficient, non-random route, providing superior wall and side coverage as it moves around obstacles.

With each cleaning cycle, the robotic cleaner creates a new map of your swimming pool to account for the exact placement of all objects. In addition to navigation, the software also uses a special algorithm to ensure the 40-foot-long power cord remains tangle-free. Of course, you are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, which lasts for 1 year.

The Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus

Like the Nautilus CC, the Dolphin Nautilus CC “Plus” uses intelligent navigation to learn the specifics of your swimming pool’s floor and walls. The robot also moves in a back-and-forth pattern, ensuring full coverage of your pool by the day’s end.

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner
Nautilus CC Plus

The power cord on the CC Plus is 10 feet longer than the original Nautilus CC, making this robotic cleaner ideal for larger swimming pools. To keep tangles at bay, the cleaner has that 360-degree rotating power cord for which Maytronics is known. You also get an extended warranty period for 24 months of coverage.

Conclusion: As far as navigation is concerned, you won’t be disappointed by either robotic pool cleaner. They are both accurate at detecting your pool’s size and shape, allowing them to navigate efficiently. Although the Nautilus CC doesn’t have the CC Plus’ swiveling cord, it does use an algorithm to prevent tangles.

Active Brushing

Dolphin Nautilus CC

Maytronics put a powerful Active brush on the Dolphin Nautilus CC. With this single brush, the robotic cleaner is able to thoroughly scrub dirt and algae from the hard surfaces of your pool all the way to the swimming pool’s waterline.

This brush moves at a fast pace, spinning at double the speed that the robot moves to ensure that no dirt is left behind. Along with scrubbing, the Active brush does double duty by giving the robot enough traction to remain in place while climbing your pool’s walls. With a durable pair of tracks, the robot can produce enough friction to get pesky large debris like leaves.

Dolphin Nautilus CC Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner Review
Dolphin Nautilus CC

Dolphin Nautilus Plus

Twice the number of brushes mean twice the scrubbing power. The Nautilus CC Plus is equipped with two brushes, giving it a boost in its cleaning abilities. Just as with the original Nautilus, the CC Plus’ brushes spin rapidly to loosen even the most stubborn grime.

For additional protection, the drive pulley tracks on the CC Plus are enclosed in the robot’s housing. Therefore, you can count on the tracks to last for years. Although they aren’t exposed like the tracks on the Nautilus CC, the CC Plus’ tracks are great at helping the robot stay secure on pool walls.

Conclusion: Thanks to their durable drive pulleys, both the Nautilus CC and Nautilus CC Plus are robust in terms of how they traverse the terrain of your swimming pool. Even though the CC Plus boasts two Active brushes, the one Active brush on the Nautilus CC will still exceed your cleaning expectations.

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Video

Lightweight Handling

Dolphin Nautilus CC

Predecessors of the Dolphin Nautilus CC weighed in the 30-pound range, which presented a problem for some users when maintaining and storing those robots. Therefore, Maytronics cut the current Dolphin Nautilus’ weight by half. With a weight of 16.5 pounds and a recessed handle, you’ll find it easy to lift and carry the robot.

To give the robotic cleaner more buoyancy while in the pool, the motor is surrounded by Styrofoam. When you need to take the robot out of the water, its water-release system quickly dumps the water out of the unit, so it doesn’t get bogged down by extra water.

Dolphin Nautilus Plus

If you thought 16.5 pounds was light, the CC Plus’ weight of 13.8 pounds makes it seem like a feather in your hands. If you have arthritis or other mobility challenges, you’ll appreciate how lightweight the Nautilus CC Plus feels. The robotic cleaner also has a raised handle, which makes it slightly easier to lift out of the water than the Nautilus CC.

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner Review
Nautilus CC Plus

With the CC Plus, you also get the same water-release system that the Nautilus CC offers. This means the water pours out at a fast pace, so you can get to the task of maintenance quicker. The motor also has Styrofoam around it to lend the robotic pool cleaner the perfect level of buoyancy.

Conclusion: As capable as they are at cleaning in-ground swimming pools, it’s hard to believe that they weigh as light as they do. Both are extremely lightweight for no-hassle handling, and you won’t get burdened by additional water weight due to their quick water-release system. However, the Plus model does have a slight edge over the Nautilus CC with its raised handle.

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Top-Loading Filter

Dolphin Nautilus CC

Disassembling your pool cleaner and wrestling with a tricky-to-remove filter are problems of the past. With the Dolphin Nautilus CC, you can access the filter from the top of the robot. For you, this means less mess and hassle. Simply undo the latch, and the hinged door will pop open, revealing the filter basket that’s designed to capture fine and large debris.

The filter is just as easy to clean as it is to remove. Once you take the filter out of the cleaner, all you need to do is rinse it off with water and push it back into place. With proper maintenance, you won’t have to buy a new filter for quite some time.

Dolphin Nautilus Plus

You won’t have any trouble reaching the filter in the Nautilus CC Plus either. The large-capacity filter also loads from the top by opening the same type of hinged door that’s on the Nautilus CC. The CC Plus comes with two sets of filter cartridges for small and big debris trapping.

Like the filter setup in the Nautilus CC, the cartridges that come with the CC Plus are reusable. When they become covered in debris, remove them and give them a thorough rinse with water. After they dry, pop them back into the compartment, and the robot will be ready for another round of cleaning.

Conclusion: You don’t have to change filters to get both small and large particles out of your swimming pool. The filtration system in both robotic pool cleaners can trap debris of all sizes. You’ll also love how easy it is to get to the filters inside of each robot.

Touch Controls

Dolphin Nautilus CC

Sometimes simple is best. With the Dolphin Nautilus CC, the controls are streamlined for ease of use. A single touch of a button starts a cleaning cycle. Once a cycle commences, it takes 2 to 2.5 hours for the robot to finish cleaning, which is extremely fast compared to robotic pool cleaners made by other brands.

Although you can’t set an automated cleaning schedule with the Nautilus CC, the robot does offer an option that makes cleaning even faster. If you only want the cleaner to tackle the debris on the bottom of your swimming pool, you can opt to engage the Nautilus’ quick-clean mode.

Dolphin Nautilus Plus

It only takes the Nautilus CC Plus approximately 2.5 hours to complete an entire cleaning cycle. Just as with the Nautilus, you can send the CC Plus on its way by pressing a single button. In the span of a few hours, your pool will go from yucky to crystal clear.

Nautilus CC Plus

From the power supply that comes with the robotic cleaner, you can program a cleaning schedule. There are three selections from which to choose. You can set the robot to clean your pool once a week for regular maintenance. If your swimming pool is located in an area where its prone to falling leaves or sand, you can program it to clean two or three times per week.

Conclusion: Touch buttons are the easiest controls you can have on a pool cleaner, and that’s just what you get with both robots. The power supply for each one has a digital display panel to confirm your selections. With the CC Plus, you can set a schedule on a weekly frequency. Although the Nautilus CC doesn’t offer this option, it does have a quick-clean mode.

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Dolphin Nautilus CC vs Nautilus CC Plus: Better Than Basic

While the Dolphin Nautilus CC and Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus are both categorized as entry-level robotic pool cleaners, they are anything but basic.

Dolphin Nautilus CC Robotic Pool Vacuum...
  • WALL-SCRUBBING POWER: Dolphin Nautilus CC climbs walls efficiently, ensuring thorough...
  • ACTIVE SCRUBBING: Elevate your pool maintenance with the Dolphin Nautilus CC - active...

Both robots are equipped with Maytronics’ proprietary CleverClean navigation, allowing them to make precise movements. Neither one’s power cord is likely to tangle thanks to the software in the Nautilus CC and the swiveling cord on the CC Plus.

These robotic in-ground pool cleaners also have top-notch drive pulleys for stability while climbing. The Nautilus CC has a fast-spinning Active brush while the CC Plus boasts a pair of the same type of brush. Both robots contain an easy-to-reach, reusable filter that can handle large and small debris.

Both models are extremely lightweight; however, Maytronics shaved off 3 pounds from the CC Plus, keeping it under the 15-pound mark. The slight difference in the handle configuration makes the CC Plus a little easier to grab.

They also have simple controls that include a quick-clean mode in the Nautilus CC and a scheduled cleaning option in the CC Plus. Want to kick off your summer the leisurely way? You can with either of these robotic pool cleaners by Maytronics.

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool Vacuum...
  • WALL-SCRUBBING POWER: Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus climbs walls efficiently, ensuring thorough...
  • ACTIVE SCRUBBING: Elevate your pool maintenance with the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus - active...

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