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Like most of you, the first thing I look at before buying something online is reviews or buying guides. By reading what other people say will help me gauge whether or not a product is good or not.

And if you’re spending over $500 on a product, you want to make sure that it’s good.

How can this site help me find the right cordless vacuum?

You can find a lot of reviews from merchant sites like Amazon and Walmart but information is lacking.

These online stores don’t tell you much about the strengths and weaknesses of a product and where it’ll standout unless you comb through pages of reviews (if the product is popular).

There are also blogs such as this that are run by individuals or large corporations that present information in an easy to digest manner.

Wirecutter and Cnet are two of the top review sites out there. But these sites don’t focus on a single product niche like mine. If you look at their site, they cover a wide range of products and even services.

At HouseholdMe, we try to be different!

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