Bissell is arguably the most popular brand of residential carpet cleaners out there, and it’s really not hard to see why. Their wide selection of carpet cleaners, both upright and handheld, are truly remarkable in terms of performance and convenience.

Best Bissell Carpet Cleaners


Today, we’re going to take a look at 3 of the best Bissell carpet cleaners. Stick around to see our guide on why Bissell is one of the best carpet cleaner brands and how to shop for the best Bissell for your floors.

Our Recommended Bissell Carpet Cleaners

Bissell ProHeat 2X 1986

The ProHeat 2x 1986 is a user-friendly upright carpet cleaner that, when using one of Bissell’s specialized cleaning formulas (not mandatory), cleans like no other.

The secret behind the 1986’s amazing cleaning performance, apart from Heatwave technology, is the DirtLifter Power Brushes that lather shampoo into carpet fibers to help loosen embedded debris.

The 12-amp motor delivers a mighty suction that removes most of the moisture, leaving your carpets dry to the touch in just about 30 minutes on the new Express Mode.

Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Max 1986 Review

Best Upright Carpet Cleaner Machine

Bissell Big Green 86T3

What the Big Green 86T3 is lacking in aesthetics, it more than makes up for with heavy-duty carpet cleaning powers. This commercial-grade carpet cleaner delivers a deep-clean to remove the stubbornest food and dirt stains in high-traffic areas.

Drying times vary from carpet to carpet, though Bissell recommends steering clear of the area for six hours after a thorough cleaning. The 86T3 also comes with a 9-foot hose and 6-inch touch stain tool for cleaning areas where uprights can’t reach (stairs, loose area rugs, etc.).

Bissell Big Green 86T3 Review

Carpet Cleaning

Bissell Turboclean Powerbrush 2085

The Turboclean Powerbrush 2085 is an upright carpet cleaner that utilizes DirtLifter Power Brushes to clean carpets down to their roots.

Its motor is rated at just 3.4 amps so although it does an excellent job at erasing tough stains, it will take more than an hour for carpets to dry.

The nozzle covering the brushroll can be removed to give users access to the brushroll and snip off tangled strands of pet fur before storage.

Bissell Turboclean Powerbrush 2085 Review

Carpet Cleaners Review

A Brief Guide on Bissell Carpet Cleaners

In this section, we’re going to discuss why you should choose a Bissell carpet cleaner, as well as explain how to find the best Bissell carpet cleaner for your floors.

Bissell Carpet Cleaners


Why Bissell?

There are numerous carpet cleaner manufacturers out there, but very few of them are at even in the same league as Bissell in terms of performance. Bissell carpet cleaners are widely considered to be the best of the best due to their powerful suctions, large tanks, ultra-ease of use, and also their durability.

Bissell prides itself as being a pet-friendly brand. Their line of carpet cleaners, including the three models on our list above, are made specifically to remove the toughest stains imaginable.

If your pets haven’t been housebroken or they tend to have frequent accidents, a Bissell carpet cleaner is equipped to remove the foul stain quickly and permanently.

Carpet Cleaners

Bissell 1986

Buying Guide: How to Find the Best Bissell Carpet Cleaner


The size of the motor is directly related to how powerful a suction the carpet cleaner delivers. Generally speaking, a larger motor (like in the ProHeat 2X 1986) is ideal since it removes more moisture out of carpets, allowing quicker drying times without sacrificing performance.


Bissell makes a wide range of carpet cleaners, from handheld units to uprights to massive commercial-grade beasts like the 86T3. The “best” Bissell carpet cleaner is one that you feel comfortable using. Even though greater suction means greater cleaning performance, if you can’t push the carpet cleaner around, you won’t get much work done.

Tank Capacity

The size of the clean and dirty water tanks will indicate how long you can run the machine for before needing to refill with water and detergent. A larger tank is preferable for larger homes with wider carpeting, but it also adds to the weight of the tool which can affect maneuverability.

Cleaning Tools and Hose

The types of cleaning tools included with the Bissell carpet cleaner will give users the ability to clean more surfaces with less trouble. The tools are designed to spot-clean tinier, hard-to-reach surfaces where the floorhead can’t reach.

Best Carpet Cleaners

Bissell 1986

The only model on our list that doesn’t come with a set of cleaning tools is the Turboclean Powerbrush 2085.

Heatwave Technology

Heated water has better dissolving power than cold water and a brush, making it much better at removing old stains from delicate carpets. Heatwave technology is a system that consists of a heater to keep the water at a constant temperature several degrees above room temp.

This system offers enhanced dissolving and cleaning powers, though you should turn it off when attempting to remove urine stains. The only item on our list with Heatwave Technology is the ProHeat 2X 1986.


1. Which Bissell carpet cleaner is the best?

It really depends on what type of carpets you have and how many convenience-adding features you’re looking for. However, in our opinion, the overall best Bissell carpet cleaner on our list is the ProHeat 2X 1986.

This heavy-duty upright carpet cleaner performs nearly as well as the commercial-grade 86T3 while being easy to maneuver and having a set of handy spot-cleaning tools.

Carpet Cleaner Machine

Bissell 2085

2. Is it better to shampoo or steam carpets?

Steam cleaning is considered safer for cleaning home carpeting since it doesn’t require chemicals to work.

Steam cleaners sanitize all surfaces with all-natural steam, but when it comes to cleaning carpets, you should definitely avoid introducing steam if possible. Excessive heat can actually melt carpet fibers and leave ugly, irreparably hard spots.

3. How long does it take for the Bissell carpet cleaner to dry?

On average, it’ll take anywhere between 4 and 6 hours to fully dry after deep-cleaning a carpet.

However, if the unit has an Express Mode (available in the ProHeat 2X 1986), you can cut drying times to a mere fraction of that.

4. Can I use vinegar in my Bissell carpet cleaner?

Even though Bissell has their own selection of special carpet formula, vinegar is completely safe to pour inside of your Bissell.

Make sure to dilute the vinegar at the correct ratio to make the most out of a homemade vinegar-based cleaning solution.

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In this guide, we’ve provided you with our picks of the top 3 best Bissell carpet cleaners. We’re particularly fond of the Bissell ProHeat 2X 1986, though the other two works beautifully at removing stubborn food and pet stains easily.

Upright Carpet Cleaner Machine

Bissell 2085

Check out our brief info and buying guide to see which of these Bissell carpet cleaners will work best for you.

Overall Recommended Carpet Cleaners
Best of the Best! Best For Tight Spaces Budget Pick
Bissell Big Green Professional Carpet Cleaner Machine, 86T3 BISSELL Turboclean Powerbrush Pet Upright Carpet Cleaner Machine and Carpet Shampooer, 2085 Hoover PowerDash Pet Carpet Cleaner, FH50700
Bissell 86T3 Bissell 2085 Hoover FH50700
 • 20.5 x 11 x 42.2 in
 • 25 lbs
 • 1.75 gal. Capacity
 • 10.5" Cleaning Path Width
 • 25 ft. Cord
 • 5-Year Limited Warrenty
 • 17.3 x 9.8 x 45 in
 • 11 lbs
 • 0.50 gal. Capacity
 • 9.5" Cleaning Path Width
 • 20 ft. Cord
 • 1-Year Limited Warrenty
 • 15.2 x 10.1 x 43.5 in
 • 12.5 lbs
 • 0.50 gal. Capacity
 • 10" Cleaning Path Width
 • 20 ft. Cord
 • 1-Year Motor Warrenty

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