It’s important to keep your humidifier clean. Failing to do so can lead to the humidifier not working very well. Certain elements can become clogged, or they can degrade, which damages the functionality of the entire unit.

Best Way to Clean a Humidifier

More importantly, however, is that your humidifier needs to be disinfected because if it isn’t, there is a strong chance that it could spread potentially harmful bacteria in the air, leading to minor – but annoying – illnesses such as the common cold.

Sometimes, though, if a humidifier hasn’t been disinfected for a very long time, the contaminants being put into the air are even more unfortunate, and these can lead to things like having a really bad cough, a high fever, and even lung disease.

While those particular illnesses are uncommon, it’s safe to say that cleaning out your humidifier is still a really good idea. And, it only takes a couple of minutes! There really isn’t anything to lose by taking the time to clean out and disinfect your humidifier, to ensure that the unit continues to work and that the air remains clean.

Clean a Humidifier