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Hoover SmartWash Pet Automatic Carpet Cleaner Machine FH53000PC Review

The Hoover brand holds a ton of weight in the carpet cleaning industry, and it’s no surprise why. Carpet cleaners such as the SmartWash FH53000PC make the tedious task go by much more quickly, giving you more time in a day to re-dirty your floors and upholstery.

Hoover SmartWash Pet Automatic Carpet Cleaner Machine

Join us as we take a close look at a model from Hoover’s new generation of carpet cleaners and see what makes it such a beast.

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FlexForce Pet PowerBrushes

The floorhead is fitted with FlexForce Pet PowerBrushes, which sounds like a buzzwordy name, but there’s quite a lot to the unique set of brush rolls. The long, stiff bristles do an outstanding job at digging deep into fibers to deliver the best clean possible while also not damaging your carpets and rugs at all.

This carpet cleaner comes with two FlexForce Pet PowerBrushes to deliver a deeper clean with each pass. Old stains and smells stand no chance against the double-pronged attack. There are also stiff bristles on either side of the floorhead to help clean around corners and baseboards.

What’s even better is how the floorhead has a detachable nozzle, which allows you to detach the brush rolls for quicker, easier cleaning. You should rinse and dry the nozzles after each cleaning session to prevent cross-contamination and to ensure that you don’t reintroduce dirt back into your carpets and rugs.

Trigger-Less Design

One of the most unique things about the FH53000PC is how you use it to clean your floors. It has a trigger-less design where pushing the unit forward activates the brush rolls and suction inlet, while drawing the tool back will turn on the built-in dryer.

Say after you’re done cleaning, you notice a few wet spots on your carpet. A Dry Only button can help you turn your carpet cleaner into a wet vac to suction wet spots until they’re dry to the touch.

Quick Drying with HeatForce

Thanks to HeatForce Technology, the FH53000PC can clean and dry carpets much more quickly than traditional carpet cleaners. HeatForce applies a hot, dry air onto a newly washed area, which allows your carpets to dry in as little as 45 minutes.

HeatForce is a nice addition to any carpet cleaner as it lets you shampoo and clean carpets and rugs in no time at all. The FH53000PC activated HeatForce whenever you pull the unit back or when you set the carpet cleaner to Dry Only mode.

Cleaning Wand with 8-Foot Suction Hose

Not only does the FH53000PC do a fantastic job at cleaning carpets, but it also performs just as admirably when cleaning upholstery and auto interior. It comes with an 8-foot-long suction hose and a Pet Tool that applies a healthy dose of shampoo on cushioned surfaces to loosen stains, making them easier to suction.

The Pet Tool relies solely on air to get the job done as it doesn’t come with a motorized or even air-driven brush roll. However, It’s also your only above-floor cleaning tool, but it’ll come in handy when cleaning years of dirt from carpeted steps and furniture.

Spot Chaser Pre-Treating Wand

One hidden surprise in the FH53000PCis the Spot Chaser Pre-Treating Wand. The pre-treater isn’t attached to the floorhead like it is in other models. See the purple handle on the FH53000PC? That’s the Spot Chaser!

Just pull the Spot Chaser wand out, fill the tiny tank with a pre-treating solution (free trial-sized bottle included), and spray the solution onto the dirtiest spots on your floors. Let sit for a few minutes before going over the area with the FH53000PC’s ForceFlex Pet PowerBrushes.

Hoover Carpet Cleaners

HooverPowerDash PetPower Scrub DeluxePower Scrub EliteSmartWashSmartWash Pet
Type of CleaningUpright CompactUpright Full SizeUpright Full SizeUpright Full SizeUpright Full Size
Surface TypeCarpet & Area RugsCarpet, Upholstery & Area RugsCarpet, Upholstery & Area RugsCarpet, Upholstery & Area RugsCarpet, Upholstery & Area Rugs
Above Floor Cleaningn/aYesYesYesYes
Drying TechnologyHeatForceHeatForceHeatForceHeatForceHeatForce
Removable Brush/NozzleNo/YesYesYesYesYes
Automatic Cleaningn/an/an/aYesYes
Weight<13 Pounds18.1 Pounds18.5 Pounds18.9 Pounds20.5 Pounds
Tank Size0.5 Gallons1 Gallon1.25 Gallons1 Gallon1 Gallon
Cord Length20 Feet20 Feet20 Feet22 Feet22 Feet
Brush SystemBrush RollSpin Scrub BrushSpin Scrub BrushBrush RollBrush Roll
Pet FriendlyYesn/an/aYesYes

1-Gallon Tanks

Like most carpet cleaners, the FH53000PC comes with a multi-tank system that keeps clean and dirty water separate, so there’s no risk of contaminating your floors with used, dirt-infused water.

The FH53000PC’s clean and dirty water tanks have a cumulative capacity of one gallon—enough to clean wall-to-wall carpeting in most living rooms.

However, there’s one huge difference between this Hoover carpet cleaner and the rest. It comes with a THIRD tank that’s specifically for your carpet shampoos or detergent. Simply pour your cleaning agent into the separate tank, and the FH53000PC will automatically mix the cleaning solution for you.

This system completely eliminates any guesswork, so you’ll never create a frothy mess by mixing too much shampoo or soap with a tank of water.

Hoover Carpet Cleaners
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Verdict: Need a Heavy-Duty Carpet Cleaner with All the Frills? Here It Is!

To say that the Hoover FH53000PC Carpet Cleaner comes with “all the frills” is an understatement since it comes with a set of features you wouldn’t find in competing brands.

The FH53000PC is a unique carpet-cleaning machine that takes the guesswork out of mixing carpet-cleaning solutions while destroying old, set-in stains with two deep-reaching brush rolls. And you can’t hate the FH53000PC for coming with HeatForce, which reduces drying times by a lot!

Hoover SmartWash Pet Automatic Carpet Cleaner...
  • AUTOMATIC CLEANING: The trigger-less design automatically mixes and dispenses solution as...
  • STAIN REMOVER WAND: The innovative Spot Chaser Pretreat Wand detaches from the machine to...

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