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Bissell SpinWave Hard Floor Expert Pet Robot Review [3115]

Bissel is primarily known for its high-quality carpet cleaners, but did you know that they make a mean 2-in-1 hybrid robot? The SpinWave is one of the most amazing wet-and-dry robots to hit the market. It’s missing a lot of the premium feature shoppers would get from other more popular robot manufacturers, but it definitely does the job.

Bissell SpinWave Hard Floor Expert Wet and Dry Robot Vacuum Review
Bissell SpinWave Robot Vacuum

Check out our review of the Bissell SpinWave below to see if this robot is the perfect match for your home.

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Triple-Action Cleaning System

This 2-in-1 hybrid robot uses a triple-action cleaning system to leaves your hardwood and tiled floors spotless.

The combination of an active brush roll, two mopping pads, and 1500-Pa suction ensures that hardly any speck of dust, strand of pet hair, or track of mud gets left behind. As a hybrid robot, this robot can clean both hard and carpeted floors with different cleaning modes.

Bissell SpinWave Hard Floor
Bissell SpinWave Robot Vacuum

100-minute Runtime

Bissell estimates that the SpinWave robot has a runtime of up to 100 minutes, which is the industry average for robots in its price range.

While sitting in the charging dock, it’ll take about three hours for the battery to reach maximum capacity. It doesn’t have an auto-resume feature, but we didn’t expect it from such a low-cost hybrid bot.

Bissell SpinWave Intro Video

Rotating Mopping Pads

The SpinWave’s brightest feature is its rotating mopping pads. Most hybrid bots rely on a stagnant microfiber pad that it uses to wipe hard floors. This robot actively scrubs your floors with soft, high-speed mopping pads to remove set-in debris with each pass. The pads are machine-washable, too!

Soft-Surface Avoidance Sensor with Gyroscope Navigation

This robot comes with a range of sensors that constantly detect the presence of soft surfaces. It gently bumps into the edges of carpets and rugs before stopping in its tracks, rotating, and resumes its cleaning in another direction. You’ll never have to worry about the SpinWave accidentally mopping carpets!

Bissell SpinWave Wet and Dry Robot Vacuum Review
Bissell SpinWave Robot Vacuum

Dry Cleaning Mode

If you only want the SpinWave to vacuum, you can switch it to Dry Cleaning Mode. This mode deactivates the rotating mopping pads and stops the flow of water from its water tank to the pads. It can be annoying to turn the mopping pads on and off. Thankfully, you can control the device remotely from your smartphone.

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Bissell Connect App

The SpinWave doesn’t have a remote control. Instead, you need to download the BISSELL Connect App to take advantage of all of its programmable features. To connect your phone to the robot, just scan the QR code on the robot’s belly and you’re all set.

The app lets you choose between auto and spot-cleaning modes, adjust suction (low, mid, max), start and stop, recharge, create cleaning schedules, and adjust water flow levels. Cleaning modes (vacuum only, mop only, vacuum and mop) is done by attaching the tanks.

Bissell SpinWave Review
Bissell SpinWave Robot Vacuum

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Standard Filter

Don’t expect any miracles from the vacuuming function. While it does well at retaining larger debris, it only comes with a standard filter. The filter works well at preventing most debris from shooting out of the robot’s exhaust, but you’ll need to replace it often for the best results. Thankfully, the Bissell SpinWave Hard Floor Expert Wet and Dry Robot Vacuum comes standard with an extra filter.

Bissell SpinWave Hard Floor Expert Wet and Dry Robot Vacuum
Bissell SpinWave Robot Vacuum
Bissell SpinWave Hard Floor Expert Pet Robot,...
  • Every Purchase Saves Pets. BISSELL proudly supports BISSELL Pet Foundation and its mission...
  • Two Tank Cleaning System. Powerfully vacuum or actively mop your floors.

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