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Best Hoover Stick Vacuums in 2023: Buying Guide

The best vacuum cleaners have to be completely reliable when you need to do a complete sweep of your carpet and floors. Innovations in technology are always bringing new features in this dynamic industry so you should try and keep in touch with the latest vacuum cleaner trends and models to make household chores easier.

Going cordless is one of the latest developments in the floor-care industry, so it’s essential to look at both corded and cordless options out there.

Hoover Linx Signature Cordless Stick Vacuum

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The Hoover Brands

You have to admit that Hoover has some of the best lightweight vacuum cleaners available on the market. As a leader in the floor-care industry, their job is to manufacture high-performance vacuums for home and commercial use. Their line of vacuum cleaners consists of general and special-purpose uprights, deep cleaners and hard surface cleaners.

Hoover vacuum cleaners suck, but in a good way. Let’s take a look at some of the best Hoover cleaners available on the market

Our Recommended Hoover Stick Vacuums

6) Hoover REACT Stick Vacuum [BH53210]

The Hoover REACT model is an excellent piece of floor-cleaning technology. This is a relatively new line from Hoover which combines both upright and stick models for versatility. The motor is located on one end of the unit while the floor tool is found on the opposite end, allowing for easy switching from upright mode to handheld.

Hoover React

The FloorSense Technology in the BH53210 does a reasonably good job in automatically identifying which surface (smooth or carpet) the unit is currently vacuuming on. This helps optimize cleaning performance when moving from one surface to the other.

On carpets, the brush roll spins at a quicker RPM than on hard surfaces, and it’s all automated so you won’t have to manually control the modes.

This unit is not able to stand on its own, but that’s what the wall mount is for. It also helps save space by lifting your Hoover off the ground. Unfortunately, it cannot be charged while hanging on the wall mount. You’ll have to remove the battery and place it in the charging dock.

Hoover React

Speaking of batteries, the BH53210 has a battery which can power the vacuum cleaner for about 30 minutes. This should be enough time to clean multiple rooms in a large home or even the whole floor of small houses and apartments. The rapid charging technology fully charges the battery in 3 hours.

Another interesting feature of this model is its smartphone app. The app shows the remaining battery and tutorials on how to perform simple maintenance tasks to keep your Hoover in perfect condition.

Hoover React Whole Home Advantage Cordless...
  • Superior run time, XL dirt cup and wider cleaning path delivers a whole home clean
  • FloorSense technology instinctively detects a change in floor type to optimize cleaning

5) Hoover Linx Stick Vacuum [Sh30030]

The Hoover Linx is a handy corded stick vacuum for cleaning apartments or small houses. At around 9 lbs, it’s an extremely lightweight and maneuverable cleaner for everyday vacuuming. It has an amazing reclining handle so reaching under furniture or other hard-to-access spots can be cleaned in a breeze.

Hoover Linx

Don’t think that the compact size of the unit means less suctioning power or cleaning efficiency. This is a well-designed vacuum cleaner by Hoover which uses WindTunnel Technology for deep cleansing of any carpet or hard surface. The powered Brushroll with Cyclonic Technology allows users to switch seamlessly from hard surface cleaning to carpet cleaning.

One problem with the switch is that it’s inconveniently placed at the front of the machine, meaning you’ll have to move positions to switch modes. This isn’t too big a deal but it does become annoying over time.

Hoover Linx

Pet owners can benefit from the Hoover Sh30030 as it does a perfect job in picking up stray pet hair and large pieces of debris. Another good feature is that the multi-cyclonic suction keeps the washable foam filters clean for longer and prevents a decrease in suction power.

The Sh30030 is bagless so all dust particles and debris will be placed in a small dust cup of about one quart capacity. Removing the dust cup is done with a press of a button. However, some users have complained of the quart-sized dust cup being too small and needs to be emptied after each use of a full house cleaning.

Remember that this is a compact vacuum cleaner, and the dust cup will also be compact in size to reduce weight.

Hoover Linx Bagless Corded Cyclonic...
  • CYCLONIC TECHNOLOGY: Ensures a consistent cleaning Experience with no loss of suction
  • EXTREME RECLINE HANDLE: Reaches under furniture for easier access without having to move...

4) Hoover Cruise Stick Vacuum [BH52210PC]

The Hoover Cruise is a versatile vacuum cleaner that really gives Dyson vacuum cleaners a run for their money. They look similar, and have some of the same features, but the Hoover BH52210 is much lighter on your wallet, whereas a similar Dyson model can cost you upwards of $200.

Hoover Cruise

The first thing worth noting is the design. It’s vital that the design of a light cordless vacuum completely supports cleaning hard to reach places. With the BH52210, you shouldn’t have any problems. Its light build and extra long pole also makes it easy to handle when reaching high spots.

Some vacuum cleaners specialize in cleaning hard floors or carpets, but this Hoover model does well in both worlds. Maneuvering can become limited with certain models, making it extremely important to find one unit that can perform well on both surfaces.

Hoover Cruise

The BH52210 is that model. Transit from hard surfaces to low pile carpeting is done with switching the brush modes specifically built for each surface.

Accessories are also another important factor in choosing the right vacuum cleaner. This unit comes with an upholstery tool, dusting brush, crevice tool, and a wall mount. The comprehensive selection of accessories makes doing a thorough cleaning of the house much easier.

In an ideal world, a machine like this wouldn’t have any drawbacks. Unfortunately, we live in the real world where nothing is perfect. One common problem that customers have with the BH52210 is its maneuvering head for cleaning around furniture.

Sometimes the swivel acts on its own accord and makes unexpected turns. Another issue is the suction power which, although it’s strong on carpets, seems pretty weak on flat surfaces. Some people have to run over a spot repeatedly in order to pick up every last hair or dust particle.

Hoover Cruise Cordless Lightweight 2-in-1...
  • Lightweight - at only 4.7 lbs. It's easier than ever to clean up, down and all around
  • Reach anywhere cleaning - long slim pole reaches up high for cleaning shelves and ceiling...

3) Hoover Linx Signature Stick Vacuum [BH50020PC]

The Hoover Linx Signature is an inexpensive cordless cleaner, useful for cleaning messes in a small to medium sized area. The Li-ion battery can be removed to charge separately from the unit or while still inside of the vacuum cleaner. You should be able to get 15 minutes tops out of use in one charge.

Hoover Linx Signature
Hoover Linx Signature

This cordless model by Hoover makes cleaning the house extra convenient. Going wireless means not having to wrestle with tangled cables in order to thoroughly clean your floors and furniture. This unit was built for small home and apartment owners who need maximum cleaning in a limited area.

The lightweight design makes working the vacuum cleaner in all of your rooms a breeze. You won’t have to worry about lugging around a piece of equipment to get the job done. With this easy to handle vacuum, you’ll find yourself able to do a full sweep and hardly break a sweat.

The reclining design of the handle also makes for easy cleaning under furniture pieces and beds. Lifting or shifting heavy sofas for a comprehensive carpet cleaning is a thing of the past. The two options for cleaning carpets and smooth surfaces is also a handy feature, and the suction power of the BH50020 makes vacuuming both surfaces easy to do.

The good thing about the battery is that you can remove it from the unit and charge separately in a charging dock, or you can charge it directly from the vacuum cleaner. This feature is available for many Hoover cordless models, but it’s still worth mentioning.

However, a common problem people have with this lightweight cordless model is its inability to handle flat items like stamps or shreds of paper. They often experience clogging, meaning manually removing the piece from the brushes before resuming work.

Hoover Linx Signature Stick Cordless Vacuum...
  • NEW ITEM AVAILABLE: Linx product line will be discontinued from the Manufacturer. Please...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: At 10 pounds this vacuum cleaner is easy to clean effortlessly

2) Hoover ONEPWR Blade+ Stick Vacuum BH53310

The Hoover BH53310 is one of the most intriguing cordless stick vacuums available. It’s a part of the ONEPWR shareable battery system, so you can swap batteries between nine ONEPWR devices without worry about compatibility. As for this stick vacuum, it offers low and high-power suction settings, along with dual brush speeds, along with several helpful spot-cleaning attachments.

Hoover ONEPWR Blade+ Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, Lightweight, BH53310
Hoover ONEPWR Blade+ Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, Lightweight, BH53310

The BH53310 offers anywhere between 22 and 32 CFM of airflow volume, which is right around the low-to-mid-range in terms of Hoover stick vacs. However, the benefit of the brush’s helix design and floorhead seal allow it to pick up embedded debris out of low-pile carpeting in just a single pass. You can expect outstanding cleaning results on hard floors while picking up anything from rice to large bits of cereal.

A single charge of the ONEPWR 3-mAh Li-Ion battery supplies up to 35 minutes on its low-speed setting with suction-only tools. While cranking this stick vac to its higher setting and with the brushed floorhead, you’re looking at just under 14 minutes of cleaning time per charge. That’s not the worst, but it’s certainly far from being long-lasting by stick vac standards. Batteries are fairly cheap, so definitely consider picking up one or two additional ONEPWR batteries, just in case.

Hoover ONEPWR Blade+ Cordless Stick Vacuum...
  • DUAL CYCLONIC DUSTVAULT TECHNOLOGY: Captures 99% of dust and fine particles with No Loss...
  • CORDLESS: Delivers cord-free convenience powered by the removable and rechargeable ONEPWR...

1) Hoover ONEPWR Blade MAX Stick Vacuum BH53350

The Hoover ONEPWR Blade MAX (BH53350) is a slightly larger, more powerful model compared to the BH53310. Like its little brother, this stick vac offers dual and suction settings, but it produces as much as 45 CFM for enhanced cleaning performance on low- and medium-pile carpets. It’s also a lightweight unit of around 5.6 pounds, so lifting it to get at cobwebs on ceilings shouldn’t be an issue.

Hoover ONEPWR Blade MAX High Performance Cordless Stick Vacuum
Hoover ONEPWR Blade MAX High Performance Cordless Stick Vacuum

This unit comes with a 4-mAh Li-Ion battery that also belongs to the ONEPOWR family. According to Hoover, each battery pack in the BH53350 supplies as much as 45 minutes of cleaning time (low settings and suction-only tools). On its higher, more power-demanding settings with a brushed attachment, you’re getting slightly less than half that runtime.

One of the BH53350’s greatest selling points is its Motorized Pet Tool. Not only does it do a fantastic job at suctioning away surface debris on upholstery and auto interior, but the spinning, stiff-bristled brush actively removes embedded hair from short fibers.

Another thing worth mentioning about the BH53350 is that you can deactivate the brush roll. This means you can clean hardwood and tiled floors without worrying about the stiff bristles leaving deep gashes in your floors.

Hoover ONEPWR Blade MAX High Performance...
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE DIGITAL MOTOR: Efficiently tackles tough messes with maximum power
  • CORDLESS: Delivers cord-free convenience powered by the removable and rechargeable ONEPWR...


And this concludes the list of Hoover vacuum cleaners. For a century-old company, they do a great job in keeping up with the times with floor-cleaning innovations. Whether you’re in the market for a cordless cleaner or a corded option with a cable long enough to support room-to-room cleaning, Hoover has it all.

Whatever features you want from your vacuum, rest assured that they won’t leave a large dent on your finances. There’s very little that can go wrong with these inexpensive lightweight vacuum cleaners.

Hoover Linx

Our Recommended Stick Vacuums

Our Pick The Eureka NEC222 HyperClean is a versatile and rather useful convertible stick vacuum. It can be used as the main vacuum in smaller homes and apartments, or as a second vacuum cleaner in large homes and apartments.

Lightweight The Shark IZ362H is a lightweight stick vacuum. It's easy to maneuver, and has a bagless design that's easy to maintain and requires less maintenance costs.

Corded What sets this corded stick vacuum apart from so many others is the fact that it is, above all else, very powerful and very effective. The Eureka Flash offers more than enough vacuuming power for just about every vacuuming task..

Best of the Best The Dyson V11 Torque Drive is smarter and more efficient than its predecessors. The suction power automatically adjusts based on floor type—more power for carpets and less for smooth surfaces.

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