Nobody truly enjoys mopping their floors. The larger the floor or the stickier the mess, the longer it takes and the harder you have to scrub. If you want an easier way to keep your hard floors clean, Bissell has a solution. Its line of Spinwave floor mops are time and effort-savers that won’t leave your arms and back aching at the end of the day.

BISSELL Spinwave 2307 vs. 2039A


The Bissell Spinwave 2039A is corded while the 2307 is battery-operated. Despite the difference in their power source, both models produce the same spinning action that eliminates the grunt work that’s necessary with traditional mops. Each one offers an on-demand spray button and comes with two types of reusable mop pads.

Can’t decide which Spinwave you want? We compared the features of the 2039A and the 2307 to make that choice easier, focusing on the three most important categories – the floor head, the power source and the water system.

An Agile Floor Head

Bissell Spinwave 2039A
From steering to spinning, this floor mop moves efficiently. The 11-pound mop is equipped with a 14-inch-wide floor head that swivels for aggravation-free maneuvering. As soon as you recline the mop, two discs rotate toward each other as soon as you recline the mop. Bissell provides you with two pairs of pads – one that tackles stubborn messes and one for everyday mopping.

BISSELL Spinwave 2039A vs. 2307


Bissell Spinwave 2307
With the Bissell Spinwave 2307, you get the benefit of a swiveling head and a wide cleaning path of 14 inches. Like the 2039A, this Spinwave model offers dual rotating action and comes with two kinds of washable pads. Two extra features lend to the 11-pound mop’s maneuverability. It has a carrying handle that helps you tote the mop. Bissell also included a pad-storage tray, which lets you attach the pads without laying the mop down on the floor.

Conclusion: In terms of performance, the Spinwave 2039A and 2307 are the same. Their respective floor heads swivel, and the two discs scrub away messes quickly and inefficiency. While each mop offers two kinds of reusable pads, the 2307 is the only model that comes with a tray that acts as a storage spot and a pad-attachment tool.

Corded vs. Cordless – The Power Source

Bissell Spinwave 2039A
The Bissell Spinwave 2039A is a corded floor mop. This biggest upside of a corded mop is the lack of downtime as there is no battery to recharge. The power cord measures 22 feet, which is an above-average length for a floor-cleaning appliance. When not in use, the cord wraps neatly around two hooks. The top hook turns, so you can instantly unwind the cord if you’re in a hurry.

Bissell Spinwave 2307
The Spinwave 2307 runs on a lithium-ion battery, giving you freedom from the restriction of an electrical outlet. This 18-volt offers 20 minutes of working time on a full charge – long enough to mop a room or two. A triple-bar LED light gives you an idea of how much charge is left. When the battery is low, simply plug the mop into its charging adapter, and the mop will be ready for another round in about 4 hours.

BISSELL Spinwave 2307


Conclusion: The power source is where these two floor mops differ the most. The power cord on the Spinwave 2307 is not too short as to make you hop from outlet to outlet, but it’s not so long as to be a tripping hazard. Bissell chose a rechargeable lithium-ion battery for its 2307 floor mop. This Spinwave’s working time could be a little longer, but the battery lasts long enough to mop your kitchen and bathrooms on one charge.

A Responsive Water-Release System

Bissell Spinwave 2039A
Even though the rotating pads are the hallmark feature of the Spinwaves, the water-release system is where these mops really shine. The see-through tank on the 2039A holds 28 ounces of water and solution and has several convenient measurement lines. You’ll appreciate how easy it is to remove and refill the tank and the digital button that releases a concentrated water jet each time you press it.

BISSELL Spinwave 2039A


Bissell Spinwave 2307
Bissell knows that when a function works well, there’s no need to change it. Therefore, you’ll find the same smartly designed water-release system on the 2307 that’s on the 2039A. The Spinwave 2307 mop’s tank has a 28-ounce capacity and multiple measurement lines. Additionally, there is a digital water-release button that sprays a stream of water on demand.

Conclusion: There are no flaws to these two floor mops’ water-release system. Each one boasts a sizable water tank with fill lines for small and large areas as well as for the water and the cleaning solution. On the handle, a jet-spray button gives you complete control over how much water the mops spray onto the floor.

BISSELL Spinwave 2307 Steam Mop

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Make Mopping Easy

These Spinwaves will lighten your load. Both have a swiveling head and powerful spinning discs that make your floors shine with minimal effort on your part. The spray button lets you add as much water to the floor as needed, and the tank can hold plenty of water. Although the pads are a little thin, you can prevent saturation by resisting the urge to get trigger happy with the spray.

Which floor mop is the better model? If you prefer to use a corded mop or don’t have huge rooms to mop, the Bissell Spinwave 2039A is the mop for you. The cord’s length is ideal for the average-sized room. The quick-release hook, while basic, is helpful as it unwinds the cord instantly.

If you have a lot of square feet to mop or just want to go cord-free, we recommend the Bissell Spinwave 2307. Since the 2307 model contains a lithium-ion battery, the discs won’t slow down as the battery gets low, and the LED indicator helps you keep track of the battery level. The Spinwave 2307 also comes with a handy storage tray that makes securing the pads a breeze. Go corded or go cordless. Either way, you’ll wonder why you didn’t ditch your old mop sooner.

BISSELL Spinwave 2039A Steam Mop

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