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Poolvergnuegen Automatic Suction Pool Vacuum Review

Taking care of a pool is complicated. First, you have to make sure that there’s enough water in the pool. Next, the water needs to be heated, so you actually enjoy swimming in it. And the last thing anyone wants is to slip on a patch of moss lining your pool’s base and walls.

Poolvergnuegen PV896584000013
Poolvergnuegen PV896584000013

That’s where a suction pool vacuum comes in. Today, we’re looking at one of the best-selling pool cleaners on the market—the Poolvergnuegen Automatic Suction Pool Vacuum. This inexpensive yet super-efficient automatic pool cleaner makes regular pool maintenance a breeze. Read our review to see whether the Poolvergnuegen belongs in your pool.

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16 x 32-foot Reach

If you want to know whether the Poolvergnuegen is the right suction-side cleaner for your pool, you first have to know your pool’s dimensions. The Poolvergnuegen has a maximum reach of 32 feet, which should be more than enough for most residential swimming pools.

Poolvergnuegen Automatic Suction Pool Vacuum Review
Poolvergnuegen PV896584000013

Be careful when lifting the Poolvergnuegen as its hose is its weakest point. The hose is epoxied to ensure durability over the course of several years, but if it cracks, there’s nothing you can do to fix it.

Self-Adjusting Turbines

One of the greatest features of the Poolvergnuegen is its self-adjusting turbines. These turbines allow it to suction in fine and large debris with minimal choking and without manually adjusting the turbines’ positions.

Please note that this system isn’t 100% foolproof, so there may be times where you need to fish the Poolvergnuegen out to pull out long leaves or acorns from the throat. However, the greatest benefit that self-adjusting turbines offer is they work with nearly any pump size and water flow rate.

Poolvergnuegen PV896584000013 Hayward 896584000-013 The Pool Cleaner Automatic Suction Pool Vacuum
Poolvergnuegen PV896584000013

Cleans Floors and Walls

The Poolvergnuegen wouldn’t be much of a pool cleaner if it didn’t at least clean your pool’s floors. Based on user reports, the Poolvergnuegen works beautifully at picking up sand, leaves, and acorns from the bottom of pools. The automatic pool cleaner turns every 8 to 10 feet, ensuring perfect cleaning performance eventually.

But what makes the Poolvergnuegen stand out among other suction pool cleaners is that it can walk vertically up walls. The two-wheel system uses grippy treads to latch onto slick pool walls to remove loose debris. Sadly, the tires aren’t the most durable out there, and you might need to replace them every three months or so.

Enhanced Balance on Uneven Terrain

The Poolvergnuegen comes with “skirts” that automatically adjust the unit’s position as it travels up walls and coves and along horizontal surfaces. These skirts keep the unit balanced at all times, which you’ll need if you have an irregularly-shaped pool. Again, this technology is not foolproof, and some customers claim that the skirts don’t always keep the unit balanced when crawling up slopes.

Poolvergnuegen PV896584000013 Hayward 896584000-013 The Pool Cleaner Automatic Suction Pool Vacuum Review
Poolvergnuegen PV896584000013

3 Interchangeable Throats

Instead of relying on a single filter or intake system, the Poolvergnuegen comes with three interchangeable throats for fine, standard, and large debris. The size of the throat affects the inward water flow rate. The fine-particle throat concentrates the pump’s suction to remove moss, dirt, and other ultra-fine contaminants. Make sure you install the appropriate throat for the job.

Long-Lasting Suction-Side Pool Cleaner

One thing that countless customers rave about is the Poolvergnuegen’s longevity. Many users claim that their Poolvergnuegen has been cleaning their pools for four years without showing any signs of age. The wheels still turn, the hose still bends, and the robot still cleans. If you’re looking for an inexpensive automatic pool cleaner that can serve you for over three years, the Poolvergnuegen is arguably the best option.

Requires ½-HP or 35-GPM Pump

To use the Poolvergnuegen, you need a pool pump that’s at least ½ HP or produces a water flow rate of at last 35 GPM. For most pool owners, they’ll already own an ½-HP pool pump, so but if you don’t, you’ll have to purchase one separately to run the Poolvergnuegen. Obviously, you can connect the pool cleaner to a stronger pump, which can help enhance cleaning performance and speed.

Poolvergnuegen PV896584000013
Poolvergnuegen PV896584000013

Trouble on Steps

Like most automatic pool cleaners, the Poolvergnuegen has difficulty cleaning steps and ladders. The sudden vertical to horizontal transition can cause the wheels to lose their grip, which will send the robot falling backward onto the pool’s floors. Sadly, there’s no way to work around this. Just try and keep the Poolvergnuegen away from steps and ladders when possible.

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Brush-less Suction

The Poolvergnuegen relies solely on suction power to clean your pool’s floors and walls. While this works great for picking up loose debris, it doesn’t loosen debris. So, you’ll have to manually scrub your pool’s floor and walls before running the Poolvergnuegen.

Poolvergnuegen PV896584000013 Hayward...
  • EFFORTLESS DEBRIS MANAGEMENT: The patented self-adjusting turbine vanes eliminates clogs...
  • COMPLETE POOL OVERAGE: The PoolCleaner has multiple pre-programmed internal steering...

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