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Bissell 3115 vs 2503 vs 29339 Robot Vacuums

Bissell makes pet-friendly floor cleaners and has recently entered the robotic vacuum and mop game. Today, we’re taking a close look at three of Bissell’s robots—the 3115, the 2503, and the 29339—to help you choose the right Bissell for your floors.

Bissell Robot Vacuum Comparison
Bissell Robot Vacuum Comparison

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Bissell 3115

The 3115 is one of Bissell’s more premium-quality robots. It’s not just a vacuum cleaner that cleans tiny and large debris from bare floors and carpets, but it also doubles as a mop bot that uses two high-speed scrub microfiber pads to remove set-in stains from tiles, floorboards, and vinyl.

Bissell 3115
Bissell 3115

On vacuum mode, the 3115 delivers a moderate 1500-Pa suction, which is lower than the industry average for modern bots but decent enough to suction surface debris, including pet hair, from low-pile carpets. To switch the 3115 to mop mode, simply detach the dustbin and replace it with the water reservoir.

The 3115 doesn’t just wipe floors as other hybrid bots do. Instead, it actively scrubs away at old stains to leave your floors absolutely spotless. You can even place a few drops of a cleaning formula into the water reservoir (free trial-sized bottle of wood floor cleaning formula included) to give your floors a much-needed polishing and shine.

Bissell 3115 Robot Vacuum
Bissell 3115

A fully charged battery can send the 3115 vacuuming or mopping for 130 minutes at a time. After that, it’ll automatically return to its charging dock to refuel for about five hours.

It doesn’t come with auto-resume due to a lack of mapping capabilities, but thankfully, you can control the robot remotely via the Bissell Connect mobile app.

Overall, the Bissell 3115 is an excellent robot that outshines many of its hybrid competitors. We wish it had greater suction power and that it could vacuum and mop simultaneously, but since the 3115 can actually mop instead of wipe floors with a semi-moist pad, we’ll give it a much-deserved pass!

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Bissell 2503

The Bissell 2503 is a more traditional robot vacuum in the sense that it doesn’t come with high-tech features of mopping abilities.

Bissell 2503
Bissell 2503

Instead, it’s a simple vacuum-only bot that delivers decent suction pressure to pull in tiny, medium, and large bits of debris from bare floors and carpets. From a technical standpoint, it’s just as strong as the 3115 (1500 Pa at most).

This robot vacuum uses a triple-action cleaning system that consists of two edge brushes for cleaning baseboards and corners, as well as a rotating brush roll that loosens and lifts embedded debris from short fibers.

As you’d expect from a Bissell-made vacuum, the 2503 also excels at picking up pet hair, which is a major upside for those with cats and dogs that shed like crazy.

As a mid-ranged robot, you’re not going to get a ton of intelligent features and sensors in the 2503. It relies on a simple sensor that keeps it cleaning in neat rows across your floors.

It can’t map your floors, so you can’t give names to different rooms or create no-go zones, but it does have smart cliff sensors that prevent the 2503 from committing robo-suicide.

Bissell 2503 Robot Vacuum
Bissell 2503

At most, a full battery can send the 2503 off on vacuuming adventures for about 100 minutes at a time; after which, it’ll make a beeline for its charging dock to refuel.

Due to a lack of sensors, the 2503 can experience trouble when trying to locate its docking station.
While we like the 2503 for what it can do at a reasonable price tag, there are several other robots out there that outclass this robot in more than one way.

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Bissell 29339

The last Bissell robot vacuum in this comparison is the 29339, which just so happens to be the most affordable option of the bunch. As such, you’re missing out on a ton of features, but it covers the basics with flying colors.

Bissell 29339
Bissell 29339

The 29339’s motor delivers a moderate 1400 Pa of suction. It excels at cleaning bare floors, but due to a lack of suction pressure, it’s pretty much hit-or-miss when it comes to removing embedded debris from low-pile carpets. The good thing is that it has floor-type recognition technology, which allows the robot to automatically adjust suction power based on what surface it’s currently treading on.

Even though the 29339 is incompatible with Alexa or Assistant, at least you can command the robot via the Bissell Connect smartphone app.

Just download it on your mobile device, sync it to the robot, and you can choose between the different cleaning modes and set up vacuuming schedules, so your floors are always clean by the time you get back from work.

Bissell 29339 Robot Vacuum
Bissell 29339

And that’s pretty much all we have to say about the 29339. Overall, it’s a nice robot, especially for its price tag, but it does leave users begging for more.

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