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Stadler Form OSKAR Evaporative Cool Mistless Humidifier Review

Improve your well-being while helping the environment with the Stadler Form OSKAR Humidifier. With its modern style and cubic shape, this humidifier doesn’t look like clunky and ugly like some humidifiers.

Stadler Form O-021 OSKAR Evaporative Cool Mistless Humidifier Black

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However, there is more to love besides its minimalist design. The sizable water tank, huge outlet and eco-friendly wick filters can put out enough cool, moisturized air to fill any large room in your house, and there is a special drawer for adding essential oil if you want to enjoy an aromatherapy experience.

From the unobtrusive control panel, you can change the output setting and relative humidity. You also have the option of dimming the LED indicator lights on the panel. Since this is an evaporative humidifier, you won’t be bothered by loud noises or messy white powder.

Stadler Form OSKAR Review

Energy Efficient

Even though the 9.7-inch cubed appliance can humidify a whopping 540 square feet, it barely uses any electricity. Depending on the output speed you’ve set it to, the 6.8-pound OSKAR humidifier consumes a mere 6 to 18 watts of energy.

Since it’s an evaporative humidifier, it doesn’t spit out mineral deposits in the form of white powder. Since Stadler Form tests each humidifier before its sold, you can count on the OSKAR to give you years of reliable humidification.

Quiet and Cool

With the ability to put out 2.4 gallons of cool mist per day from its huge outlet, you’d think that the humidifier must have a loud, powerful motor. Well, it may be powerful, but it isn’t noisy. In fact, the decibel level ranges from 26 to 39.

The built-in tank holds 3.5 liters of water, and there is a vertical window on the side of the humidifier that lets you see the water level with a quick look.

When the tank is empty, the humidifier shuts down on its own. To customize the output to the room’s size, you can choose a low speed of 200 grams per hour or a high speed of 370 grams per hour.

Stadler Form OSKAR Evaporative Cool Mistless Humidifier Review

Antibacterial Wicks

Inside of the humidifier, there are two wick filters that help evaporate the water. These wicks last about 3 months, and they are designed to destroy bacteria.

When the wicks are worn out, the humidifier’s filter light illuminates. To access them, simply lift the top from the base. After you replace the wicks, feel free to recycle them because they are constructed from biodegradable material.

Essential Oil Compartment

As a bonus, there is a push-open drawer that holds an aromatherapy sponge, which absorbs and distributes the essential oil with the mist.

While the ability to enjoy aromatherapy is a great selling feature, there are other fantastic extras on this humidifier. You can set the appliance to maintain a specified humidity level from 40 percent to 55 percent.

There is also an ionic silver cube in the tank that rids the water of dangerous pathogens, and you can dim or completely turn off all the LED lights on the control panel.

Stadler Form OSKAR Humidifier

OSKAR Humidifier: Stylish and Dynamic

When you have an efficient humidifier that doubles as a decor object, it’s an appliance worth keeping. The OSKAR is all of this and more. It boasts a huge water tank and dual-speed mist output to deliver dust-free mist from the outlet grill that stretches from corner to corner of the top panel.

There are also two wicks instead of one, allowing the water to evaporate at a fast rate, and you can recycle the wick filters when you’re done with them.

Every button on the control panel is labeled, including the humidity function and light dimmer. You can even add essential oil without damaging the tank, and there is an ionic silver device in the tank to maintain the water’s integrity.

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