Levoit’s products are the perfect blend of form and function. As a sub-brand of Eteckity Group, Levoit humidifiers are sold internationally throughout North America, Asia and Europe.

Although Levoit is a global brand, it’s based out of Anaheim, California right here in the United States, and the company prides itself on its holistic approach to health and wellness.

Best Levoit Humidifiers

The Levoit Difference

Humidifiers made by Levoit not only look attractive in any space but also perform efficiently to humidify the air.

Instead of fans and other moving parts, these humidifiers are equipped with ultrasonic technology, which uses high-frequency sound waves to turn water into mist droplets. With this inclusion of ultrasonic technology, you get long-lasting, quiet performance.

Each humidifier also diffuses essential oil into the air when added to its reservoir, allowing you to enjoy on-demand aromatherapy. You’ll also love their streamlined controls, lengthy run times and bonuses like a programmable humidistat and a nightlight.

Best Levoit Humidifiers

Levoit Humidifier Classic 100

If you’re fed up of your dry conditions and need some respite, look no further than this Levoit Classic 100. It’s perfectly built for your home to provide you and your family with a cooler and more breathable environment.