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Hoover Dual Spin Pet Plus Carpet Cleaner FH54050V Review

As far as carpet cleaners go, the larger the device, the better. At least, that’s how we view them, and that’s how you’ll view them too after taking a look at the heavy-duty, ultra-powerful Hoover FH54050V Dual Spin Pet Plus Carpet Cleaner.

Check out our review of the FH54050V to see just how much of a tank it really is.

Hoover, White Dual Spin Pet Plus Carpet Cleaner Machine, Upright Shampooer, FH54050V
Hoover FH54050V

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Summary of the Hoover FH54050V

With the Dual Spin Pet Plus, you’ll never have to worry about tough pet messes and deeply embedded dirt again. With its antimicrobial coated brush roll that helps protect against odor-causing bacteria as well as extra power for those heavier soiling jobs than what most carpet cleaners can handle, this is one tool we’re pretty confident in recommending.

The power of HeatForce is at your fingertips. With it, you can be back on carpets in no time and keep them cleaner longer with the new Clean Complements Odor Eliminator.


We were a bit confused by the assembly process of this carpet cleaner. It tells you how to install an upright handle and fill up on water, but there are no instructions for what comes next! The included booklet has pictures showing some people using it with attachments, but that’s about it.

With no attachment points on the machine to hold my attachments, we had to wedge in an extra brush and hang everything from its upright handle. This might not be what they intended, but it worked for us!

The Cleaning

With the Hoover carpet cleaner assembled, you are ready to start. Fill up on clean fluids and there’s included shampoo for your first-ever attempt at cleaning! The upright mode is a great way to clean large areas. We’ve started treating my higher traffic carpets with it, and the dirt lifts right off! If you have an accident or spill, then don’t worry: this machine has attachments that will let you wash up all of those pesky messes too.

Cleaning your carpets should not involve time-consuming tasks. The machine has a rubberized brush, which seems to make cleaning easier than using the bristles on their own. It’s easy enough; you could spray it out and scrub away with no problems!

Dual Spin Pet Plus FH54050V video by Hoover

Dualspin Powerbrushes Clean Deeper
Double The Brushes For A Deeper Clean. Hoover’s Dualspin Powerbrushes Work Powerfully Against Embedded Dirt and Tough Pet Messes.

DualSpin Powerbrushes

Most of the magic behind the Hoover FH54050V’s amazing carpet cleaning capabilities stems from the Dual-Spin Powerbrushes. The Powerbrushes are studded with several short, stiff bristles that dig deep into carpets to eliminate the toughest stains right down to the roots.

Because both brush rolls are active, the FH54050V delivers twice as many strikes against, making removing seemingly impossible wine, pet, and mud stains a cinch.

Odor Protection

In most upright carpet cleaners, you’ll find that their brush rolls can get extremely dirty at times. What’s worse is that when hair and other old debris get trapped in the bristles, the brush rolls will begin to emit a foul odor.

Hoover Dual Spin Pet Plus
Hoover FH54050V

That’s not the case with the Hoover Dual Spin Pet Plus FH54050V since its bristles are antibacterial. If you follow the 1-step process to detach the DualSpin Powerbrushes from the floorhead, you’ll find that a simple rinse is all it takes to restore them to their former glory.

Heatforce Technology

Something that we think you’ll definitely appreciate in the FH54050V is that it sports carpet-drying Heatforce Technology. A typical carpet cleaner would leave medium-pile carpets moist to the touch for over three hours.

However, the combination of Heatforce and powerful suction from the 11-amp motor can have your carpet feeling as dry as a bone in under 60 minutes. Just make sure you deactivate Heatforce when cleaning urine stains.

Heatforce Technology Dries Faster
Get Back On Your Carpets Faster With The Power Of Heatforce Technology That Applies Hot Air And Suction To Speed Up Drying Time.

Dual-Tank Design

Any good carpet cleaner should separate clean water and cleaning solution from dirty water, and that’s exactly what you get with the FH54050V.

The detachable tanks are kept completely separate from each other, guaranteeing that dirty water will never seep into the clean water tank above it.

To refill or empty out the tanks, simply pop them off the main body and take them to your sink.

Keep Dirty Water Off Clean Surfaces
Keep Dirty Water Off Clean Surfaces

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Spot-Cleaning Attachments

The Hoover Dual Spin Pet Plus FH54050V is a highly versatile Hoover carpet cleaner that can clean much more than just carpets.

By redirecting suction power to the included 9-foot suction hose, you can wipe away old stains from upholstery, car interior, and area rugs in a jiffy.

Hoover FH54050V Review
Hoover FH54050V

The Hoover FH54050V does all the spot-cleaning you would ever need with a single 2-in-1 pet turbo tool.

Hoover Carpet Cleaners
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Best Hoover Carpet Cleaners

Pet Odor Protection
Brush Roll Coating Protects Unit From Odor Causing Bacteria.

Low-Profile Floorhead

Despite the FH54050V being pretty large by carpet cleaner standards, it’s incredibly lightweight and agile. The FH54050V weighs around just 22 pounds on an empty tank.

Thanks to the soft wheels low-profile floorhead, it doesn’t take much to poke the carpet cleaner underneath furniture. It doesn’t need swivel steering to glide around obstacles without trouble.

Hoover Dual Spin Pet Plus Carpet Cleaner FH54050V
Hoover FH54050V

Verdict: We Told You the FH54050V Was Powerful

From the start of this review, we told you that the Hoover Dual Spin Pet Plus FH54050V was one tough cookie.

After taking a closer look, you can see just how powerful it really is, thanks to all of the heavy-duty features the lightweight carpet cleaner comes with.

Any pet owner or parent with children would find incredible value in the Hoover FH54050V, in our opinion.

Overall, this seems like a well-made carpet cleaner. For the price, we would have liked to see maybe an attachment brush that could help scrub spot areas more effectively or better instructions, but once you get it together, all is not too bad!

Hoover Dual Spin Pet Plus Carpet Cleaner...
  • DOUBLE BRUSHES: DualSpin Powerbrushes achieve a deeper clean as they work powerfully...
  • PET ODOR PROTECTION: Coated brush roll protects unit from odor causing particles

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