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Hoover Turbo Scrub Carpet Cleaner FH50130NC Review

Taking care of your carpet can be quite challenging if you don’t have the right equipment. The Hoover Turbo Scrub Carpet Cleaner enables you to keep your carpet clean, spotless and odor-free.

Hoover Turbo Scrub Carpet Cleaner FH50130NC

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Being one of the high performing carpet cleaners from Hoover, the FH50130NC offers quick cleaning and drying of fabric and carpet surfaces. With it, no kind of dirt will worry you – whether it’s spilled milk or your pet’s urine. It uses an excellent brush technology that is not only able to wash and scrub carpets but also sealed wood, tile, vinyl, and grout in and around your home.

Hoover is reputed with producing powerful and highly portable cleaning equipment. The FH50130NC doesn’t let the brand down as it features a lightweight, easy to use, and efficient design that allows for high-performance cleaning. It cleans even the most difficult places, so you don’t have to buy additional equipment for cleaning such areas.

This carpet cleaner will help you to extend your carpet’s life. Here are some of the features that make this cleaner one of the best carpet cleaners on the market:

360-degree SpinScrub technology

The FH50130NC uses the patented SpinScrub technology. This technology is responsible for the 360-degree spinning of cleaning brushes as they remain in contact with carpet fibers to remove any dirt particles. The technology allows your cleaner to clean your carpeted surface in a continuous motion gently.

Lightweight and compact design

One of the things that most users love about this cleaner is its lightweight and compact structure. The cleaner is easy to transport and move around, and this makes your carpet cleaning task effortless and enjoyable. With its 19-pound weight, you can easily lift it up and down stairs. And since it allows you to move with it quickly over the surfaces, you clean your house faster and save time for other chores.

Smart Tank System

The Hoover FH50130NC has two separate tanks; one for dirty water and the other for clean water. This system makes it very easy to fill and empty the tanks while cleaning. It saves you a significant amount of time and ensures that no mess is created during the emptying and filling processes. The Smart Tank System also makes rinsing easier.

8-inch hose with the upholstery tool

If you’ve used a carpet cleaner that doesn’t reach some difficult areas of the house, you know it doesn’t give you a pleasant experience. The 8-inch hose on this carpet cleaner comes with an upholstery tool that proves very useful when cleaning stairs and other hard-to-reach areas. This tool enhances the versatility of the carpet cleaner as you can use it to clean car seats as well as furniture.

Carpet dries quickly with heated air

This affordable carpet cleaner has a lot of suction power. Also, it uses forced, heated air to dry the carpet quickly. It will take only a few hours (2 to 3 hours according to past users) for the carpet to dry.

Storage bag

After doing your cleaning, you can keep your carpet cleaner in the mesh storage bag provided. The bag can be attached to a wall in case you don’t have much ground space. This bag also comes in handy when you are moving into a new house.

What most users like

The 360-degree SpinScrub technology allows for thorough scrubbing and cleaning of stains. Users love the gentle but powerful operation of the rotating brushes.

The cleaner is lightweight and highly portable, meaning that almost everyone including the elderly can use it. You are sure that the cleaner will perform with no leaks at all since the dual tank system allows for easier filling and emptying of the clean/dirty water.

Quick dry is another highly sought after feature that makes the Hoover FH50130NC highly liked. You will not struggle to take your carpet out for sun drying. It dries shortly after cleaning it with your heated-air-enabled carpet cleaner.

The upholstery tool on the hose is unforgettable. It gives you surety that you’ll clean all the areas without difficulties.

But the cleaner also has a few drawbacks. Users seem to experience different issues with the water tanks. Some say that the water tank leaks while others complain that the cleaner stops sucking up water when the wastewater tank is full.

Another challenge is the rusting of the turbine’s bearing. Over time, the bearing collects water and rusts, meaning it doesn’t move as before and brushes stop turning. The only way out of this is to lubricate the bearing again, but you will have to take the unit apart.

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Hoover FH50130NC: Final words

Overall, the Hoover FH50130NC carpet cleaner is a great carpet cleaner while it works. With it, cleaning the carpets at home is a more relaxed and more enjoyable task.

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