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Best Hoover Upright Vacuums in 2023

Hoover is a brand that carries quite a bit of weight in the vacuum cleaner world. You might even remember watching constant Hoover commercials back in the wonderful 90s. In this guide, we’ll go over the top three best hoover upright vacuums and what you should know about their line of uprights.

Best Hoover Upright Vacuums
Hoover React UH73100

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Our Recommended Hoover Upright Vacuums in 2023

3. Hoover Wind Tunnel 2

The first Hoover we have is the Wind Tunnel 2, an amazing unit that scores high marks in everything you’d hope to get out of an upright. It comes with Wind Tunnel 2 technology that splits suction into two channels to lift and remove debris both from the surface and hidden between carpet fibers.

The multi-floor brushroll can be turned on and off to prevent it from scratching and scattering debris on smooth floors. A simple push of a button will send the 25-foot power cord reeling right into the upright for quick and easy storage.

Hoover WindTunnel 2 Whole House Rewind Corded...
  • HASSLE-FREE CORD REWIND: 25 feet power cord automatically retracts in seconds so you never...
  • DEEP CLEANING POWER: WindTunnel 2 Technology creates 2 channels of suction to lift and...

2. Hoover REACT QuickLift UH73340PC

Next up is the REACT QuickLift—a super pet-friendly upright that is designed to remove pet hair carpets in a single pass. If your pets love lounging on furniture, you can use it as a handheld canister vacuum and use one of its five cleaning tools to suction hair and debris from finer upholstery fibers.

The REACT QuickLift also comes with amazing FloorSense technology that uses a series of micro-sensors to detect when you’ve transitioned from carpeted floors to smooth floors (and vice versa) in order to adjust brushroll speed. Combined with Wind Tunnel technology, no speck of dust can escape the mighty suction of the Hoover REACT QuickLift UH73340PC.

REACT QuickLift Deluxe Bagless Upright Vacuum...
  • FloorSense Technology - Utilizes micro-sensors that detect changing floor types and...
  • Portable Lift Canister - QuickLift Mode enables you to detach the canister for easy and...

1. Hoover REACT UH73100

Finally, we have the REACT UH71300 which combines many of the previous models’ features into one mighty machine. Like the QuickLift, it comes with FloorSense and Wind Tunnel technologies to remove dust, dirt, pet hair, and any other floor contaminant in its path.

This unit is compatible with the Hoover app which keeps users in the loop regarding maintenance issues and customize performance. Inside of the floorhead is a series of bright LEDs that illuminate the surface in front of it the allow better vision in dark spaces (beneath furniture) and better spot hidden piles of dirt.

Hoover React Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner...
  • FloorSense Technology - Utilizes micro-sensors that detect changing floor types and...
  • Full-Size Lightweight - Delivers complete performance with an easy to maneuver design.

A Quick Guide on Hoover Upright Vacuums

In this section, we’ll go talk about why Hoover is a reliable brand and what features and specs found in Hoover upright vacuums you need to be aware of.

Best Upright Vacuums from Hoover
Hoover REACT UH73340PC

Why Choose Hoover?

Hoover vacuum cleaners have been around for quite some time, and seeing as how the company consistently releases great uprights to the market, there’s no reason to doubt that they’ll be in the game for even longer.

Hoover prides itself in being one of the only vacuum cleaner manufacturers whose uprights are able to perform for more than a decade after the purchase date. Those who have inherited a Hoover from a parent or grandparent will know what we’re talking about.

Best Hoover vacuum cleaners
Hoover WindTunnel 2

Important Hoover Upright Vacuum Considerations

Bagged vs. Bagless

All three models on our list are bagless models, i.e. all collected dust and debris is stored in a plastic container that’s easy to clean, the main benefit being cost efficiency. You won’t need to worry about purchasing replacements nearly as frequently unless the cup somehow cracks (a very rare occurrence with proper care).

Suction Power

Suction power is directly related to the size of the Hoover upright’s motor. The larger the motor, the greater the suction power, therefore the better it will clean shaggier carpets and rugs. The three Hoover upright vacuums mentioned on our list deliver enough suction to remove embedded hair from carpet fibers in one or two passes.

Hoover App

The two uprights on our list compatible with the Hoover app are the REACT QuickLift and the REACH UH73100. The app itself is pretty great but definitely not a must-have. It’ll give you access to FloorSense technology and remind you when it’s time to check the system for common maintenance problems.

10 Best Hoover Upright Vacuum
Hoover REACT UH73340PC
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Best Hoover Upright Vacuums


How Long do Hoover Upright Vacuums Last?

This depends entirely on how well you care for your Hoover upright vacuum, but in general, Hoover products are considered to be some of the longest-lasting vacuum cleaners you’ll find on the market.

With proper maintenance, you can realistically hope to get up to 20 years of vacuuming out of a Hoover upright.

Which is the Best Hoover Upright for Pet Hair?

All three of the best Hoover upright vacuums mentioned above work extremely well at removing pet hair from carpeted surfaces, but the best, by far, is the Hoover REACT QuickLift UH73340PC.

WindTunnel Surge technology and its spot-cleaning attachments are more than able to quickly remove embedded hair from the shaggiest rugs in a single pass.

What About Hoover Stick Vacuums?

Cordless stick vacuums have become increasingly more popular as of late due to their portability, lightweight design, and longer battery life, and Hoover isn’t one to be left behind.

Cordless stick vacs from Hoover are definitely worth looking at if you’re in the market for one.

Best Hoover Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Are Hoover Upright Vacuums Better than Dysons?

We have a guide on Dyson upright vacuums where we very briefly go into detail on why Dyson is the dominant vacuum cleaner brand.

However, just because they’re at the top doesn’t mean other brands like Hoover or Shark don’t make noteworthy products. Hoovers, in general and with the correct model, can be provide awesome suction power and last a long time.

Are Hoover Upright Vacuums any Good?

After checking out many of Hoover’s products, it’s pretty safe to assume that their wide selection of vacuum cleaners—corded and cordless, bagged and bagless—is definitely worth the investment.

Additionally, Hoover uprights are among some of the most budget-friendly options while also having a lifespan of no less than a decade.

Hoover WindTunnel 2


This concludes our brief guide on Hoover upright vacuums and why you should choose Hoover. In short, they’ve been in the game since the beginning of time, and their recent upright models practically guarantee that Hoover isn’t going anytime soon. Check out our list of the three best Hoover uprights to see which of them will work best for you!

Our Recommended Upright Vacuums

Our Pick The Bissell 2252 CleanView gives you the outstanding performance you’d expect from an expert floor care company at a great price. It has specialized pet tools and features, so you know it’s designed for homes with pets.

Budget Pick The Eureka Airspeed NEU100 is an affordable, lightweight, and good upright vacuum for cleaning small apartments. With a 10.5-inch wide cleaning path, it gets the job done quickly.

Best of the Best The Bissell 2998 is a well-balanced, convertible, bagless upright vacuum intended as a cleaning solution for larger homes and apartments.

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