Humidifiers are wondrous appliances. When used correctly, they have the ability to improve the overall health and wellness of you and your pets by increasing the surrounding area’s relative humidity. They can also reduce the likelihood of contracting the flu, and they are able to ease asthma and cold symptoms. Due to the moisture they put out, humidifiers can lower static electricity and safeguard wood furniture.

whole house humidifier

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A portable humidifier can prove to have so many benefits at home. When looking for one to serve the entire house, there are a few qualities you’ll need to look for. This guide is made to ensure you have the right information to find you right humidifier to cover the entire house based on your needs.

Best Portable Humidifier for Whole House

Introduction to Humidifiers

From keeping the humidity to the optimum percentage to ensuring your furniture and hardwood floors are well protected, to minimizing the risk of allergies and the flu, the perks of having a decent humidifier are almost too many to count. There are various positives to health and general protective measures that make have a humidifier a good investment in the long run.

When attempting to make what is to be a wise purchase, you want to be certain that you’ve considered every factor possible. That said, these are the things you need to look for when choosing a humidifier to serve an entire abode that can be easily transported.

Our Recommended Whole-House Humidifiers

Levoit Humidifiers Vaporizer (LV600HH Model)

This white, ultra-modern humidifier from Levoit is a sleek addition to any home. It uses ultrasonic technology to produce cool and warm mist while still managing to generate a mere 36 decibels of sound. This humidifier even contains an aromatherapy drawer where you can add your favorite essential oils.