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Tineco CARPET ONE: Smart Carpet Cleaner Review

Tineco is one of the leaders in the world of smart appliances. The China-based company has released tons of smart appliances, including hairdryers, but its latest appliance that’s set to hit the market soon is a carpet cleaner. Tineco revealed its first smart carpet cleaner ever—the CARPET ONE—at CES 2022 in Las Vegas.


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The Tineco CARPET ONE is a heavy-duty carpet cleaner built into a user-friendly, tech-enabled body. But it goes beyond simply washing carpets; it comes with a suction hose and a stain-removing device that can help users get rid of old pet and wine stains from upholstery, carpeted steps, and auto interior. If there’s a carpeted or upholstered part of your home or car that’s hard to reach, the CARPET ONE can clean it in no time.

This handy device boasts a powerful 1300W motor that produces as much as 130 air watts of suction power to remove even the grimiest stains from carpets. Not only that, but users can find all sorts of fancy, unrivaled features in this unit, including but not limited to:

HeatedWash Technology

The CAPRET ONE features a heating panel that maintains heated water temperature. While it won’t boil water, it will ensure that warm water remains warm from the first drop to the last to dissolve stains more quickly.


PowerDry Technology

This carpet-cleaning beast doesn’t just wash your carpets, but with a simple press of a button, you can activate PowerDry mode. This mode shoots a blast of heated air onto your carpets to evaporate moisture. The result is drier carpets after a thorough cleaning in less time.


Dryness Meter

What’s fascinating about the CAPRET ONE is that it doesn’t just assume you know where your carpets are still moist—it actively informs you which portions still need to be dried. It comes with a Dryness Meter that, in real-time, lets users know which parts of their carpets are still moist to the touch via an LED screen.


iLoop Smart Sensor

Anyone who’s used a modern Tineco stick vac will be fairly acquainted with the company’s proprietary iLoop Smart Sensor, which is also available in the CARPET ONE. This sensor measures, again in real-time, how dirty your carpets are by calculating how many particles make their way through the machine’s inlet. iLoop will automatically adjust suction power based on dirt levels, meaning users don’t have to manually scroll between cleaning modes.


Final Words

Overall, the Tineco CARPET ONE looks like a promising carpet cleaner, based solely on its performance ratings. With 130 air watts of suction power, it should leave minimal dirt in its wake, if anything can withstand that much suction, to begin with.

As for its cutting-edge features, it’s fair to say that the CARPET ONE is soon to be the smartest carpet cleaner on the market. You’ve probably seen Hoover or Bissell carpet cleaners that use HeatForce before, but a carpet cleaner with a dryness meter and an automatic suction power adjusting mechanism is unheard of, until now.

If you’re interested in the CARPET ONE for the professional-level cleaning Tineco promises, you should definitely keep your eyes peeled for further news.

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