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Vornado Evap40 4-Gallon Evaporative Humidifier Review

Tired of that dry air in your house that has you waking up with a stuffy nose and a scratchy throat in the morning? An evaporative humidifier like the Evap40 will keep your airways clear and moist. Made by Vornado, a company known for producing high-quality air-improvement appliances, the Evap40 is a large-capacity, user-friendly humidifier.

Vornado Evap40 4-Gallon Evaporative Humidifier Review

You’ll have no problem getting full coverage in a big room thanks to the Evap40’s strong circulation action. The tanks are incredibly easy to fill and maintain, and the evaporative humidifier is lightweight enough to move from room to room as necessary. You can even control the humidity level by simply turning a knob.

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Double the Circulation Power

One of the Evap40 Evaporative humidifier’s best features is the way it distributes moisture through the air. Instead of a wide, weak spray, Vornado designed the Evap40 to push out air in two counteracting spirals forcefully. This innovative circulation method makes it possible for the humidifier to provide even, complete coverage.

Vornado gives a few options as far as fan speed goes, allowing you to customize the flow of air. You can set the fan to low, medium or high. On low speed, the fan spins at a rate of 750 rpms. On the high setting, the turns at an impressive speed of 1,600 rpms.

It Holds a Lot of Water

No need to run to the sink every couple of hours. This humidifier features two water tanks with one on either side of the main unit. Both reservoirs hold 2 gallons of water for a 4-gallon total capacity, which is huge. These tanks are also designed smartly. Constructed from frosted plastic, you can monitor each reservoir’s water level. Since the plastic is extra-thick, you don’t have to worry about a puddle forming under the humidifier.

No-Hassle Tank Usage

We have to give Vornado props for how easy it is to refill these tanks. There are no locking mechanisms with which to struggle. Instead, the tanks separate from the humidifier with a gentle pull, and they lock back into their nest with a quick push.

Each tank is equipped with a looped handle, so you can carry it with one hand as opposed to cradling it with both arms. You’ll notice there are no caps on the reservoir, which removes an unnecessary step in the refilling process. Plus, they have wide spouts for streamlined efficiency.

Great for Large Rooms

Do you have a spacious master bedroom or an open living room? The Vornado Evap40 can handle those kinds of large spaces. Between its powerful fan and massive water capacity, the evaporative humidifier can increase the humidity in rooms up to 1,000 square feet. If you put the fan on low speed, which is a suitable setting for small rooms, the humidifier’s water supply will last 24 hours.

Automatic Humidity Adjustment

The fan isn’t the only setting you can customize. Raise or lower the humidity level to your liking with the humidistat. Once you choose a setting, the humidistat will ensure the fan runs until the surrounding air meets your desired humidity level. When it does, the humidistat will turn off the fan, restarting it only to maintain the current level.

If fussy and complex don’t appeal to you, you’ll love the Evap40’s control panel. The light gray panel only has two controls and a power indicator that lets you know the humidifier has power running to it. Even better, the humidistat and the fan controls are simple dials with clear labels and icons for good measure.

Space-Saving Size

Whether you put the Evap40 on the floor or a table, it won’t hog all the space. With its maximum room coverage capability in mind, this evaporative humidifier is surprisingly small. At 19.5 inches long, the humidifier’s length is only a few inches longer than a PC keyboard.

The width and the height of the Evap40 measure 10.5 inches and 13.5, respectively. To give you an idea of the compact size of this Vornado humidifier, it’s about an inch thinner and 2 inches taller than the length of piece of a notebook paper.

Along with its dimensions, the weight of the humidifier is low. Weighing just 9 pounds without the tanks filled, you can easily carry the humidifier without straining yourself. It also has an 8-foot-long power cord, which lets you put the humidifier where you want it without struggling to reach an electrical outlet.

Two Wick Filters

Evaporative humidifiers like the Evap40 have a wick. With an average evaporative humidifier, the wick is saturated by the water in the reservoir, and the fan blows air over the wet wick. The Evap40 is no run-of-the-mill evaporative humidifier. Along with its two tanks, the humidifier has a pair of wick filters, which contributes to its 1,000-square-foot coverage area.

Minimal Maintenance Requirements

Nobody has a ton of spare time to intricately clean an appliance regularly. Luckily, it only takes 30 minutes tops to clean the Evap40, and 20 of those minutes are devoted to soaking the inside of the reservoirs with watered-down white vinegar.

Along with the inside of the tanks, you can use diluted bleach to disinfect the exterior of the humidifier and a can of compressed air to blow dust out of the grill. The wick filters should be replaced every month or every other month, depending on the frequency of usage; however, they are easy to replace.

An Outstanding Performer

Vornado has built a great reputation for itself, and the company confidently backs its products as evidenced by the Evap40’s 5-year warranty. There are plenty of other purchase-worthy reasons to get an Evap40 Evaporative Humidifier, such as its vortex action, automatic humidistat and three fan speeds that offer large-room coverage.

You can go a whole day and night without refilling it, especially after the room reaches your desired humidity level. With two tanks, the size of the overall unit stays compact while still having a big total capacity. Plus, you can see through to the inside of the tanks, and they both have a wide spout.

Of course, the humidifier won’t suit everyone’s want list. For instance, the controls are manual dials. Although dials may not appeal to those who prefer digital technology, they don’t detract from the humidifier’s usability. It would also be nice if the filters lasted a little longer than 1-2 months, but you can use distilled water to extend their lifespan. Regardless, the Vornado Evap40 is a reliable, high-performance evaporative humidifier.

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