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Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal Review

If you want to get the most out of your iRobot Roomba i series, then you should consider picking up the Clean Base. Read our review of the iRobot Clean Base to see whether the self-emptying function of your Roomba i series is worth the additional investment.

Clean Base™ Automatic Dirt Disposal

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Compatible with i series and s9 Models

First and foremost, the Clean Base is compatible only with the i series robot and s9 models. Unfortunately, you cannot use this self-sufficient charging dock to vacuum the contents out of non-Roomba or Roombas of a different series. This is because their dust bins are incompatible with the replacement dust bin that comes with the Clean Base.

If you have an i7+ or s9+, then you should already have a Clean Base. You’ll only need to purchase a replacement Clean Base if the warranty is void or your current Clean Base is broken beyond repair.

Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal Review

Comes with Replacement Dust Bin

The replacement dust bin is the most essential part of the Clean Base. Without it, your i7 or s9 robotic vacuums will not work with the Clean Base. Make sure that the replacement dust bin is not cracked and fits perfectly inside of your i series or s9.

Collection Bags Last Up to 60 Days

The Clean Base is the ideal solution for effective, hassle-free vacuuming. Each collection bag inside of the Clean Base can store up to 30 sessions’ worth of dust, hair, and debris, which roughly translates into two months of accumulated debris. Basically, you can set up your i series or s9 robot and forget about it. Every 60 days, come back to the Clean Base to replace the collection bag.

iRobot Clean Base Review

Full Indicator

The Clean Base is just as intelligent as your Roomba. It knows when its collection bag has reached maximum capacity. If you leave your robot for over two months without replacing the bag, the Clean Base will prevent your Roomba from commencing its cleaning cycle so as to prevent the Clean Base from spilling its contents.

Allergen Sealed Bags

iRobot has implemented Allergen Seal Technology onto every collection bag compatible with the Clean Base. As you remove the bag from the base, you won’t have to worry about a cloud of dust flying out and littering your floors. While the bags aren’t HEPA grade, they do a good enough job at retaining the tiniest dust specks from seeping out.

iRobot Clean Base

Includes 2 Collection Bags

With your purchase of the Clean Base, iRobot will throw in two collection bags to try out. After about 120 days when the bags are filled, you’ll need to purchase replacement bags. The bags are sold in packs of three.

110V Only

Please note that if you live in a country that uses 220/230V outlets, then you’ll need a converter to use the Clean Base. You should have one anyway since the standard charging docks of Roomba robots are 110V only. We’re just letting you know, seeing as how several new customers have complained about their Clean Base not working due to voltage restrictions.

Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal

iRobot Roomba Authentic Replacement Parts -...
  • Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal
  • 2 Dirt Disposal Bags

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