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Hoover PowerDash Pet Carpet Cleaner FH50700 Review

Compared to hardwoods and tile, carpets are more comfortable, less expensive and easier to install, making them the choice flooring among practical homeowners. Despite all these advantages, carpet maintenance is a cumbersome job and a reoccurring expense whether you rent a machine or hire a professional.

The Hoover PowerDash offers a cheaper alternative to rental machines and professional services. Space-saving and lightweight, the PowerDash produces efficient performance via an on-demand sprayer, a dual-tank system, an antimicrobial brushroll and a heated dryer. Here’s a breakdown of all the features available on the Hoover PowerDash Carpet Cleaner.

Hoover PowerDash Pet Carpet Cleaner FH50700 Review
Hoover FH50700

On-Demand Sprayer

Instead of a button that releases a constant stream of carpet shampoo that’s likely to saturate the carpet, Hoover equipped the PowerDash with a trigger-controlled spray. This simple mechanism minimizes carpet damage and lets you add more shampoo where needed. Squeeze the trigger to spray and release the trigger to stop the flow of cleaning solution.

Although a trigger controls the distribution of shampoo, it doesn’t power the carpet cleaner itself. Even simpler to use than the trigger, the power on/off control is foot pedal located on the bottom of the PowerDash. This means you don’t have to bend over to start up the carpet cleaner, something for which your back will thank you.

Hoover PowerDash Pet Carpet Cleaner FH50700
Hoover FH50700

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Lightweight Handling

One feature anyone will appreciate is the overall size of the PowerDash. Weighing about 13 pounds, the carpet cleaner feels and handles much like the lightest of lightweight upright vacuums. The D-shaped handle provides a secure, comfortable grip, and the smooth rear wheels make it easy to push through thick carpeting.

It’s also compact, which is good news if your home doesn’t have an abundance of storage space. The floorhead measures around 15 inches deep, and it’s only 10 inches wide. Therefore, the carpet cleaner won’t hog all the room in your utility closet or laundry nook.

No-Nonsense Brushroll

The brushroll is the carpet cleaner’s standout feature. Hoover’s PowerSpin brushroll is affixed with bristles placed in a double-spiral pattern, and it’s antimicrobial design prevent allergen and bacteria buildup. Although Hoover created the PowerSpin for lifting pet hair, parents will also find the brushroll’s germ-resistance to be a valuable feature.

Hoover PowerDash FH50700 Review
Hoover FH50700

Housing the brushroll is a translucent nozzle that gives you an instant view of the water as it’s suctioned, so you know when all the dirt is lifted, letting you move on to the next section of carpet. Plus, the nozzle’s tapered shape puts some oomph behind the release of cleaning solution, maximizing the spraying action’s power.

Dual-Tank System

When it comes to carpet cleaners, a dual-tank system is the gold-standard, greatly surpassing the hygiene factor of a split tank. The Hoover PowerDash is one such carpet cleaner that has two tanks. The reservoir on the rear of the PowerDash holds 0.5 gallons of water and has a non-leaking twist cap.

Right above the floorhead, you’ll see the tank designated for dirty water that the PowerDash collects. Dumping the dirty water is incredibly easy thanks to the plugged spout situated on the side of the tank. Hoover even put a reusable filter under the collection tank to trap clog-causing minerals.

Dries Carpet With Heat

Hot air dries wet surfaces faster than cool air, so you’d think a heated dryer would be a standard carpet-cleaner feature. Believe it or not, hot air-drying is a function usually limited to expensive residential carpet cleaners. Therefore, we were pleasantly surprised to find that Hoover integrated HeatForce technology into the PowerDash.

Hoover PowerDash Pet Carpet Cleaner
Hoover FH50700

Driven by a 7-amp motor, HeatForce dries carpets in record time. To activate HeatForce and apply hot air to your wet carpet, let go of the trigger and move the PowerDash in the same forward-then-backward motion you use to release the shampoo from the reservoir.

Long Power Cord

Get an average-size room done without switching outlets. The Hoover PowerDash’s electrical cord reaches 20 feet from plug to machine. Although the cord doesn’t automatically rewind, the storage hooks twist for immediate unraveling – a simple yet handy feature.

Cleaning the carpet under your furniture is no problem. Push the foot pedal by the power switch to recline the carpet cleaner. With its short and slim floor nozzle, the PowerDash can scoot right under your sofa and fit between table legs.

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Tool-Free Assembly

Assembling an appliance without the need for tools is like music to our ears, and the PowerDash certainly sings. It only takes a few minutes to get the carpet cleaner up and running. No tools are required, and assembly basically involves clicking the handle into place and attaching the reservoir to the carpet cleaner.

Hoover FH50700 Review
Hoover FH50700

Performing in-depth maintenance demands more effort. While you can pull off and rinse the floor, you have to disengage the brushroll from its belt, and the belt must be replaced periodically. However, before you can get to the belt and brushroll, you have to flip over the carpet cleaner and remove six screws.

Hoover Carpet Cleaner Comparison

HooverPowerDash PetPower Scrub DeluxePower Scrub EliteSmartWashSmartWash Pet
Type of CleaningUpright CompactUpright Full SizeUpright Full SizeUpright Full SizeUpright Full Size
Surface TypeCarpet & Area RugsCarpet, Upholstery & Area RugsCarpet, Upholstery & Area RugsCarpet, Upholstery & Area RugsCarpet, Upholstery & Area Rugs
Above Floor Cleaningn/aYesYesYesYes
Drying TechnologyHeatForceHeatForceHeatForceHeatForceHeatForce
Removable Brush/NozzleNo/YesYesYesYesYes
Automatic Cleaningn/an/an/aYesYes
Weight<13 Pounds18.1 Pounds18.5 Pounds18.9 Pounds20.5 Pounds
Tank Size0.5 Gallons1 Gallon1.25 Gallons1 Gallon1 Gallon
Cord Length20 Feet20 Feet20 Feet22 Feet22 Feet
Brush SystemBrush RollSpin Scrub BrushSpin Scrub BrushBrush RollBrush Roll
Pet FriendlyYesn/an/aYesYes

Small Yet Powerful Residential Carpet Cleaner

Due to its low weight and small size, the PowerDash is manageable for any adult to use despite their age or body strength, and its size offers storage flexibility. Despite the lack of specialized tools such as those for upholstery cleaning, its reclining ability enhances the PowerDash’s 20-foot reach.

Hoover PowerDash Review
Hoover FH50700

It’s also a time-saver. The addition of the hot-air HeatForce blower quickens the drying time, and the strong-bristled PowerSpin brushroll lifts dirt and hair with ease. These two features combined make the PowerDash a must-have for busy people with jam-packed schedules.

Although we wish maintenance didn’t involve screws and a belt, we do have to give Hoover props for the PowerDash’s hygienic design. The on-demand trigger spray prevents mold growth that occurs from water saturation, and there are two tanks to keep dirt from contaminating the clean water supply. Plus, the brushroll is coated in an antimicrobial material.

Then, there are the seemingly insignificant areas that are easy to overlook, such as the foot-pedal power control and the quick-release cord hooks. These small but important features set the PowerDash apart from competitors in the same low price point. With its ability to save you time, money and hassle, buying the Hoover PowerDash is a no-brainer decision.

Best for: High-Traffic Areas, Homes With Pets and Children, and Budget-Minded Consumers

Hoover PowerDash Pet Carpet Cleaner FH50700

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