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Holmes Cool Mist Comfort Humidifier Review (HM1865-NU)

Need to moisten the air in your home? Trying to reduce the effects of cold-weather illnesses? If you are not acquainted with the Holmes Cool Mist Comfort Humidifier, then you need to read this review carefully. This 1.5 gallon tank capacity humidifier not only moistens but relieves dryness in the air in addition to suppressing common ailments associated with cold weather. While many humidifiers are available in the market, one common issue among them is their cumbersome operations.

Holmes HM1865-NU

Typically, this process involves removal and replacement of tanks and valves. However, the Holmes humidifier cuts out all these hassles with its elegant design and ease of operations. All you need to do is put water into the water tank and then turn on the machine and start breathing humidified air. The humidifier’s noiseless operations are amazing with levels less than 30db. You can actually hear yourself breathe while this machine is working.

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Placement is convenient as it comes with a long power cord and is powered from a regular socket. Using the humidifier is quite easy as its indicator lights provide sufficient notification of the current mode, water level, and filter status. There is more to this appliance than this, and you only have to read to find out.

Holmes Cool Mist Comfort Humidifier Review (HM1865-NU)

Easy Filling

Simple yet effective. This is a very apt way of describing the operations of the humidifier. To fill with water, all you need to do is pour water into the top-mounted tank. You don’t have to worry about carrying external tanks and valves around.

Easy Cleaning

The tank is designed to enable cleaning by hand. Its wide structure allows you to reach in and do a thorough cleaning without using cleaning chemicals which could prove harmful to your home.

1.5 Gallon Tank

This humidifier covers large sized rooms. In addition to this wide coverage, it pumps out 48 hours of continuous mist without requiring a refill. You can therefore be sure that your home is adequately covered. Use in any room within the home without issues.

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Advanced Filtration

The manufacturer takes into consideration the health of your loved ones as the humidifier is fitted with a permanent inbuilt air filter. This filter traps and removes bacteria and bad odors. A different air filter is also included which prevents the spread of dust within the room and home.

Holmes Cool Mist Humidifier

Holmes HM1865-NU: Conclusion

The Holmes Cool Mist Comfort Humidifier runs on the latest cool mist technology which generates the right level of moisture for your environment while operating with extremely low noise levels. It weighs just under nine pounds.

It seems all customers who bought this product have nothing but positive reviews to report. One of the most reported features is its ease of use. Being hassle-free gives customers the freedom to operate without having to run around monitoring it. According to customers, it pumps out highly efficient humid vapor that alleviates conditions such as coughs. Noise levels have been a source of commendations too as customer report loving its silent operations.

While some customers state enthusiastically that this humidifier is the best they have ever purchased, others say it is the exact item for which they have long searched.

Holmes Cool Mist Comfort Humidifier Review (HM1865-NU)

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