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Best Tineco Stick Vacuums in 2023: Worth the Money?

Tineco may not be a well-known brand, but it holds its own among the big boys like Bissell, Dyson and Shark, and it does so at a cut-rate price. What gives Tineco the edge over its competitors is concentrating almost exclusively on stick vacuum technology. These models are among Tineco’s most solid performers.

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Our Recommended Tineco Stick Vacuumsin 2023

Tineco A10 Hero Stick Vacuum

Tineco A10 Hero Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Powerful brushroll action. A 350-watt brushless motor controls the high-torque carpet-cleaning brushroll housed within the headlight-equipped floorhead, and the lithium-ion battery promises up to 25 minutes of cyclonic suction that reaches 110 air watts on Max mode. Thanks to a trigger lock, the 5-pound A10 Hero produces on-demand and continuous suction.

A triple-layer HEPA filtration system and a bottom-door dirt bin keep the air and your hands clean. For above-floor and above-head vacuuming, the stick-to-handheld A10 Hero comes with a motorized upholstery brush, a dusting brush, and a narrow crevice tool. When it’s time to recharge the battery, simply disconnect it and rest the battery in the standing dock.

Tineco A10 Hero Cordless Stick/Handheld...
  • High performance 350W motor provides powerful suction for deep, thorough, multi-surface...
  • Lightweight, cordless design easily maneuvers through every room

Tineco Pure ONE S11

The Pure ONE S11 is a fantastic smart stick vacuum for any situation. First of all, it features a high-tech digital motor that delivers 130W of suction power, which is more than adequate to extract hidden debris in thick carpet fibers. It seamlessly converts into a handheld model, giving you the ability to spot-clean using any of the wide range of cleaning attachments.

On a full charge, the Pure ON S11’s battery provides 40 minutes of cleaning, though you can extend the runtime by investing in additional battery packs (sold separately). Plus, it uses Tineco’s iLoop Smart Sensor Technology to automatically adjust suction power based on the quantity and size of floor contaminants.

Tineco Pure ONE S11 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner,...
  • Featuring iLoop Smart Sensor technology, PURE ONE S11 detects hidden dust and debris and...
  • High performance, ultra-quiet digital motor delivers 130W of strong suction. Clean quietly...

Tineco PURE ONE S12 Stick Vacuum

Wi-Fi and automatic variable suction! The PURE ONE S12 is one of Tineco’s more advanced stick vacuums. An integrated sensor adjusts the 150-air watt suction system according to the accumulation level of dust, and the app offers status updates down to the number of particles. There’s even an LED display that provides alerts and has a cleaning mode slider.

Tineco PURE ONE S12 Smart Stick Vacuum

The multi-purpose brushroll helps clean all types of flooring, and tools like the crevice/brush, angled brush and flexible combo attachment tackle detailing chores. A self-cleaning pre-filter and HEPA filter sit inside a 600-milliliter bin. Due to the inclusion of two 2,500-milliampere batteries, you can vacuum for as long as 100 minutes.

Tineco Pure ONE S12 EX Smart Cordless Stick...
  • Features iLoop Smart Sensor Technology that senses hidden dirt and debris, automatically...
  • Ultra-high performance 500W motor provides up to 6X more powerful suction compared to...

Tineco Pure ONE S12 PRO EX Smart Cordless Stick Vacuum

The Pure ONE S12 PRO EX really sets a high standard for modern-day stick vacuum cleaners. Tineco claims that this unit’s heavy-duty motor can supply up to 150W of suction pressure, making it more adept at cleaning multiple surfaces.

The brushless motor also uses less energy to run, so a fully charged detachable battery pack can run the motor for up to 100 minutes. It also features the fancy iLoop Smart Sensor, which automatically adjusts suction pressure based on how contaminated your floor is. This highly intelligent cordless stick vac is a great buy, especially for anyone who deals with pet hair on the regular.

Tineco Pure ONE S12 PRO EX Smart Cordless...
  • Features iLoop Smart Sensor Technology that senses hidden dirt and debris, automatically...
  • Ultra high performance brushless motor provides up to 6X more powerful suction for super...

Tineco Stick Vacuum Buying Guide

Currently, Tineco makes two lines of cordless stick vacuums. The A-series models offer dual-speed suction, lightweight handling and an array of accessories while the PURE ONE models boast touchscreen control and smartphone app compatibility. Our buying guide takes you through the types of features you’ll find on the A-series and the PURE ONE Tineco stick vacs.

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110 to 150 Air Watts of Suction

Usually, stick vazuums max out at 100 air watts of suction, but Tineco’s stick vacs produce more suction power. The A10s are equipped with a 350-watt two-speed motor, which reaches 110 air watts at its highest speed. This means they can handle bare floors, area rugs and low to medium-pile carpet.

Tineco Stick Vacuum Cleaners

If you have thick carpeting in your house, the A11s’ 120 air watts and the PURE ONEs’ 150 air watts have that extra pull you need. As with the A10 models, the A11s and PURE ONEs generate two speeds of suction; however, their motor has a higher wattage rating.

Lockable Trigger to Touch Slider and More

Continuous suction and on-demand suction bring unique benefits. With continuous suction, your hand is less likely to get tired. However, on-demand suction prolongs the battery’s charge. Tineco’s A10 and A11 stick vacs offer both via a locking suction trigger, which comes in handy when you’re doing more than spot cleaning.

Tineco’s PURE ONE S12 and S12 Plus take a different approach. These models have an LED touch screen that displays information about the battery, brushroll tangles, blockages and the in-use suction mode. In conjunction with the iLoop dust sensor, you can opt to manually adjust the suction with the touch slider or switch to automatic adjustment.

You can even view the current dust level on your floors and the number of particles collected from the Tineco smartphone app. This app works with every PURE ONE stick vac, and it also provides cleaning reports and performance alerts.

Tineco Stick Vacuum

While the PURE ONE S12 M and S12 M Lite do not have a display screen, you can still make use of your smartphone with the built-in phone stand (great for getting motivated to vacuum). The S12 M comes with an exclusive Wi-Fi camera and Bluetooth speaker to pinpoint hard-to-see dirt and enhance your phone’s audio output.

Clean-Hands Dirt Bin and Pre-Filter Maintenance Tool

The bins used on Tineco’s stick vacuums are as solid as you need them to be. Each one has a one-touch latch that opens the bin’s bottom door. While the A10 Master’s bin has a 0.4-liter capacity and the A11 Hero+ and A11 Master’s bin has a 0.6-liter capacity, they are all rinsable.

Allergy sufferers, rejoice. Every Tineco stick vac filtration system is sealed to prevent air contamination. Inside every model, there is a pre-filter, a mesh HEPA filter and a post-motor filter. Select models also come with a tool that attaches to the vacuum, allowing you to clean the pre-filter in seconds without water.

Comprehensive Floor Cleaning

From 5 to 6 pounds, every stick vacuum is lightweight and easy to push and pull across the floor. Some even have a static-free handle, such as the A10 Master. These stick vacs come with a high-torque all-floor brushroll complete with double V-shaped rows of bristles and LED running lights.

If you’re concerned about bristles scratching your tile or hardwood floors, Tineco has you covered. The A10 Master, A11 Master+ and PURE ONE S12 Plus offers an additional floorhead with a soft roller brush that you can swap out for the multi-floor head when needed.

Lithium-Ion Batteries and Charging Docks

Since all of Tineco’s stick vacuums are cordless, the battery’s longevity and reliability are of the utmost importance. Some models come with one rechargeable battery, and the battery lasts 10 to 25 minutes depending on the suction setting. This runtime range is long enough for small apartments and spot cleaning.

Tineco Brand

However, you’ll need a longer runtime if you have a larger space to clean. Many Tineco stick vacs come with two 2,000-milliampere batteries. Out of all of the brand’s stick vacuums, the PURE ONE S12 and S12 Plus last the longest (up to 100 minutes) because they come with two 2,500-milliampere batteries, and they use a battery management system.

No matter which vacuum you choose, you’ll get a convenient storage unit. The A10 Hero, A10 Master and A11 Master come with a tabletop/floor storehouse while most others use a wall-mounted dock. Simultaneous battery charging is possible with the stick vacs that have two batteries and a storehouse.

Accessories for Handheld-Vac Mode

Stick vacuums that convert to handheld vacuums are popular because they are essentially two appliances in one. Each Tineco stack vacuum turns into a hand vac that you can use to vacuum up-close and high-up surfaces. While comprehensive, their accessory packages vary widely.

At the very least, each one of Tineco’s stick vacs come with a motorized brush, a crevice nozzle and a crevice/brush combo. Collectively, these accessories have you covered when cleaning furniture, tight spaces and hard surfaces.

If you’re a white-glove test kind of person, you probably want more handheld cleaning tools. The A11 Master/Master+, PURE ONE S12/S12 Plus and the PURE ONE S12 M/M Lite offer the aforementioned accessories as well as long, flexible ones that reach into all sorts of areas at awkward angles.


Is Tineco a Reliable Brand?

The Ecovacs brand of robotic vacuums that’s giving iRobot a run for its money is the same company behind Tineco. With Ecovacs’ backing, Tineco produces the second most popular brand of cordless vacuums available on Amazon. They’ve even been featured on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

Tineco Stick Vacuums

Tineco’s stick vacuums are equipped with brushless DC motors that last a long time due to the lack of moving parts that cause friction. The brand only uses lithium-ion batteries, which maintain the vacuums’ suction strength down to the last percent of juice. Plus, the recent addition of smart stick vacs has sent Tineco into the “ingenious” category.

Can I Reuse My Tineco Stick Vacuum’s HEPA Filter?

Reusable filters will save you countless dollars over the lifespan of a vacuum cleaner. Luckily, all of Tineco’s stick vacs come with a HEPA filter as well as a pre-filter and post-motor filter you can clean and reuse.

The HEPA filter and post-motor filter are metal mesh media while the pre-filter is made of microfiber. Therefore, you can rinse off the dust from all three filters. Since allergens reach the pre-filter first, this media gets dirty faster, requiring the most cleanings.

How Do I Use Tineco’s Pre-Filter Cleaning Tool?

Although you can get away with rinsing the HEPA filter monthly and the post-motor filter less frequently, you may need to clean the pre-filter at least every week. To save you the time it takes for the pre-filter to dry, Tineco includes a unique tool with most of its stick vacuums – the pre-filter cleaning tool.

Without the aid of water, this tool cleans the pre-filter in about 10 seconds by agitating the filter. To use it, simply remove the pre-filter and exchange it with the extra pre-filter that came with your stick vac. Then, open the cleaning tool’s tube, insert the dirty pre-filter, close the tube and run the vacuum on Max mode.

How Does Tineco’s Battery Management System Work?

Getting the most out of each battery cycle is important when vacuuming a large home. Lithium-ion batteries are liked for their longevity. However, they can become damaged when overcharged. A battery management system such as the one used for the PURE ONE S12 and S12 Plus’ lithium-ion batteries prevents overvoltage damage.

Is Tineco a good vacuum?

Acting as a battery’s communication center, the management system balances the cells inside the battery, adjusts the output and takes other responsive measures to protect the battery and extend the vacuum’s runtime. This is why the PURE ONE S12 and S12 Plus can last for up to 100 minutes between charges.

What Is the Difference Between a Stick Vacuum’s Watts and Air Watts?

Manufacturers use several measurements to describe the suction power of their stick vacuums. You may see watts, air watts, water lift or some combination of all three; however, watts and air watts are the most commonly used measurements.

Although watts is a valid measurement of power, it actually describes the motor, not the suction. The wattage gives you a rough idea of the motor’s power. On the other hand, air watts refers directly to a stick vac’s suction. Specifically, air watts measure the number of watts the vacuum consumes to pull air through its suction nozzle.

How Long Does It Take a Cordless Stick Vac to Recharge?

It depends on the battery’s capacity. The average recharge time ranges from 3 to 6 hours with Tineco stick vacuums’ recharge time falling in the lower end of that range (3 to 4 hours). You can even detach these batteries and recharge them in a dock, eliminating the need to haul your stick vac to the nearest outlet.

Best Stick Vacuums

Many cordless stick vacs have indicator lights that keep you abreast of the charging status, and Tineco’s stick vacuums are no exception. When the battery is fully charged, you don’t have to unplug it right away as you do with other vacuum batteries. Tineco’s batteries are designed to shut off once a full charge is reached.

What Type of Brushroll Is Best for Hard Floors?

Stick vacuums come with at least one brushroll, which may have bristles, a combination of bristles and rubber blades or a soft felt-like material. Those with bristles or a bristle/blade combo are a must-have for carpeted floors, and they work well on many hard floors, especially combo brushrolls.

Large crumbs and lightweight particles tend to scatter when you use a stick vacuum with a bristled brushroll. If a significant portion of your floors is covered in hardwood, tile or laminate, a soft brushroll is the best choice. Multiple Tineco stick vacs come with interchangeable heads, giving you access to a bristled and a soft brushrolls.

How Hard Is It to Turn a Convertible Stick Vac Into a Handheld Vacuum?

Changing your stick vacuum into a handheld vacuum is incredibly easy. The process varies a little from one vacuum to the next, but the ones that are easiest to convert have a push button that unlocks and releases the floorhead. That’s how Tineco’s stick vacuums convert, and that’s all you need to do.

If you want to remove the vacuum’s wand to vacuum up close, the process is the same – just push a button. Tineco stick vacuums do this too.

Do Stick Vacuums Stand Upright?

Some do stand upright on their own when you need to park or store them. You don’t have to lean them against the wall and risk scuffing the paint. They won’t slide down the wall and break, and you can save time on disassembling them before putting them away.

Tineco Cordless Stick Vacuum reviews

Tineco stick vacuums lack the ability to stand upright when parked. Some models come with a floor dock, which saves space but you have to store the vacuum in pieces. The newer Tineco stick vacs come with a wall mount. Wall-mounted storage docks keep the vacuum off the floor, so you don’t have to bother standing it up.

Can You Give Smart Stick Vacs Voice Commands?

Wi-Fi-enabled stick vacs are the epitome of convenience. With one, your iPhone or Android becomes a management center where you can monitor suction performance and battery life.

Tineco’s app even has a particle counter, so you know just how clean your house really is.
The one feature smart stick vacuums don’t have is voice control, which means you can’t pair them with your Google or Amazon device. Unlike robotic vacuums that move on their own, stick vacuums don’t. Therefore, the ability to control it audibly is not one of those must-haves.

Will a Cordless Stick Vacuum Clean as Long as the Manufacturer Says?

When new, a cordless stick vacuum’s battery should produce suction for as long as the manufacturer states in the specs. Over time, electrolyte crystals accumulate on some rechargeable batteries’ plates due to overcharging. In turn, these batteries lose capacity and have a shorter runtime. This is known as the “memory effect.”

Tineco Sticks

Lithium-ion batteries do not fail because of this memory effect. Tineco only uses rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. Even better, they stop the current flow, making it impossible to overcharge them. This means you get the promised runtime with a Tineco stick vac whether you’ve owned it for a month or a year.

Are Cordless Stick Vacuums Quieter Than Upright Vacuums?

Stick vacuums are smaller than upright vacuums, so you would think they are quieter than uprights. Surprisingly, there are stick vacs that rival and even exceed the noise level of upright vacuum cleaners by 10 to 30 decibels.

Tineco stick vacuums are some of the quietest you can buy. Each model hovers around 70 decibels when on its highest suction speed, making this brand ideal for homes with noise-sensitive animals or children.

Tineco Brand Guide

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Tineco Stick Vacuum Cleaners: Final Thoughts

Although some stick vacuum makers skimp on suction strength because stick vacs are often used for light-duty cleaning, Tineco doesn’t. Each one has a fade-free lithium-ion battery and suction-increase capability. There are even some Tineco stick vacs with Wi-Fi. Bottom line – If you want a high-quality stick vacuum at a low price, get a Tineco.

Our Recommended Stick Vacuums

Our Pick The Eureka NEC222 HyperClean is a versatile and rather useful convertible stick vacuum. It can be used as the main vacuum in smaller homes and apartments, or as a second vacuum cleaner in large homes and apartments.

Lightweight The Shark IZ362H is a lightweight stick vacuum. It's easy to maneuver, and has a bagless design that's easy to maintain and requires less maintenance costs.

Corded What sets this corded stick vacuum apart from so many others is the fact that it is, above all else, very powerful and very effective. The Eureka Flash offers more than enough vacuuming power for just about every vacuuming task..

Best of the Best The Dyson V11 Torque Drive is smarter and more efficient than its predecessors. The suction power automatically adjusts based on floor type—more power for carpets and less for smooth surfaces.

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