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Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe vs Hoover Turbo Scrub

Hoover adds to the cleaning ability of its carpet shampooers with the Power Scrub Deluxe and the Turbo Scrub. Both appliances clean not only carpets but also bare floors with strong yet gentle spinning brushes. These cleaning machines also dry your floors in record time thanks to forced heated air.

Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe vs Hoover Turbo Scrub

Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe

The Hoover Power Scrub produces powerful, even suction across a wide cleaning path. It’s equipped with a comfortable-grip handle and a long power cord. This carpet cleaner comes with multiple attachments that secure to the machine’s flexible hose. With separated tanks, clean water stays the way it’s meant to be – clean.

With the Hoover Turbo Scrub, you get the benefit of SpinScrub technology as well as a spouted collection tank and a detergent-mixing reservoir. A storage bag prevents you from losing the carpet cleaner’s multi-purpose tool, and a looped handle allows you to maneuver the Turbo Scrub without struggling.

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SpinScrub Nozzle

Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe
Random wet spots are never a problem with the 10-amp Power Scrub Deluxe. This affordable carpet cleaner is equipped with a DualIV nozzle that suctions evenly across its 11.25-inch width. The floor nozzle also produces heated air, which means your carpet won’t stay wet for long. With a row of removable counter-rotating brushes, the end result will always be an immaculate carpet.

Hoover Turbo Scrub vs Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe

Hoover Turbo Scrub

The looped handle has a trigger, which releases a spray of water and soap on demand through the translucent floor nozzle. Weighing just 18.1 pounds, the carpet cleaner is anything but a heavyweight. However, you can lift the entire machine by the reservoir handle when you need to tote it up and down the stairs.

Hoover Turbo Scrub
With a 10-amp motor controlling the Turbo Scrub, you can count on the heated suction to dry your floors quickly. The spray trigger gives you complete control over the release of soapy water, and the 11.25-inch-wide nozzle is see-through, so you know when the carpet cleaner has lifted all the dirt and stains from your floor.

Like the Power Scrub Deluxe, the Turbo Scrub boasts SpinScrub brushes, which are gentle enough to clean bare floors. After shampooing extra-dirty carpets, you can remove the brushes for easy cleaning. Between the D-shaped handle at the top and the looped reservoir handle, picking up the 18.1-pound Turbo Scrub is a breeze.

Conclusion: No more waiting all day for your carpet to dry thanks to the heated drying technology found in the Power Scrub Deluxe and the Turbo Scrub. Both carpet cleaners have translucent floor nozzles that measure 11.25 inches wide and a trigger-equipped D-shaped handle. The lightweight carpet cleaners even have multiple SpinScrub brushes for efficient stain lifting.

Versatile Tools

Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe
All the tools you need to clean and refresh carpeted and fabric-covered surfaces are included with the Power Scrub Deluxe. The carpet cleaner comes with tool just for shampooing carpeted stairs and another for upholstered furniture. In addition, you get a crevice tool, so you can get in between couch cushions and car seats.

When not in use, you can keep all the tools in the hooked mesh bag. The attachments connect to an 8-foot-long hose, which bends and flexes for ultimate maneuverability. With a 20-foot-long power cord, there is no place in your home the Power Scrub Deluxe can’t go.

Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe

Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe

Hoover Turbo Scrub
Hoover helps you keep other surfaces than floors clean with a handheld attachment. Referred to as an upholstery tool, the attachment brings new life to worn, stained fabric on your sofa, armchairs and more. You can also put this tool to use on the steps of your staircase to get a whole-house clean.

The Turbo Scrub has a flexible hose. Measuring 8 feet in length, you get plenty of reach. The power cord is also long at 20 feet. Plus, the carpet cleaner comes with a storage bag made of mesh material that allows water to drain and inhibits mildew growth when the upholstery tool is in storage.

Conclusion: With an 8-foot hose and a 20-foot cord, both carpet cleaners offer more than enough reach, and you don’t have to switch electrical outlets during mid-shampoo. While the Hoover Turbo Scrub’s upholstery tool has a dual purpose, the Power Scrub Deluxe comes with more attachments.

Hoover Turbo Scrub

Hoover Turbo Scrub

Separated Tanks

Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe
As opposed to low-end carpet cleaners that have one tank with a divider that does a lousy job of keeping dirty water away from clean water, the Power Scrub Deluxe has two separated tanks. The translucent tanks can hold 1 gallon each, and the reservoir has a 16-ounce soap capacity.

Other features that set the Smart Tank water system on the Deluxe apart from other carpet cleaners is the ability to switch between wash and rinse mode and a fill line on the reservoir. The reservoir also mixes the detergent and water itself, and it has a fill line to eliminate guesswork. With secure latches on the collection tank, water won’t spill on your way to empty it in the sink.

Hoover Turbo Scrub
With the wide reservoir inlet that makes it easy to add water and the spouted collection tank that lets you dump dirty water without making a mess, it makes sense that Hoover would put the Smart Tank system on its Turbo Scrub carpet cleaner. The reservoir also has a water-level indicator, so you know when it’s time to refill it.

To save space while completely separating dirty and clean water, Hoover stacked the tanks. The use of transparent material allows you to monitor the water levels of each tank. Each tank can hold an entire gallon of water, which saves you time, and the reservoir mixes the detergent automatically, giving you the correct solution-water ratio to prevent soap residue.

Conclusion: The only difference between each carpet cleaner’s Smart Tank water system is the translucency of the tanks. The Power Scrub Deluxe’s tanks are 100-percent see-through while the Turbo Scrub’s tanks are tinted. Each one has bragging rights in terms of having separated tanks, the same capacity and the ability to mix detergent.

Hoover Turbo Scrub Carpet Cleaner

Hoover Turbo Scrub

Hoover Carpet Cleaners
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Your Carpet’s New Best Friends

While the Power Scrub Deluxe’s tanks are easier to see through and there are more tools from which to choose, both carpet cleaners are on the same level in every other way. Both are only 18 pounds and have ergonomic handles. Their nozzles are transparent, equipped with SpinScrub brushes and have the same cleaning path width.

Heated drying lets you walk on your carpets sooner. Their power cord and hose are equal in length, and they both have a 1-gallon water capacity. Plus, the carpet cleaners have Hoover’s Smart Tank system that includes auto detergent mixing. With the Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe or the Hoover Turbo Scrub, your carpets will look as great as the day they were installed.

Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet CLeaner

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