Our bodies have the ability to evaporate moisture, which cools the body down in warm weather. High humidity, however, can decrease the rate of this process, making people uncomfortable and leading to possible dangerous and unpleasant situations.

Humidity Levels: The different levels humidity can range from comfortable to too high.

Have a hygrometer available to determine the humidity level.
Comfortable: 30%-70%
Recommended: 30%-50%
High: 45%-80%

Mold: High humidity creates ideal conditions for mold to grow and reproduce. If someone is allergic to mold, it can quickly become a nuisance.

– Fix pipes or leaks
– Dehumidifiers
– Mold resistant tub mats and shower curtains

Dust Mites: These microscopic creatures can be found in most homes. Feeding off dead skin from our bodies and thriving in humid conditions. Air conditioned homes have 10 times fewer dust mites.

Other solutions:
Zippered allergen-proof encasing
Anti-dust mite air purifier

Heat stroke: Combined with high temperatures, humidity can be extremely dangerous for people with asthma or heart conditions. Since the body loses its ability to cool down, it can lead to head stroke and other health problems.

Health Benefits of a Humidifier

Low humidity can have adverse effects on human health. Using a humidifier can get rid of these problems. Body parts susceptible to low humidity are the throat & respiratory, eyes and nasal & sinus.

Why Use a Humidifier?

Less risk of infections

Moistened air makes it more difficult for germs and bacteria to travel.

Sinus relief

Moistened sinus function properly, but not in low humidity.

Rehydrates dry skin

Dry air can sap moisture from skin, thus making it dry and dull. Humidifier can prevent that by adding moist in the air.

Heals sickness fast

Faster healing process of respiratory sickness and symptoms is promoted through enough moisture to nasal passages.

Promotes better sleep

Snoring is caused by dry throat like an engine without enough oil to lubricate. If you happen to sleep beside a partner or family member who snores, better get a humidifier.

Keeps eyes free from irritation

Dust and pollen can fly freely on dry air. Enough humidity prevents irritants from dispersing freely.

Prevents hoarseness of throat

Hoarseness of throat is caused by low humidity. There is insufficient moist in the air to lubricate it. Humidifier can help add moist in the air so you can talk smoothly.

Humidifier Good for Babies

Humidifiers are one of those items that usually end up in the majority of the wish lists and baby registries these days. It is a device that uses a steam or a water vapor to balance the humid levels in the room.

These save your little one from dry skin, respiratory illnesses and varied symptoms of cold. Moreover, this comes with an additional perk — improving your baby’s sleep. There are endless numbers of benefits that you can provide to your little one by installing a quality humidifier in the room and they are:

Humidifier Reduces Sickness, and Discomfort

Breathing of the dry air makes the intake of the oxygen and its relevant transfer to the blood system difficult resulting into various respiratory problems. Having a humidifier reduces this kind of discomfort in your baby’s body.

Appropriate Humidification Lowers Developing of Cold

Having humidifier reduces the susceptibility to various air borne infections, dust and other respiratory tract complaints.

Say No to Dry & Itchy Skin

The majority of the human body proportion is composed of water. During winters, especially in the dry air it takes away the moisture causing drying, irritation and itching in the skin. Having a humidifier in the room will eliminate this problem.

No Snoring

Snoring happens due to uneven breathing. Because majority of the time the respiratory path is choked due to cold and cough it makes it difficult for a baby to breathe properly. Humidifier helps in eliminating this problem.

Humidifier Helps Your Baby Sleep and Feel Better

The dry air causes discomfort in the baby’s body. Having balanced humid levels reduces the amount of dry air and dust going