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Dibea D18 vs. Dibea D18Pro

If you have hardwood floors, especially ones with dark planks, you know how difficult it is to keep them looking clean. Sweeping is ineffective as it stirs up dust that quickly resettles. Plus, the repetitive motion hurts your arms, back and neck.

Dibea D18 vs. Dibea D18Pro Stick Vacuum Comparison

Stick vacuums are a better alternative to traditional brooms. Dibea’s D18 and D18Pro are two lightweight stick vacuums that have the lifting power to remove, instead of spread, dust and dirt. Each one features four filtration levels and swivel steering.

The D18 model’s multi-use brushroll works well on hard floors and area rug while the D18Pro offers interchangeable brushrolls, one of which can handle low-pile carpet. Each stick vac comes with an array of accessories for detailed vacuuming as well as a wall-mount for off-the-floor storage. Since they’re cordless, you can use either the D18 or the D18Pro to clean up dirt, sand and crumbs in your car.

Dibea D18Pro vs. Dibea D18 Stick Vacuum Comparison

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Dibea D18 Stick Vacuum
The 120-watt DC motor inside the Dibea D18 generates two suction speeds that you can toggle between by pressing the trigger on the grip-style handle. On standard speed, the vacuum’s suction reaches 4,000 pascals. On max speed, it more than doubles to 9,000 pascals. Even better, the suction is continuous; therefore, you won’t need to keep the trigger pressed.

Dibea D18Pro Stick Vacuum
A 250-watt brushless motor is responsible for the Dibea D18Pro’s powerful suction. Press the trigger once and release for 10,000 pascals of standard suction, or press and release the trigger again for 17,000 pascals of max suction. When you’re done the vacuuming, one more trigger push will turn off the stick vac.

Conclusion: Dibea put a two-speed motor on both the D18 and the D18Pro. Switching between each suction speed is easy, and you don’t need to hold the trigger to produce suction continuously. The D18Pro stick vac offers twice as much suction power than the D18, making it better suited for carpets and kid-created messes.

Dibea D18 Stick Vacuum


Dibea D18 Stick Vacuum
Dust and pollen won’t find their way into the air thanks to the D18’s quadruple filtration system. Included in this system are five air ports, a cyclonic suction separator, a stainless-steel pre-filter and an H10 cotton filter. The cotton filter is washable and lasts about three months.

Dibea D18Pro Stick Vacuum
To prevent allergens from escaping, Dibea designed a four-stage filtration system for the D18 Pro. Cyclonic suction separates fine dust from heavy debris while five air ports enhance the cyclone’s separating ability. The main filter is a rinsable H10 cotton media with a 3-month lifespan, and it’s protected by a stainless-steel mesh pre-filter.

Conclusion: With the high efficiency of the D18’s filtration system, it makes sense that Dibea would continue the trend for the D18Pro. Both stick vacuums boast the same four-stage filtration system. While the main filter won’t last forever, it’s nice to have the option to wash it when necessary.

Dibea D18Pro Stick Vacuum


Dibea D18 Stick Vacuum
Slim with an 8-inch-wide cleaning path and nimble with a 270-degree swiveling range, the 4.85-pound Dibea D18 is able to fit between table legs and swoop around corners with no trouble. The brushroll in the lay-flat floor head has soft and stiff bristles, making it safe and effective for hard floors and carpets, and a row of headlights helps you see in dark, dusty spaces.

Dibea D18Pro Stick Vacuum
At 4.95 pounds, you’ll appreciate the lightweight feel of the Dibea D18Pro. The floor head is affixed with a bendable joint that allows it to pivot and lay flat as well as four running LED headlights for under-furniture visibility. Although a brushroll with intertwining rows of stiff bristles already comes attached to the head, Dibea includes a soft rolling brush you can interchange for hard-floor vacuuming.

Conclusion: Both stick vacs share several of the same features, including running headlights, swivel action and a lightweight body. However, the Dibea D18Pro comes with two brushrolls you can switch out – one for deep carpet cleaning and the other for hard-floor dusting and polishing.

Dibea D18 Review


Dibea D18 Stick Vacuum
For handheld vacuuming, you can remove the floor head and attach one of the D18’s accessories. There is a tapered tool with a flip-up brush, a long crevice wand and a mini motorized brush from which to choose. A small, discreet wall bracket is provided for on-the-wall vacuum storage.

Dibea D18Pro Stick Vacuum
Dibea includes five accessories plus a wall-mount caddy you can use with the D18Pro when in hand-vac mode. It comes with a dual-purpose brush, a crevice nozzle and a motorized upholstery brush. You also get a translucent angled brush, which is great for cleaning blinds, and a stretchable hose to get a better reach into tight, awkward places.

Conclusion: Each stick vacuum comes with all the attachments you need for above-floor cleaning. While the D18Pro offers the same three accessories as the D18, it has two additional tools that are exclusive to the Pro version.

Dibea D18Pro Review

Battery Life

Dibea D18 Stick Vacuum
Dibea went the lithium-ion battery route for the D18 stick vac. You get 25 minutes’ worth of suction on max speed and 45 minutes on standard speed. It takes approximately 4 to 5 hours to recharge the battery, which you can do by directly connecting the adapter to the handle. A battery indicator lets you know when charging is complete.

Dibea D18Pro Stick Vacuum
The runtime for the D18Pro is about 20 minutes in max suction mode and 30 minutes in standard suction mode. Like the original D18, it takes up to 5 hours to recharge the lithium-ion battery. The stick vacuum comes with an AC adapter for direct-connect charging, which you can do whether or not the D18Pro is hanging from the wall mount.

Conclusion: Although the recharge time and the battery type are the same, the working times differ. The Dibea D18 lasts 15 minutes longer on standard mode and 5 minutes longer on max mode. We attribute this difference to the D18Pro’s motor, which has a higher wattage and subsequently a stronger suction speed.

Dibea D18

Our Recommendations

With their well-designed filtration system and dual-speed suction, both stick vacs are great for allergy sufferers. They have a swiveling, headlight-equipped floor head that gives the vacuums’ smooth maneuverability, and they’re lightweight enough to tote up the stairs or to the car easily.

If you have a large home, the D18 is the stick vac for you since each battery charge lasts longer than the Pro version’s. If you own pets who shed hair, the Dibea D18Pro is the better choice as it produces more suction. Either way, you’ll love how easy it is to use each Dibea stick vacuum on your floors, in your car and around your house.

Dibea D18Pro

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