Best Corded Stick Vacuums for 2021

Uprights are powerful vacuums that are designed for whole-house vacuuming while handheld vacuums are excellent for quickly cleaning small messes, but what if you need a vacuum that falls somewhere in the middle of this spectrum?

Best Corded Stick Vacuum Cleaner

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Even though it’s not as powerful as an upright, a stick vacuum has more suction strength than a handheld vacuum. Conversely, although it is not as small as a handheld, a stick vacuum is still lightweight and portable.

Therefore, a stick vacuum is the perfect solution to keeping your house clean in between heavy-duty vacuuming sessions.

Corded Stick Vacuum | Bestsellers

SaleBestseller No. 1
Eureka Flash Lightweight Stick Vacuum Cleaner,...
Power Source Type: Corded Electric; Voltage: 120 Volts; Wattage: 500 Watts
SaleBestseller No. 2
Shark Rocket Corded Bagless Stick Vacuum for...
Converts into a handheld vacuum for versatile floor-to-ceiling cleaning; Fingertip controls to easily switch from hard floor to carpet cleaning

Why a Stick Vacuum with a Cord?

Is it really necessary to have A stick vacuum cleaner with a power cord? The normal response would be yes, and here are some of the benefits.

Increased Suction Power

Stick vacuums without power cords normally use batteries that can be recharged and are not quite that strong. On the off chance that you need something more powerful for cleaning, it may very well be better to pick a vacuum with a cord. It would work much better in collecting the hair of your pets as well as other spills.

It would also be advisable to search for a vacuum with a cord, and ranging in power from 2 to 10 amps — the more amps, all the better.


Stick vacuums are normally designed to be a lot lighter than other types of vacuums. The way they are designed makes them easier to utilize, as they are usually small and very compact. We think most of us would know what the advantages are if you need to do a small job quickly.

Normally their weight would range between 4 and 8 pounds, which makes it simpler for you move it around and also easier to carry if you need to go upstairs or move around the house.


Although cordless stick vacuums look appealing and are easy to use, the one problem that is bothersome, is that have to be charged after being used.

Most of these vacuums only have an operating time of between 20 and 45 minutes — maybe even less depending on the increased suction mode that you chose.

The benefit of a stick vacuum with a cord, is that you don’t need to consider any of these drawbacks – simply plug it into an electrical plug and you are sorted. When you’re done, you just put it away!

Considering the above, if you have a larger home or area that you need to vacuum it might be a better choice to go for a vacuum with a power cord.

Differences Between Upright And Stick Vacuums

The predominant difference would be the size of the unit and its’ performance. Normal upright vacuum cleaners are designed for heavier use whereas stick vacuum cleaners are more intended for light work. Upright vacuums will also have a lot more suction power than the more lightweight stick vacuum cleaners. On the other hand, stick vacuums are normally lighter and less bulky than upright vacuums.

Having less suction power also implies that some stick vacuum cleaners will not have adequate power to rotate brush rolls. Despite not being that common, some of the better quality stick vacuum cleaners would be manufactured with this additional function.

Our Recommended Corded Stick Vacuums in 2021

7) Bissell PowerGlide Pet Slim 3070

As a Bissell model, customers can expect the PowerGlide 3070 to be as effective against pet hair as it is against dirt and other floor contaminants. The single-helix brush roll design guarantees that hair strands of up to 8 inches don’t clog the brush roll, ensuring that most strands of hair are loosened and removed from carpets and tile grout. Users can also choose to deactivate the high-speed brush roll when transitioning to smooth floors.

Bissell PowerGlide 3070
Bissell PowerGlide 3070

3-Item Accessory Kit
Apart from the floorhead with the patented anti-tangle brush roll, you’ll get three pet-friendly cleaning tools to remove dust and hair from any above-ground surface. The Pet TurboEraser is an excellent spot-cleaning tool that comes with its own motorized brush roll. A crevice tool and dusting brush attachment work like any other at getting into hard-to-reach areas.

CleanSlide Dirt Cup
Thanks to CleanSlide technology, dumping the contents out of the PowerGlide 3070’s 2.1-cup dust bin couldn’t be easier. CleanSlide Technology leaves a frictionless surface along the inner lining of the dust cup, eliminating the need to manually remove hairs and bits of debris hiding in the corners. At most, a rinse every two to four weeks is all it takes to keep the dust cup squeaky clean.

BISSELL PowerGlide Pet Slim Corded Vacuum, 3070
  • Every Purchase Saves Pets. BISSELL proudly supports BISSELL Pet Foundation and its mission to help save...
  • Tangle-Free Brush Roll. Power through pet hair and debris with our patented brush roll.
  • CleanSlide Technology. Works with the Easy Empty Dirt Tank to make machine maintenance less of a mess.

6) Shark Rocket DeluxePro HV322

The motorized floorhead works on all surfaces to pick up hairballs left behind by your pets. It features a standard extension tube, a crevice tool, a dusting brush, and a motorized pet tool for removing embedded hair in upholstery and carpeted steps. The Shark DeluxePro offers no-loss suction power, regardless of how much hair gets caught in the single-helix brush roll.

Shark Rocket DeluxePro HV322
Shark Stick Vacuums

Customizable Cleaning Modes
The DeluxePro has two cleaning modes—the first mode for bare floors, and the second mode for carpeted cleaning. To switch between cleaning modes, simply press the conveniently located buttons near the handle. There is no way to deactivate the brush roll, but thanks to the soft bristles, they won’t leave gash marks on hardwood floors. Just try not to apply too much downward pressure when cleaning smooth floors.

2-in-1 Corded Stick + Handheld Vacuum
As you’d expect from a stick vacuum cleaner, the DeluxePro converts easily from a stick vac with a far reach to a handheld vacuum cleaner for spot cleaning. To convert this unit from stick mode to handheld mode, simply detach the extension tube and attach one of the cleaning tools directly onto the vacuum’s canister. Being able to pull the unit apart help save storage space while not in use.

Shark Rocket DeluxePro Ultra-Light Upright Corded...
  • No loss of suction. To clean bare floors, area rugs, or with accessories-slide the power switch to setting l,...
  • Powerful 2 in 1 vacuum deep cleans your carpets and hardwood floors
  • Perfect for quick pickups; Cord length: 25 feet

5) Eureka Flash Lightweight NES510

The Flash NES510 by Eureka comes with several adjustable features that let you fine-tune the stick vacuum for the best results. First, you can turn the brush roll on and off at will to make it safe for cleaning floorboards as well as carpets. Users can also adjust the height of the brush roll, which makes it easier to loosen and remove debris from shaggy rugs and low-pile carpeting. Plus, the single-helix brush roll ensures minimal tangling and suction loss.

Eureka Flash
Eureka Stick Vacuum

Portable, Easy-to-Store Base
Thanks to all of the removable components, finding a spot to hide your Flash NES510 while not in use couldn’t be easier. By removing the wand, the canister’s base can fit snugly inside closets or even cabinets. There are no dedicated storage compartments for any of the cleaning tools, so make sure you find a place to store them.

6.3-Pound Construction
Perhaps the best thing about the NES510 is its super-lightweight build. Coming in at just 6.3 pounds, this corded stick vacuum is nearly half the weight of comparable models. This makes cleaning above-ground surfaces and auto interior with one of the spot-cleaning tools (crevice tool and 2-in-1 dusting brush) a breeze.

Eureka Flash Lightweight Stick Vacuum Cleaner,...
  • Multi floor cleaning with fingertip brush roll controls and motorized floor nozzle to easily switch between...
  • Lightweight, at only 6.3 Pounds. Easily converts to a portable hand vacuum for convenient above floor...
  • Advanced swivel steering provides excellent control and makes it easy to maneuver around and reach under...

4) Hoover Linx Corded Cyclonic Stick Vacuum (SH20030)

If you’re looking for a solid, simple stick vacuum, the Hoover SH20030 Linx is the way to go. At 9.7 pounds, it may be a little on the heavy side for a stick vac, but the vacuum is a champ at cleaning large debris like cereal and litter.

Hoover Linx Corded Cyclonic Stick Vacuum

The angled handle at the top of the 43.5-inch stick vacuum gives you a comfortable hold. Plus, it has soft wheels that won’t scuff your hard floors.

From the sliding switch, you can choose carpet or bare floor mode. As soon as it’s powered on, the Hoover stick vacuum‘s motorized brushroll turns to help lift debris, hair and dust. Simultaneously, the cyclonic action of the vacuum keeps dust from reaching the motor.

There are also stationary bristles to the left and right of the spinning brush that quickly sweep your baseboards.

When you move from one surface to the next, the short nozzle head adjusts its height to maintain a tight seal around the floor. Since this swiveling nozzle measures 11 inches wide, you get a decent cleaning path and the ability to maneuver in between furniture.

The handle even tilts backward until it almost reaches the floor to help you clean under sofas and beds, and the 20-foot cord provides an acceptable vacuuming radius.

As the dust cup fills up, you can see the amount of content inside because the cup is transparent. Once it’s time to dump it, simply press the button to open the bottom lid. From the top of the cup, you can access the reusable particle filter whenever you need to rinse it.

The red baffle tube also pops out, so you can wash the dust cup when necessary.

Hoover Linx Bagless Corded Cyclonic Lightweight...
  • CYCLONIC TECHNOLOGY: Ensures a consistent cleaning Experience with no loss of suction
  • EXTREME RECLINE HANDLE: Reaches under furniture for easier access without having to move things around
  • EDGE CLEANING BRISTLES: Removes dirt, dust and pet hair up against those hard to reach edges

3) MOOSOO Vacuum Cleaner D601

This corded vacuum is one for the modern home. The Moosoo D601 Stick Vacuum has a wide range of features that can aid you in keeping your carpets and hard floors spotlessly clean.

MOOSOO Vacuum Cleaner Corded D601

This 4-in-1 vacuum has incredible power and can help get rid of deeply embedded dirt and pet hair that’s stuck to carpet fibers and hard floors alike.

Plus, with multiple tools to choose from, you can turn this vacuum into a handheld and tackle furniture and delicate fabrics without the worry of damaging them. This powerful yet sensitive vacuum works hard on almost all floor types too, including marble, tile and hardwood.

At just 2.8lbs, this vacuum is ridiculously lightweight, meaning its perfect for everyday use and portability. Now you can whizz through your home with ease, as the incredible suction performs its task quickly and without multiple passes of the nozzle. Plus, with 23ft of power cord, you won’t be stopping time and time again as you pass through rooms.

Finally, with its built in HEPA filter, you needn’t worry about allergens and bacteria being re-released back into your home’s air. Breathe a little easier with the MOOSOO vacuum cleaner.

MOOSOO Vacuum Cleaner, 4 in 1 Stick Vacuum 17000pa...
  • 【17Kpa Powerful Suction】Vacuum cleaner with 17kpa strong suction power is ideal for debris and deeply...
  • 【Wipe Out All the Dirt on Hard Floors】Vacuum cleaner bagless set is equipped with a 4-Stage advanced...
  • 【Lightweight & Thoroughly Cleaning】2.8pounds are the total weight of this stick vacuum cleaner which can...

2) Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Corded Bagless Vacuum HV302

Looking for a lightweight vacuum for every day jobs as well as those more precise cleaning demands? Look no further. The Shark Rocket Bagless Vacuum HV302 has everything you could need and more.

Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Corded Bagless Vacuum HV302

At under 8lbs, this versatile vacuum can be converted to a handheld for ceiling to floor cleaning.

It also comes with a range of micro detailing tools to help you take your car’s interior back to pristine, as well as those nooks and crannies in the home that get ignored and soon build up excess dust and dirt.

You’ll find the Shark Rocket a breeze to use. Its impressive range of functions can help keep your home and car professionally clean.

With swivel steering, you’ll find your home’s so easy to clean. You won’t have to worry about tight corners or awkwardly placed furniture. Manoeuvre with ease around it all.

Fingertip buttons helps you decide on short powerful bursts or prolonged power. Watch as the dust, dander and dirt disappears before your very eyes, with you in complete control.

Get your hands on the Shark Rocket Bagless Vacuum now, and see how easy it can make your cleaning regime.

Shark Rocket Corded Bagless Stick Vacuum for...
  • Converts into a handheld vacuum for versatile floor-to-ceiling cleaning
  • Extra tools allows you to reach tight spaces, tackle pet hair and much more for a whole-home clean
  • Fingertip controls to easily switch from hard floor to carpet cleaning

1) Shark ZS362 APEX DuoClean

With a large thick-bristled brushroll for carpets and a smaller soft roller for hard floors in a headlight-affixed nozzle, this Shark APEX DuoClean model is the must-have corded stick vacuum for pet owners.

The inclusion of Zero-M technology allows the brushrolls to prevent hair buildup by constantly detangling themselves.

Shark APEX DuoClean with Zero-M No Hair Wrap (ZS362)

A 5-amp motor provides power to the stick vac’s bi-level suction system. Slide the on-handle switch up a notch to put the APEX DuoClean on area rug/bare floor mode and slide it again to engage carpet mode.

As you vacuum, the 30-foot quick-release cord offers an extra-long range, so you won’t have to stop and find a new outlet.

The retro teal Shark stick vacuum’s cup is designed to hold 0.74 quarts’ worth of dirt and debris. You can leave the cup attached or remove it before you push the bottom-door button and dump the cup’s contents.

Additionally, there is a pre-motor foam filter and a post-motor felt filter, both of which are rinsable and reusable.

Shark ZS362 APEX DuoClean

Although its swivel action makes the APEX DuoClean an excellent floor vacuum, you have the option of turning it into a handheld unit complete with a single LED beam.

When used as a hand vac, you have your choice of three accessories, including a 5-inch crevice wand, a stiff-bristled/upholstery-brush pet multi-tool and a flexible precision duster.

Shark ZS362 APEX DuoClean with Self-Cleaning...
  • DuoClean technology is a dual-brushroll system designed to deep-clean carpets and directly engage floors for a...
  • Self-cleaning brushroll for powerful pet hair pickup and no more hair wrap.
  • Provides ultra-powerful pet hair pickup on floors, carpets, and above-floor areas like stairs and furniture.

Corded Stick Vacuum Buying Guide

Now that you’ve seen the five best corded stick vacuums on the market, you have probably realized how advantageous corded sticks are over cordless ones.

Sure, cordless vacuums don’t have a power cord, which means they can give you limitless reach.

Corded Stick Vacuum Cleaner

However, you have to go through the trouble of keeping the battery charged, and you have to constantly check the battery level when you clean if you’re lucky enough to have a cordless stick vacuum with a battery-life indicator.

While you’re vacuuming, you will find yourself rushing in hopes of getting all your chores done before the battery dies.

Unless you’re picking up a small pile of cereal or dirt, the battery will probably die before you get done, and you’ll have to put your chores on hold while the battery charges.

Therefore, the cordless power that seems convenient on the surface isn’t as conducive to streamlined vacuuming as one may think.

How Do I Choose the Best Corded Stick Vacuum?

With a corded stick vacuum, all you need to do is plug it in and get to work – It’s just that easy. The hard part comes when you’re shopping for a cordless stick vacuum. This buying guide will describe the most common features of stick vacuums to simplify the decision-making process.

Brushroll and Suction

The inclusion of a brushroll means that you can definitely use the stick vacuum to clean your carpets, particularly if they are plush. However, a suction-only system doesn’t exclude carpet cleaning from the list of the vacuum’s capabilities.

As long as the suction is strong, you can still vacuum your carpets. There are even some stick vacuums that have a variable-speed suction control, so you can change the level of suction to suit the type of floor you need to clean.

7 Best Corded Stick Vacuums

The Power Cord

It should go without saying, but the length of the power cord is extremely important. Often, people don’t consider this feature until they’ve bought the vacuum, taken it out of the box and used it a few times.

At the very least, the stick vac’s power cord should be 15 feet, so you don’t have to play the changing-electrical-outlets game all day.

Size and Handling

From the weigh to the handle, you must think about how the stick vacuum feels when you use it.

As long as it’s lightweight enough for you to comfortably lift and carry it, then there is no hard-and-fast rule about how much it should weigh.

This same line of thought also goes for the vacuum’s height – the right height depends on how tall you are. Don’t forget the handle. Look for a stick vac that is looped, covered in padding or shaped to cradle in your palm.

The Floor Head

When it comes to the nozzle in the floor head, the width varies widely from vacuum to vacuum. Compared to uprights, stick vacuums tend to have a slimmer floor head that is usually at least 8 inches in width.

The smaller the width, the easier it can fit in between furniture, which is a desirable feature if you have a cozy home as opposed to a minimalist one. On the other hand, a wider width reduces the number of passes you must make to get your floors clean.

Either way, a floor head that pivots makes it easier to vacuum, and one that has an LED light gives you more visibility.

Best Corded Stick Vacuum

Dirt Cup or Dust Bag

Capacity is key here. Dirt cups and dust bags barely contribute to the vacuum’s overall weight, so go for the biggest dirt-collection container. A large-capacity container means you can save time by reducing the number of walk-overs to the trash.

If you choose a bagless stick vacuum, get one with a cup that empties from the bottom; it will keep the air cleaner.

The Filter

In all vacuums, a HEPA filter is the best choice because it can trap 99.97 percent of particles that measure as small as .03 microns. If the stick vac doesn’t have a HEPA filter, make sure the main filter has more than one layer or a pre-filter to protect it.

Many filters are reusable if you rinse or wash them on a regular basis per the manufacturer’s instructions. Reusable filters can save you untold amounts of money on maintenance throughout the life of the vacuum.

Best Corded Stick Vacuum

Convertibility and Attachments

While you’ll mostly use your stick vacuum to clean the floors, there may be times when you want to use it on your staircase or during above-floor cleaning chores.

If you want a stick vac that can accomplish these tasks, you need one with a hose and attachments like a crevice tool or upholstery brush.

Some stick vacuums take above-floor cleaning a step further by allowing you to convert the stick vacuum into a handheld vacuum.

Corded Stick Vacuum FAQs

What Is Different About a Stick Compared to an Upright?”

Although stick vacuums and upright vacuums stand up straight and come in corded and cordless as well as bagged and bagless varieties, there are big differences in terms of performance and size.

Since stick vacuums are meant for light cleaning like vacuuming dinnertime crumb-dropping extravaganzas, they don’t need one of the more powerful and more expensive motors that manufacturers put in upright vacuum cleaners.

This means that sticks don’t have the same suction ability that uprights have. While spinning brushrolls are a standard feature on upright vacuums, they aren’t as common on sticks because the motor often lacks the amperage to support it.

In terms of exterior characteristics, sticks are slimmer, weigh less and have a smaller dirt capacity.

Best Corded Stick Vacuum

What Is Better – A Bagged or Bagless Stick Vac?

Whether you choose to go the bagged or bagless route, there are pros and cons to both types of stick vacuums. In a vacuum that collects dirt and debris in a cloth or paper bag, the mess inside of the bag stays within it.

This means you don’t have to worry about being exposed to puffs of dirt and dust when you remove it. Some bags are even layered to prevent allergens from escaping. You don’t have to worry about washing one for reuse – simply toss it and replace it.

However, the benefit of less maintenance also comes with the disadvantage of spending on money on replacements, which you may have to do once per month; it depends on how often you use the stick vacuum and the amount of dirt on your floor.

Plus, as the bag gets fuller, the suction power begins to reduce, leaving no remedy but to replace the bag before it’s full.

The other option is a bagless stick vacuum. With this vacuum, you won’t incur the replacement costs. All you need to do is dump its contents in the garbage can and reattach it to the vacuum.

Usually, the dust cup on a bagless vacuum is transparent, so you know exactly how full it is. You even get the added benefit of helping the environment by not contributing to the amount of paper products in waste facilities.

Unless the dust cup opens from the bottom, you are bound to be faced with a cloud of dust every time you empty it, and it doesn’t take long for the dust cup filter to get filthy. However, there are many stick vacuums that come with washable filters.

Best Corded Stick Vacuum

How Do Cordless and Corded Stick Vacuums Compare?

Like bagged and bagless vacuums, there are advantages and disadvantages to cordless and corded stick vacuums.

Corded stick vacuums tend to offer reliable suction that doesn’t wax or wane because the home’s electricity gives them a steady supply of power.

In addition, you can vacuum with a corded model as long as you want without experiencing a loss of power as long as the electricity is flowing. However, you are restricted in movement by the power cord’s length.

On the other hand, cordless stick vacuums can be used anywhere regardless of whether there is an electrical outlet nearby.

When comparing the advantages between corded and cordless stick vacuums, this one is a benefit that corded vacuums can’t touch.

Even so, cordless vacuums have one major issue, which is their cleaning time. You can only clean for as long as the battery has a charge except when you have an extra battery that can be charged externally.

Unless the vacuum runs off a lithium-ion battery, the suction will fade out as the battery’s charge gets low.

Best corded stick vacuum

What Features to Consider Most?

Although it’s important to decide your preferences on the power cord and dust bag issues, there are more factors to keep in mind when stick vac shopping. First, you must think about its weight. The battery type is important too if you buy a cordless vacuum.

The features have a direct impact on the vacuum cleaner’s maneuverability, working time and suction strength. Here are a few questions to ask yourself before you open your wallet.

How Much Does It Weigh?

Stick vacuums are known for being lightweight. In fact, that’s one of the reasons that make them so popular. Any model that is close to the 10-pound mark is pushing the boundary between stick and upright.

Heavier stick vacuum cleaners are not as easy to maneuver in comparison to those in the 2-pound to 5-pound range.

You want the stick vacuum to be able to move around and underneath your furniture without a lot of effort on your part. The heavier it is, the more arm strength you need to control it, so the vacuum glides instead of jerks.

Best Corded Stick Vacuums Reviews

Is a Corded Stick Vacuum Suitable for Carpets?

The concise answer would be yes. As far as we can tell, the better corded stick vacuum cleaners probably do the job just as well as a middle of the range upright vacuum cleaner. That would imply that it wouldn’t be on par with the best upright vacuum cleaner, however it will work effectively.

In addition to that it would then also imply that the normal- and worse quality stick vacuum would not do such a good job cleaning carpets. The quality of the stick vacuum cleaner you buy is thus quite important.

How are Corded Stick vacuums with Pet Hair?

We were quite pleasantly surprised as to how well the best quality corded stick vacuum cleaner handled the hair of the pets. This is generally in light of the fact that they don’t have space for the huge motor to suck up each and every hair, and believe it or not – a lot of the uprights vacuums even experience difficulty with hair from pets. If you have a problem with hair from pets in your home we would advise you to have a look at the page covering the best choices for this problem.

Does Dyson produce Stick Vacuum cleaners with Cords?

Dyson is a well-known name in the vacuum cleaner industry and you might well wonder why they are not mentioned. The simple explanation would be that Dyson does not produce stick vacuum cleaners with cords – they only do cordless models.

Will Stick Vacuums with Cords damage Laminated- or other Hard Floors?

In our research of stick vacuum cleaners, we did not encounter any complaints regarding floors that were scratched or damaged. Most of the stick vacuum cleaners with cords are actually more suitable for hard floors than they are for cleaning carpets.

They generally are designed with softer brushes, no beater bar fitted (or than can be turned on- or off) and normally also have less power than upright vacuums. Obviously it would always be better to first test it on your floor where it is less visible.

Our Overall Recommended Stick Vacuums (Corded and Cordless)

Best of the Best!
Also Great
Budget Option
Dyson V11 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, Purple
Tineco A11 Hero Cordless Lightweight...
MOOSOO Cordless Vacuum 4 in 1 Powerful Suction...
Dyson V11
Tineco A11 Hero
Moosoo XL-618A
60min Run Time
40min Run Time
20-35min Run Time
6.7 lbs.
5.5 lbs.
3.3 lbs.
Dyson's most powerful cleaner head ever. Stiff nylon bristles drive deep into the carpet to remove ground-in dirt. Soft, anti-static carbon fiber filaments capture dust from hard floors and crevices.
The A11 Hero is a high performance cordless vacuum featuring a 450W motor and up to 120W of suction power for deep, thorough cleaning on any floor surface.
The Moosoo stick vacuum creates a high speed rotating airflow to remove particulates from air. Its HEPA filter removes up to 99.99% of microscopic dust particles as small as 0.1 microns
Best of the Best!
Dyson V11 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, Purple
Dyson V11
60min Run Time
6.7 lbs.
Dyson's most powerful cleaner head ever. Stiff nylon bristles drive deep into the carpet to remove ground-in dirt. Soft, anti-static carbon fiber filaments capture dust from hard floors and crevices.
Also Great
Tineco A11 Hero Cordless Lightweight...
Tineco A11 Hero
40min Run Time
5.5 lbs.
The A11 Hero is a high performance cordless vacuum featuring a 450W motor and up to 120W of suction power for deep, thorough cleaning on any floor surface.
Budget Option
MOOSOO Cordless Vacuum 4 in 1 Powerful Suction...
Moosoo XL-618A
20-35min Run Time
3.3 lbs.
The Moosoo stick vacuum creates a high speed rotating airflow to remove particulates from air. Its HEPA filter removes up to 99.99% of microscopic dust particles as small as 0.1 microns
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