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Best Dyson Stick Vacuums in 2023: Worth the Money?

Luxury meets practicality. Out of all the vacuum cleaner names in the world, Dyson is the premier brand. They’re striking on the outside and wickedly powerful on the inside. Each Dyson stick vacuum cleaner is cordless and equipped with the brand’s ingenious radial cyclones and whole-machine filtration, streamlining allergen separation with incredible efficiency.

Are Dyson Stick Vacuum Cleaners Worth the Money?

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Affordable Option

Dyson V8 Animal+ Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Affordability and suction power go hand in hand with the 5.63-pound Dyson V8 Animal, which features a dual-speed 115-air watt motor and two tiers of dust-separating cyclones.

The on-handle sliding switch makes changing the suction level easy, and a silicone wiper removes debris stuck between the 0.5-liter bin and the lifetime HEPA filter.

Dyson V8 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

The direct-drive floorhead is ideal for carpets. This 9.8-inch head’s brushroll stops rotating when a stray object blocks the suction path, preventing clogs. The rechargeable battery lasts up to 40 minutes per charge. When used as a handheld vac, you can attach one of the four accessories. Storage for two tools is available on the wall-mounted charging dock.

Popular Option

Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute

Extra-powerful suction and multiple performance options make the Dyson V10 Absolute a popular choice. This 150-air watt stick vac contains Dyson’s V10 digital motor, and the 0.8-liter bin opens from the bottom with a force-producing lever. A straight suction path, 14 clustered cyclones and a forever combo-HEPA filter streamline the V10 Absolute’s efficiency.

Dyson V10 Stick vacuum Cleaner

Auto-shutoff stops jams, and the stick’s center of gravity is perfectly balanced for above-head vacuuming in handheld mode. The premium lithium battery provides a 1-hour runtime when the 5.9-pound V10 Absolute is on its lowest of three speeds. Dyson provides a charging dock to put on the wall and four accessories, including a motorized brush.

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Best of the Best

Dyson V11 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

To date, the V11 Animal is the most powerful stick vacuum Dyson makes. The vibration-reducing digital motor pushes 185 air watts through two dozen cyclones. Via an LED touchscreen, you can select from three suction speeds. A straight air path minimizes clogs while the single-unit HEPA filter in the 0.8-liter bin helps trap fine allergens.

Dyson v11

With the 9.8-pound V11 Animal, you get a wall dock and a multi-purpose floorhead that contains an auto-speed brushroll. The NCA battery has enough juice for 15 to 60-minute sessions, depending on the suction speed. You can even vacuum above your head by attaching the crevice wand, soft brush, motorized brush or combo-crevice tool to the V11 Animal.

Dyson V11 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner,...
  • Dyson's most intelligent, powerful cordless vacuum. Twice the suction of any cordless...
  • Dyson technology helps create a cleaner, healthier home - Our vacuums and purifiers are...

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V11 but bigger

Dyson V11 Outsize

Dyson aims to demonstrate that bigger is better by including all of the company’s technological breakthroughs into the V11 Outsize. What sets the Outsize apart from its V11 brethren is its considerably larger (1.9 liters) dust collection tank and a wider cleaning floorhead to clean more of your floors with each pass.

With Radial Cyclone technology, which consists of 18 cyclones working in conjunction, the Outsize effortlessly separates large from tiny debris, ensuring the True HEPA Filter can maintain its 99.97% efficiency rating for longer. While it’s heavier (3.56 kg) than most stick vacs available, it promises significantly more cleaning power and convenience than most non-Dyson stick vacs available today.

Dyson V11 Outsize Cordless Vacuum Cleaner,...
  • Dyson's most powerful, intelligent cordless vacuum. Now with full-size bin and full-size...
  • Dyson technology helps create a cleaner, healthier home - Our vacuums and purifiers are...

Dyson Stick Vacuum Buying Guide

New and improved technology abounds with every stick vacuum line that Dyson produces, and that makes picking one tricky. In this buying guide, we give you an overview of each stick vacuum line and describe the different motors and batteries. We also discuss the features pertinent to allergen containment, home detailing and flooring styles.

Are Dyson Cordless Vacuums Worth The Cost?

Stick Vacuum Lineup

Currently, Dyson has four stick vacuum lines with the V7 being the oldest in production (They renewed the V7 with the Animal Pro+ Edition). The V7 was built to be lightweight and versatile, and it’s still a solid performer despite its age. However, with the V8, Dyson increased the suction strength and improved the allergen filtration and battery runtime.

When it released the V10, Dyson introduced the torque-drive floorhead to use interchangeably with the earlier direct-drive nozzle. V10 models also offer variable-speed suction, a longer working time, whole-machine filtration and a stronger motor.

The latest model is the Dyson V11, which boasts an array of advanced technology, including a high-torque floorhead, touchscreen controls, automatic suction adjust and the most powerful Dyson motor to date. All four lines come in varying models. Each model offers a different selection of floor nozzles and attachments.

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Evolution of the Motor

Every Dyson stick vacuum contains one of the brand’s exclusive digital motors that corresponds to the name of the line. Due to their smaller size, lighter weight and brushless design, these DC (direct current) motors are highly efficient.

Dyson Stick Vacuums

The Dyson V7 and V8 digital motors rotate at 107,000 rpm, providing powerful brushroll action. However, the V8 has features such as an acoustic baffle, closed-cell foam and a fluted funnel to lessen vibrations and subsequently lower the noise output.

In the V10 digital motor, the fan spins at a higher rate – 125,000 rpm. It features a thermally bonded ceramic shaft that’s stronger than steel, a straight-line suction path and acoustic-regulating material. Since Dyson relocated the impeller, the V10 is better able to self-cool.

While the V11 digital motor also has a direct suction path and achieves a 125,000 rpm speed, it contains a triple diffuser that further streamlines the flow of air. Other benefits of this diffuser include the highest air wattage and lowest sound production out of all the Dyson stick vacuums.

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Battery Technology and the Size of Your Home

The V7 and V8 Dyson stick vacuums are well-suited for small to average-size homes. Both lines have a maximum runtime of 30 minutes and 40 minutes, respectively. They also promise fade-free suction. However, the V8 has a nickel-cobalt-aluminum type of lithium-ion battery, which has higher energy and more thermal stability than the V7’s nickel-manganese-cobalt battery.

Best Cordless Stick Vacuum

For the V10 stick vacuums, Dyson used a higher capacity battery that has one more cell than the V8’s six-cell version. The nickel-cobalt-aluminum battery boasts LED diagnostics to pinpoint cell degradation and altitude sensors since low temperatures can slow energy and drain lithium-ion batteries.

Dyson continued its use of a nickel-cobalt-aluminum battery for the V11 models. This battery includes diagnostics and altitude sensors, and it can last up to 60 minutes per charge just like the battery in the V10s. However, the V11 battery has larger cathodes, and you can monitor the battery life in real-time via the stick vacuum’s touchscreen.

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Benefits of Each Floorhead

Each stick vacuum line has an option for flooring of all kinds. If you have hard floors and carpet in your house, all the V7 and V8 models come with Dyson’s direct-drive floorhead. This head has nylon bristles that dig deep into carpets and carbon fibers that softly sweep hard floors.

If your hard floors are extra delicate, the V7, V8 and V10 Absolute come with a soft roller floorhead, which consists of woven nylon as well as carbon fibers. The woven nylon is extra-gentle on hard floors, and the carbon fibers excel at collecting dust.

The V10 Absolute and Motorhead offer a torque-drive floorhead. Like the direct-drive nozzle, the torque-drive version cleans all floors. However, it contains a DC motor, allowing the nozzle to loosen dirt better and clean carpets deeper. For the two V11 models, Dyson upgraded the floorhead’s torque, giving it the ability to automatically adjust the power to the specific flooring.

When Allergens Are a Concern

One of the best features of Dyson stick vacuums is the attention to filtration. Most allergy sufferers understand the importance of having a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter in their vacuums. Luckily, every stick vac Dyson makes has a HEPA filter and a post-motor filter, both of which are combined in the V10 and V11 for ease of maintenance.

Those who experience mild to moderate allergy symptoms will be pleased with the V7 or V8. These stick vacuums are equipped with two tiers of dust-separating cyclones – 15 total. They also have Dyson’s famous hygienic bin that forces debris into the garbage can via a pull-up lever.

Certain features of the V10 and V11 lines cater to people who have severe dust/pollen/dander/et cetera allergies. The 14 cyclones are clustered and the air path is straight, lending to enhanced allergen trapping. Plus, a pressurized seal and airtight gasket prevent allergens from escaping and a point-and-shoot bin opener that’s easier to use.

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What Tools Come With a Dyson Stick Vacuum?

Dyson stick vacuums can be used as a handheld vacuum. You can even keep the pole attached if you need long-distance reach. Each model comes with a different combination of accessories (although you can buy others later if you decide you need them).

Is it worth buying a Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner

All stick vac lines come with one or more of the following tools. The combo-brush attachment offers hassle-free switching between dusting and crevice-cleaning tasks. There’s also a crevice wand that comes in handy when vacuuming between couch cushions or car seats.

For stairs and furniture, Dyson makes a motorized tool with a rotating brush. The brand’s soft brush has nylon bristles that gently clean surfaces. With the V11 models, you also get a stubborn-dirt brush with stiff bristles and a two-tool wand storage clip in conjunction with the wall-mounted storage unit that comes with all Dyson stick vacs.

Why Is There No Dyson V9?

As you probably noticed, the succession of Dyson stick vacuums goes from V7 to V8 to V10 to V11. Dyson names its stick vacuum line after the motor inside of them, all of which are different and improved from one motor to the next.

So what happened to the V9? Back in 2012, Dyson decided to try its hand at making hair dryers. This project took 4 years and over $70 million to complete. With all the resources tied into it, Dyson decided to create the V9 motor specifically for its Supersonic hairdryer.

Why Doesn’t Dyson Make Corded Stick Vacuums?

Dyson stopped making corded vacuum cleaners as of 2018. According to Dyson, the motors in its stick vacuums are powerful enough to forgo the need for plug-in power. Therefore, Dyson’s current and future models come cord-free, which is great news for those who want freedom of movement when vacuuming.

Dyson still sells corded upright and canister vacuums (the ones with the big ball joints). However, they do not plan to make any new uprights or canisters. Instead, the company wants to invest its resources into cordless vacuum technology among other projects.

How Long Does a Dyson Stick Vacuum Last?

All of Dyson’s stick vacuums are covered under a 2-year warranty, which is two to four times longer than warranties provided by many other stick vac manufacturers. The warranty is limited, so it only covers manufacturing defects; however, labor and parts (sans the filters) are included.

The best Dyson cordless vacuums on the market

Keep in mind that the warranty period does not reflect a Dyson stick vacuum’s typical lifespan. When properly maintained, you won’t have to buy another stick vac for at least 5 years. You may, however, need to replace the battery at some point, but a replacement battery costs far less than a new vacuum.

What Is the Difference Between Watts and Air Watts?

There are one or two “watt” numbers that you’ll see in a stick vacuum’s specs – the watts and the air watts. The watts of a stick vacuum describe the motor, specifically the amount of power the motor consumes. In most cases, the higher the watts, the more powerful the motor.

An air watt is also a measurement of power. However, the number of air watts is used to quantify a vacuum cleaner’s suction strength. Again, the higher the number, the more powerful. With Dyson stick vacuums, the air watts range from 100 (V7) to 185 (V11).

What Does It Mean When a Stick Vacuum Is Certified Asthma & Allergy Friendly?

The Asthma & Allergy Friendly certification is given by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA). The organization only bestows this certification to vacuum cleaners that remove and contain a certain level of allergens.

Dyson’s stick vacuums use whole-machine filtration and have that ingenious dirt-expelling lever on their bins, so they are able to meet the AAFA’s strict certification standards. Currently, the V8 and V10 models are included on the AAFA’s list. Since the V11 has been available less than a year, time will tell whether it becomes certified.

Do Stick Vacuums Work Better on Carpet or Hard Floors?

Generally, stick vacuums clean hard-surface floors better than carpeted ones. However, a stick vacuum’s ability to clean carpets depends on its specific features. The vacuum should be able to produce at least 100 air watts, and it must come with a bristled floorhead – Dyson stick vacuums meet these requirements.

Best Dyson Vacuum Cleaners

If you plan to use a stick vacuum on hard floors too, the brushroll must be safe enough to clean them without leaving scratches. Dyson stick vacuums come with either a multi-surface brushroll or two interchangeable floorheads, so you can safely and effectively vacuum all your floors.

Suction adjustment is also recommended. This feature will prevent lightweight debris from scattering across hard floors when set on the lowest speed. Again, you can control the suction strength on any of Dyson’s stick vacs.

Are Stick Vacuums Good for Cleaning Pet Hair?

The inclusion of a brushroll plays a big part in a stick vacuum’s ability to get rid of pet hair. A bristled brushroll is a must here. Some of Dyson’s stick vacuums come with a motorized brush, which has a small brushroll that lifts hair from upholstery. If your pets sleep on the furniture, you’ll need this feature too.

A stick vacuum that can lift and suction pet hair may not be able to contain that hair. The filtration system is important here. Specifically, the vacuum needs a HEPA filter to prevent the hair from becoming airborne and resettling on surfaces. HEPA filtration comes standard on all of Dyson’s stick vacuums.

Will Stick Vacuums Reach Under Furniture?

Nobody wants to shove or pick up furniture just to clean underneath it. That’s like doing a chore just to be able to do a chore. Plus, you have to move the furniture back when you’re done. Stick vacuums save you time and physical exertion.

In comparison to traditional upright vacuums, stick vacuums have a much thinner floorhead, meaning they can fit under furniture. Dyson stick vacuums lean back a great deal, so you can reach the entirety of the area. They also pivot, which helps you vacuum around table and sofa legs.

Can You Use a Stick Vacuum to Detail a Car?

Yes, but only if the stick vacuum has two features. First, it must cordless. While it is possible to clean your car with a corded stick, it’s inconvenient because you need an outlet nearby, and you have to park the car within the power cord’s reach.

Should I buy a Dyson vacuum

The stick vacuum also needs to be a convertible model. In other words, it must be able to turn into a handheld vacuum. Convertible stick vacs allow you to detail a car with small accessories. Dyson stick vacuums give you this ability because they can be transformed into a hand vac, and they are all cordless.

Can a Stick Vacuum Replace an Upright or Canister Vac?

There is no clearcut answer to this question as multiple factors are involved. If you have high-pile carpet, the answer is a resounding “no.” Stick vacuums simply aren’t powerful enough to pull dirt from tall carpet pile.

Even if you have medium or low-pile carpet, you may need an upright or a canister vacuum to take care of exceptionally tough messes. On the other hand, if you live in a house with only tile, wood or vinyl, you can use a stick vac as your sole vacuum cleaner.

Are There Bagged Stick Vacuums?

Stick vacuums rarely, if ever, use the dirtbag method of collecting debris. Stick vacuums are designed with the user’s convenience in mind. Dumping a cup is much more convenient than struggling with attaching/detaching a bag. Vacuums with dirt cups are also long-term money savers since you don’t have to buy bags.

Stick vacuums don’t quite have the suction power of full-size models, and a cup is less likely to clog the vacuum and reduce the suction than a bag. Of course, bagless vacuums aren’t immune to clogs. To make the most of a stick vac’s suction, don’t let the cup overfill.

Dyson Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner Test

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Dyson Stick Vacuum Cleaners: Final Thoughts

With each new line, Dyson gets closer to making its stick vacuums just as powerful as an upright vac. People love Dyson stick vacuums because they are versatile, do well at trapping allergens and contain powerful batteries that don’t limit their ability to clean. When it comes to top-of-the-line cordless stick vacuums, Dyson has the market cornered.

Our Recommended Stick Vacuums

Our Pick The Eureka NEC222 HyperClean is a versatile and rather useful convertible stick vacuum. It can be used as the main vacuum in smaller homes and apartments, or as a second vacuum cleaner in large homes and apartments.

Lightweight The Shark IZ362H is a lightweight stick vacuum. It's easy to maneuver, and has a bagless design that's easy to maintain and requires less maintenance costs.

Corded What sets this corded stick vacuum apart from so many others is the fact that it is, above all else, very powerful and very effective. The Eureka Flash offers more than enough vacuuming power for just about every vacuuming task..

Best of the Best The Dyson V11 Torque Drive is smarter and more efficient than its predecessors. The suction power automatically adjusts based on floor type—more power for carpets and less for smooth surfaces.

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