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Hoover Pro Clean Pet Upright Carpet Cleaner FH51050 Review

Hoover is a brand you can trust, seeing as how it’s been around for over a century already. We’ve looked at several Hoover floor cleaners, including carpet cleaners, and we can’t help but be shocked by just how much cleaning power the Hoover Pro Clean FH51050 can deliver.

If your carpets are covered in old wine, food, and pet stains, the Hoover Pro Clean might be exactly what you need.

Hoover Pro Clean Pet Upright Carpet Cleaner FH51050 Review
Hoover Pro Clean Pet FH51050

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DualSpin Powerbrushes

Until you flip the Hoover over or detach the nozzle cover, you won’t see what the floorhead has in store. Inside the floorhead are DualSpin Powerbrushes, which are brush rolls studded with long, stiff bristles to dig deep into carpets and attack old stains directly at the roots.

Both brush rollers spin at high speeds to deliver multiple strikes per second that get rid of the stubbornest stains imaginable in record time.

But that’s not all! The DualSpin Powerbrushes are antimicrobial, meaning that bacteria and other microscopic creepy-crawlies won’t last long when they make contact with the bristles. This ultimately means that users will spend less time manually rinsing the brush rolls between cleaning sessions.

Hoover Pro Clean Pet Upright Carpet Cleaner, Shampooer Machine for Home and Pets, FH51050, Grey
Hoover Pro Clean Pet FH51050

Heatforce Technology

If you’re not familiar with Heatforce Technology, here’s what it is. Built into the Hoover is a tiny air dryer that blasts out heated air onto your carpets.

So, while suctioning away water and cleaning solution, the heated air will evaporate any remaining moisture particles, leaving your carpets as dry as a bone in under 60 minutes. Without Heatforce, it would take carpets about 3 hours to dry completely, on average.

On-Demand Solution Trigger

If you’re sick and tired of carpet cleaners deciding how much or how little cleaning solution to dispense, then the Hoover is definitely for you. On the handle is an on-demand solution trigger that dispenses tiny amounts of cleaning solution in front of the nozzle.

Hoover Pro Clean Pet Upright Carpet Cleaner FH51050
Hoover Pro Clean Pet FH51050

Simply pull and hold the trigger when dealing with stubborn stains and let the DualSpin Powerbrushes do the rest. With an entire gallon of cleaning solution, you can get quite a lot of work done in just one tank.

13-inch Cleaning Path

Just in case you’re wondering how huge this Hoover carpet cleaner is, it’s pretty big—big as in it has a 13-inch-wide nozzle that can clean entire carpets in fewer front-and-backward passes.

This carpet cleaner is great for homeowners with large carpets or for apartments with wall-to-wall carpeting. However, that doesn’t mean this carpet cleaner can’t be used on upholstery and auto interior.

Hoover Pro Clean Pet FH51050
Hoover Pro Clean Pet FH51050

Spot & Stain Cleaning Tool

The Hoover comes with a long suction hose where users can connect the Spot & Stain Cleaning Tool to get rid of paw prints and juice stains on cushioned surfaces. The hose measures 8 feet long, so you can navigate around upholstery with ease while the Hoover carpet cleaner stays in place.

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Verdict: One of the Hardest-Hitting Carpet Cleaners Available Today

As you can see, the Hoover Pro Clean FH51050 is a heavy-duty carpet-cleaning machine. The DualSpin Brushes combined with amazing suction power and Heatforce Technology make it a force to be reckoned with. Plus, the wide nozzle will make cleaning large carpets a breeze!

Hoover FH51050
Hoover Pro Clean Pet FH51050
Hoover Pro Clean Pet Upright Carpet Cleaner,...
  • DUALSPIN POWERBRUSHES: Double the brushes for a deeper clean, our DualSpin Powerbrushes...
  • FASTER DRYING: Uses HeatForce power to deliver even faster drying for any space

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